The Best Top Loader Washing Machine in Australia – 2022 Buying Guide

If you have ever owned top loaded washer, you know that they are a beast at cleaning. That being said, I can also tell you that a cheap, unbalanced washer can fly all over the place, eventually putting a small dent into your wall. If you want to avoid that happening to you, read on.

How We Picked

In the following sections, we are going to dig into some of the best top-loaded appliances Australia has to offer. We determine our winner based on the following stats:

  • Ability to clean
  • Ability to handle delicates
  • Capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Energy star rating
  • Water rating
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

As always, our findings are based on customer reviews throughout Australia. We look to see common patterns during our research, drawing attention to drawbacks while also focusing on benefits for your unique family situation.

This ensures that you can reach an informed decision.

Best Top Loader Washing Machines

Below are our votes for the top ten top-loading washing machines in Australia.

  1. The Best Budget Option: LG WTG6520
  2. The Best Overall: Speed Queen AWNA62
  3. The Best Option For Mid-Sized Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA7060G2
  4. Greatest For Energy And Water Savings: Samsung Activ DualWash WA13M8700G
  5. Awesome For Small Families: Haier HWT60AW1
  6. Amazing For Space Saving: Solt GGSTLW55B
  7. Great For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043
  8. Fantastic For Ease Of Use: Whirlpool 10kg Top Load Washing Machine WB10037
  9. A Unique Small Washer: Gecko GPW-6BK
  10. A Great All-Around Washer: Panasonic NA-F95A1WAU

1: The Best Budget Option: LG WTG6520

1: The Best Budget Option: LG WTG6520
  • The best option for families on a budget.
  • LG has a strong customer service background.
  • It has a decent noise level.
  • Has an effective child-proof lid lock.
  • It has an amazing 10-year warranty.

Great If You Are On A Budget

When compared to almost all of the washers on this list, this one has one of the greatest value options available. If you don’t want to pay over $700 for a washing machine, this is the option for you.

Given that it is from LG, the low price doesn’t show in the quality.

A Push-Button Control Panel

The up-front panel on this is straightforward, making this a great option for those who like something easy to handle. That being said, the size on this one is a bit smaller than some other options, but it can still handle most four-family households.

A Ridiculous Warranty

A 10-year warranty is almost unheard of in any washers. However, LG has a good deal of confidence in their products. As a high-quality washer of clothes, LG’s brand is well known across the world.

2: The Best Overall: Speed Queen AWNA62

2: The Best Overall: Speed Queen AWNA62
  • 8.5 kg capacity great for most families
  • Has an awesome auto-balancing feature
  • It has ten total wash cycles
  • An amazing 5-year warranty
  • Expensive, but very much worth it

A Classic Dial Washer

The Speed Queen AWNA62 is the clear winner for the best top-loaded washer of 2022. A big reason for this comes from its simplistic design which will appeal to those who prefer this style of a washing machine.

You don’t have to look hard to see that Speed Queen sticks with classic proven washer styles.

Great For Medium-Sized Families

At 8.5 kg, this washer is made for families around 4 people large. That makes it the perfect size for most standard households. It often outperforms other brands, cleaning for up to 20 years long.

A Bit Expensive

The most negative side of the Speed Queen comes from its overall cost. It’s more expensive than other comparable washers, but the brand’s quality makes this price completely understandable.

Given the quality behind this washer and brand, it is believable that this will last the same 20 years.

3: The Best Option For Mid-Sized Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA7060G2

3: The Best Option For Mid-Sized Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA7060G2
  • Fisher & Paykel is one of the most trusted brands in Australia.
  • The SmartDrive motor makes for an effective cleaning experience.
  • It is pretty cost-effective among washers.
  • It has 1000 rpm.
  • It has decent water usage with 3.5 stars.

Good For Families Of 3 to 4 People

With solid water ratings for a top-loader, the Fisher & Paykel WashSmart is a great option for your family. It is the kind of washer that prides itself in simplicity, as the clean white appearance makes it great.

It also has a clothes sensor that automatically detects the level of clothes.

One Of The Best Water Ratings For Top Loaders

The 3.5-star rating allows you to keep water usage low while ensuring you have clean laundry. This is done without killing functionality, which is an issue that some front-loaded washers run into.

A Reasonable Price

It will save you money on a combination of energy and water. However, the upfront investment hits a happy middle amongst all washers.

The SmartDrive motor also ensures that you can have a quality wash at a reasonable cost.

