The Best Twin Tub Washing Machines in Australia

Apartment living is great for people who don’t like to maintain a lawn. But sharing a laundromat can sometimes feel a bit gross.

In one case, I can tell you stumbling into a washer that was half full of dog hair, as though they threw Fido right in the wash.

To address this issue, we are going to look at a variety of twin tub washing machines. The modern iteration of twin washers has also included considerations for different levels of coiled clothes.

So this will consist of a wide variety of twin tubs with many uses. In the rest of this article, we will dig into the most popular twin tub washing machines and reasons you will want to buy them. 

How We Picked

Here are our priorities when selecting the best twin tub washing machines:

  • Cleaning ability 
  • Versatility 
  • Noise level 
  • Ease of use
  • Portability 

The Best Four Twin Tub Washing Machines Australia Has to Offer

  • The Best Overall: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T
  • The Best Budget Option: Devanti 5KG 30L Twin Tub
  • The Best for Combining Portability for Mid-sized Families: Lemair 8KG Twin Tub
  • One of the Easiest to Use: Haier 6KG Twin Tub Top Load Washer
  • The Best Small Washer: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

1: The Best Overall: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T

1: The Best Overall: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T
  • A staggering total of 16 kg of capacity (9kg to drying capacity)
  • Includes auto-balancing, child-proof lock, add wash feature, and steam function 
  • Has a four-star water and energy rating
  • Bottom wash segment is excellent for delicates 
  • Not portable

The Least Portable Washer On This List

LG has us redefine what a twin tub washing machine is, as this thing is a 16 kg monster weighing in at 160 kg. As a result, you aren’t want to buy this unless you live on the bottom floor and have space for at least one large washing machine.

While this does save space overall, it is much more massive than others that would call themselves twin washers.

The Ultimate In Available Features

What makes this unique when compared to other washers on this list: features. It has everything you could imagine: 15 wash cycles, spin speed up to 1000 RPMs, and room for larger blankets.

This washer is excellent for families around three of four, making it a bit of an oddity on this list of tub washers.

Great for Delicates and Heavy Duty Items

Dirty clothes enter this washer coming out like new. While it’s a bit larger and noisier than some other models, it dominates where it needs to: cleaning quality.

Suppose you are looking for something to save a bit of space (but not too much). In that case, this washer is an excellent option for your household.

2: The Best Budget Option: Devanti 5KG 30L Twin Tub

2: The Best Budget Option: Devanti 5KG 30L Twin Tub
  • An incredibly inexpensive model for what you get
  • 5kg of washing capacity makes it not suitable for families of three or more
  • Has hookups for nonstandard apartment setups 
  • Quiet washer compared to the LG model
  • Fairly portable

Independent Wash / Spin Tub Model

Going with the more classic iteration of twin tub washers, this model has 5kg of capacity, with one side being for spinning. With its simple knob design, you might feel like you’ve travelled back in time.

Regardless, its effectiveness is excellent for couples or single people.

The Best Budget Washer

If you are willing to sacrifice the plethora of features for a budget, this washer is an easy selection that blows others out of the water.

Even those in a comparable bracket have trouble competing with this price level. This washer is a must-have for those living at an apartment complex with shared washing.

Short Hoses

Its most significant pain comes from the shortness of the hoses. While it isn’t too terrible, the drain hose, in particular, has to be awkwardly adjusted into place.

Expect this machine to find an awkward location in your snug home.

3: The Best for Combining Portability for Mid-sized Families: Lemair 8KG Twin Tub

3: The Best for Combining Portability for Mid-sized Families: Lemair 8KG Twin Tub
  • 8kg capacity makes it great for mid-sized families
  • 1300 RPMs makes it excellent at drying
  • It has two different wash cycles 
  • 1.5 energy star rating is not that great
  • Comes with a two-year warranty when purchased new

A Solid Balance of Portability and Size

When it comes to portability, you expect the washer size to be around 4 to 6 kg. But the Lemair 8KG Twin Tub Washing Machine is a bit of an odd combination.

