The Three Best Whirlpool Washing Machines in Australia

Whirlpool is a worldwide company that has some hefty competition in Austalia. They offer a wide variety of front and top load washing machines and don’t appear to have any specialties.

When I was a kid, I remember owning a handful of these washing machines. Overall, I can say that they have been pretty good to me at that time.

These days, it feels like Whirpool has some intense competition. As someone who has reviewed a massive variety of washers, it’s been interesting to see how Whirlpool has competed.

With three focus models in this review, let’s take a closer look to see what they have done.

How We Decided On The Best Whirlpool Washer

Our favourite washer was determined by focusing on the areas:

  • Washing ability
  • Capacity
  • Drying ability 
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Ease of use

The Three Whirlpool Washing Machines in Australia To Look Out For

  1. The Best Overall: FreshCare Front Load Washer 8kg
  2. The Best Large Premium Washer: 6th SENSE Zen Direct Drive Front Load Washer
  3. The Best Top Loader and Most Cost-Effective: WB10037 & WB70803 Top Loader Washing Machine

1: The Best Overall: FreshCare Front Load Washer 8kg

1: The Best Overall: FreshCare Front Load Washer 8kg
  • Four-Star Energy Rating 
  • A Four and a half star water rating 
  • It has 14 wash programs
  • FreshCare system tumbles clothes well after wash finish
  • SoftMove is excellent for preserving colours and fibres.

Ideal For Your Average FAmily

At an 8kg load capacity, this is the second smallest washer available on the Whirlpool lineup. With that in mind, it is barely a portable washer, as it holds enough clothes to handle a family of four.

It’s also not the largest capacity model, making it perfect as a happy middle. At a middle size, it does handle some bulky loads. But it will fit perfectly in most areas without problems.

Interesting Features

The FreshCare feature allows for a light tumble of your clothes if you are away from it for a time. This feature prevents you from causing clothes wrinkles if you need to step away or you can’t get there in time.

It lasts up to six hours after the cycle ends. It also has a technology they call SoftMove, which is popular with their 6th Sense series.

The SoftMove feature indicates it will be gentle with fabrics.

A Balanced Offering

Whirlpool isn’t known for doing anything too innovative these days. However, if you expect longevity and simplicity, Whirlpool washers offer that with great ease.

Whirpool represents simplicity with an electronic timer, variable spin speed, and a child lock option.

2: The Best Large Premium Washer: 6th SENSE Zen Direct Drive Front Load Washer

2: The Best Large Premium Washer: 6th SENSE Zen Direct Drive Front Load Washer
  • More modern technology automatically adjusts washing settings based on load size.
  • Recommends dosing level based on the size of your load.
  • It also includes the FreshCare settings.
  • It has settings for synthetics, colour wash, delicates, and wool.
  • Slightly more expensive than the number one option

A Premium Washer From Whirlpool

With a 4-star water rating and a 4.5-star energy rating, the 6th SENSE Zen Direct Drive Washer is Whirlpool’s premium offering. Returning to their model of simplicity, they have programs for a variety of different fabrics.

They also have a quick thirty-minute wash, but that’s a bit slower than some other short wash times.

Dosing Recommendations

The FreshCare system returns to a tumbling system that keeps clothes from wrinkling. The system also offers dosing recommendations, but those can be ineffective depending on the detergent type you use.

Check the back of your detergent for details.

A Bit Pricier

From $1000 to $1300, this is actually on the lower end when compared to other washing machines. Whirlpool offers a tremendous overall set of options that work for families on a medium budget.

The inclusion of the critical start delay feature allows you never to hear your washer, and you have a reliable option that combines premium expectations with cost-effectiveness.

3: The Best Top Loader and Most Cost-Effective: WB10037 & WB70803 Top Loader Washing Machine

3: The Best Top Loader and Most Cost-Effective: WB10037 & WB70803 Top Loader Washing Machine
  • Offers both 10kg and 7kg top loader options
  • Simple push-button interface 
  • Chooses a wash cycle for you based on the level 
  • Sounds a child alarm if the lid is open for four seconds
  • An exceptional four-star energy rating for top loader machines

The Most Cost-Effective Option Available

With prices ranging from $800 to $600, Whirlpool is about on the same level as Kogan for pricing at this level. They also have a comparable two-year warranty available across the board, which is reliable.

However, compared to other brands, its warranty level can feel a bit weak. Regardless, Whirlpool doesn’t ever feel like a cheap washer.

A Simple Interface

The simple buttons up top make it pretty clear what you can do with this system. It got a solid four-star rating among other top loaders, making it more efficient than the average washer.

However, it is about average when considering the limited number of wash programs available.

Blanket Program and 24-Hour Timer

The preset timer allows you to set a timer up to 24 hours for a wash cycle stoppage. It even has a memory function that remembers your settings from the last cycle, allowing you to hit a single button to start the next process quickly.

While other washers have more available options, this washer emphasises simplicity.

Why Should I Choose A Whirlpool Washing Machine?

With Whirlpool’s primary selling point being its name, their washing machine lineup can be somewhat limited.

However, its simplicity and focus on quality construction make Whirlpool somewhat unique compared to other options. 

While some washers have an unnecessary amount of bells and whistles, Whirlpool knows where to focus.

Whirlpool does have load sensing technology, making it comparable to premium options. 


Based on our findings, the best Whirlpool washer is the FreshCare Front Load Washer. As an 8kg washing machine, its ideal for most sized families.

With its focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness, many families will also be able to afford it. Compared to brands like LG and Samsung.

Whirlpool remains competitive because it doesn’t try to complicate what a washing machine should do.

Whirlpool also doesn’t have as many options available as those other brands as a result. But regardless, they are a return back to the simplicity of what washers should focus.

Their cleaning effectiveness is good, which is something Whirlpool enjoys.