4: Greatest For Energy And Water Savings: Samsung Activ DualWash WA13M8700G

4: Greatest For Energy And Water Savings: Samsung Activ DualWash WA13M8700G
  • 10kg of space
  • 4-star energy rating, 3.5-star water rating
  • 11 total wash cycles for great flexibility
  • Great for large families with limited space
  • Neat stainless steel finish

Great For The Biggest Families

The Samsung Activ DualWash contains over 13kg of wash space. That means it can feasibly support the largest families, which is astounding given that it also is the most energy-efficient among washers on this list.

Part of that energy efficiency comes from you being able to turn two washes into a single wash.

An Advanced Washing Machine

Samsung has a unique design among washers on this list. Its big reasoning comes from an impeller motor, which turns the clothing without an agitator.

The advanced technology has also done well to reduce energy costs.

A Bit Costly And Complicated

It is the second most expensive washer on this list. Also, it takes a bit of getting used to given all of the additional bells and whistles.

With this in mind, this has the potential to be an excellent washer for big families.

5: Awesome For Small Families: Haier HWT60AW1

5: Awesome For Small Families: Haier HWT60AW1
  • 10kg of space
  • 4-star energy rating, 3.5-star water rating
  • 11 total wash cycles for great flexibility
  • Great for large families with limited space
  • Neat stainless steel finish

The Space Saving Washer

Many of the washers featured on this list are meant for large families. However, smaller families are rarely represented properly in washers.

As a result, you can expect that small size to come from a 6kg limit with a weight of around 30 kg. Despite this smaller size, it can wash with the biggest options.

Numerous Washing Cycles

With eight total washing cycles, this small washer is a beast that runs at about 650 rpm. While that makes it great for not tangling sheets, it doesn’t handle larger blankets too well.

Old-Fashioned Belt Drive

Another unique feature comes from this system’s reliance on the old-fashioned belt drive. That makes this washer a bit of a relic, but it also means that it is straightforward to repair.

So if you need a washer that is inexpensive in this right, this might be a good option for you.

6: Amazing For Space Saving: Solt GGSTLW55B

6: Amazing For Space Saving: Solt GGSTLW55B
  • 10kg of space
  • 4-star energy rating, 3.5-star water rating
  • 11 total wash cycles for great flexibility
  • Great for large families with limited space
  • Neat stainless steel finish

Good For Couples

If you rent out a small space but still need a washer, this is a great option to save space. It is about the same level as the Haier washer we just featured, but a bit smaller on all fronts.

It is also pretty quiet, which makes it amazing for small spaces.

Under $300

When not considering capacity or features, this washer is one of the most cost-effective options out there. It is about on par with an energy rating of 2-stars and a water rating of 3-stars, putting it at the same level as the most advanced options.

All of this comes in a package that makes for an incredibly cost-effective washer.

A Bit Weak

If you are someone who has vast collections of large blankets, this washer may not be your best available option. However, it does handle a good chunk of medium to small items with great effectiveness.

7: Great For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043

7: Great For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043

  • 10kg of space
  • 4-star energy rating, 3.5-star water rating
  • 11 total wash cycles for great flexibility
  • Great for large families with limited space
  • Neat stainless steel finish

The Simpson SWT1043 is deceiving, as the 10kg of capacity doesn’t add up when you have 50kg of weight. As a result, one of its greatest functions is being able to be moved easily if you need to clean behind it.

As someone who has owned a chunky washer before, I can tell you this is handy. The size allows it to handle a variety of different items. These include comforters, sheets, and thicker blankets.

While 850 RPMs is a bit limited compared to others, it still manages to please consumers with handling many heavy-duty fabrics. Navigation upfront provides you with some simplicity.

You might be pleased to know that this does have a classic knob, which is uncommon for modern versions of these devices. It is from Thailand, so you can expect it to be a bit different when compared to other washers on this list.

8:Fantastic For Ease Of Use: Whirlpool 10kg Top Load Washing Machine WB10037

8:Fantastic For Ease Of Use: Whirlpool 10kg Top Load Washing Machine WB10037

  • A clear see-through top allows you to see your clothing easily
  • 10kg of space
  • child lid lock
  • Reasonable upfront investment
  • Easy to read and pleasing control panel

Whirlpool is known to have a unique design choice that puts all potential functions upfront. As a result, you will know what settings it takes to get bad smells and stains out of it, which takes the guesswork out for people who don’t do much laundry.