It is deceptively large on the inside despite looking so small on the outside. It is heavy for a portable washer, but not so much that the extra kilograms aren’t appreciated.

A Clean Design That is Great at Drying

At 1300 RPMs, this dries clothes relatively well. With two different wash cycles, there is a surprising amount of versatility. The controls use the simplistic knob design.

Still, the non-standard washing style gives it a limited range of cold water temperatures.

Not Energy Efficient

If you are looking for something with a small carbon footprint, this device won’t get you there. While it doesn’t use a lot of electricity, it does as you compare it to its size.

As your family grows, you can expect this to catch up with your electricity bill.

4: One of the Easiest to Use: Haier 6KG Twin Tub Top Load Washer

4: One of the Easiest to Use: Haier 6KG Twin Tub Top Load Washer

  • It comes from a trusted brand of washer
  • 6kg of capacity is great for couples
  • Relatively expensive given what you are getting
  • It has a two-year parts and labour warranty
  • 2.5-star energy rating

Haier is what you should expect from a standard portable washer. It has a 6kg load capacity that is about standard for one to two people.

It is a great washing machine that is effective at cleaning. All of the dials up front give you multiple wash cycles, which makes this washer reasonably versatile.

What you pay for feels a bit much given that this is a portable washer. Regardless, the quality of construction is a crucial component of Haier products, so you pay for something that comes with a solid two-year warranty.

Among comparable washing machines, this one falls short of being in the top three, but it is still worthwhile to purchase twin tub washing machines.

5: The Best Small Washer: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

5: The Best Small Washer: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

  • It is the ultimate space saver
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • The belt drive motor makes this easy to maintain
  • The material is mostly plastic
  • It is too small for most applications

The Companion is just below the size of what you may expect from this washing machine style. Regardless, its smaller size makes it one of the few washers you can fit on a counter.

This smallness makes it the most portable washer among the list. This washer is typically best to be limited to a one-person household.

If you happen to be in a caravan, this would also be an excellent addition. However, anything larger is going to put that one-year warranty to the test quickly. 

The plastic construction of this washer does mean that it will not last as long as conventional washers. But the lower price makes this a pretty substantial investment for single folks. 

Twin Tub FAQs

Now that we have our list of great washers, we can look into some common questions behind what makes twin tub washing machines unique. 

What is a Twin Tub Washing Machine?

As you may suspect, this style of the washer is different because it has two tubs. Twin tub washers come in two various forms:

  • The new designs of the tub are for varying levels of soiled clothes. Gross clothing goes into the larger tub while lightly soiled clothing goes into the smaller tub. Both tubs typically spin.
  • Older twin tubs have one half for washing with the other half for spinning. It isn’t precisely drying so much that it is making your clothes more suitable to hang. 

What are the Pros of Twin Tub Washing Machines?

They are great if you don’t want to waste the entirety of your day washing clothing. These washers are perfect for single people or couples who are willing to wash every day. 

What are the Cons of Owning a Twin Tub Machine?

Get ready to deal with hanging clothes in your apartment every day. Eventually, your apartment will feel like a laundromat, so you may want to have designated clothes hanging place.

Also, some need filling manually.

Can You Use Both Tubs at the Same Time? 

Many tubs allow you to wash at the same time. The LG is the one who brags about it the most, as each container is for clothes at different stages of disgusting.

All of the others have the same claims, but much smaller capacities.

How Energy Efficient are Twin Tub Washing Machines?

The LG is the only one on this list that gets a four-star energy rating and water rating. The remainder sticks around three or less, which isn’t particularly good.

As twin tub technology comes back, we should see those star ratings improved. 


While the best overall twin tub is technically the LG TWINWash, you probably notice that the remainder of washers that call themselves twin tubs are more made with portability in mind.

As a result, these washers are incredibly versatile for everyone from a large family to a single person. 

Depending on where your priorities lay, this list has various washing machines that will work for your needs.

Buying something outside of your needs isn’t helpful, so don’t be afraid to be picky when picking your version of the best twin tub washing machine in Australia.