It sacrifices some electricity use for these advanced features. However, it does clean any garments you bring to it with great effectiveness.

While it takes this advantage well, it does sacrifice a bit of quietness in the noise levels as a result. Another issue people have is the location of the lint filter, which you have to move around to get to.

That being said, Whirlpool still makes an excellent product for those who enjoy push-button interfaces. Whirlpool appliances do emphasize quality builds.

9: A Unique Small Washer: Gecko GPW-6BK

9: A Unique Small Washer: Gecko GPW-6BK

  • The lowest capacity washer which makes it great for small families
  • Has an advanced impeller mechanism
  • Good if you have nonstandard connections
  • A one-year warranty
  • Incredibly cost-effective

If you live in an apartment, going down to the community washers can sometimes be a drag. Personally, I’ve found that other people are pretty careless with these, as apartment washers tend to have a lot of animal hair in them.

To address these issues, many small families or couples like to buy a washer with nonstandard connections, like the Gecko GPW-6BK.

The primary advantages of this washer come from their ability to take small spaces while still having effective results. Among small appliances, it tends to wash things with solid speed, which comes from the Impeller motor it does have.

However, be prepared to hear it from the other room, as it is a bit louder than our other featured small washer. Its biggest issue? The washer tends to be unbalanced if you take advantage of the full 5 kg capacity.

Its a bit sad that it can’t reach its minimum requirements, but the Gecko is still worth it for those who like to avoid communal garments washing.

10: A Great All-Around Washer: Panasonic NA-F95A1WAU

10: A Great All-Around Washer: Panasonic NA-F95A1WAU

  • 2-year warranty
  • 9.5 kg capacity for medium families
  • Solid water and energy-efficiency
  • Advanced push-button design
  • has programs for many fabric types

When you are looking for a simple washer that can handle what you need, the Panasonic NA-F95A1WAU is the mouthful you need.

As another washer with the simple push-button operation, this one doesn’t have many differences when compared to other washers on this list.

It’s simplicity and tendency to keep it safe are what bring it to this list, meaning that anyone can use it without any issues. As a result, there isn’t much to be said for this washer, but it does do well for a family of five.

Its weak point comes from the fairly limited RPMs, which makes it one of the weaker washers on this list. That means that it can make your large blankets smell good, but you will need to put extra effort into those with stains.

Regardless, it does handle itself pretty well.

Top Loader Washing Machines FAQs

Since we’ve gone through a list of the top load washer appliances, now is the time to dig into what you need to look for to ensure you have the best washing machine.

While top load washing machines are slowly going out of style, there is no doubt that these appliances are still popular.

Top Loaders vs Front Loaders: Why Should I Buy A Top Load Washer?

Whether you pick a front or top load washing machine, both of them have a set of pros and cons that we will get into.

Because this article focuses on top-loading machines, we will start with the reasons you should consider buying one.

Pros Of Owning A Top Loader Washing Machine

  • Top loaders do not require you to bend down, making them easier for the elderly, disabled, and people who have back injuries.
  • Top loader machines swing upward, meaning you don’t have to worry about where they are positioned regarding items next to it.
  • Top loader machines have a lower purchase price, making them more approachable to families on a budget.
  • They are typically more effective at cleaning heavy-duty messes.
  • It is much easier to load these washers in the middle of the wash cycle.

There are also cons of owning a top-loading machine when compared to front loaders.

Pros Of Owning A Front Loading Washing Machine

  • It is easier for short people to get all of the clothing out.
  • They tend to be more energy- and water efficient than there top-loaded brethren.
  • The method to load detergent is reached without opening the inside of the washer.
  • They tend to have a higher chance of smart features, which is something uncommon in top-loaded washers.
  • They have no agitator, leaving room for more clothes capacity and larger household size.
  • Since they have no agitator, clothing is less likely to be tangled in front loaders.

How Often Should I Clean My Washing Machine?

At the bare minimum, you should clean your top loader washing machine at least once a month. If you don’t, you risk the spread of contaminants like salmonella.

If you have animals and kids, consider cleaning it twice a month. You can clean your washer using about a cup of white vinegar poured into an empty load.

Simply stop your washer right after it fills with water and pour the vinegar in it, waiting for it to be rinsed out through the regular washing process.

Consider this to be a part of your regular washing machine maintenance.

Which Is Better, Direct Drive Motors Or Belt Drive Motors In A Washing Machine?

If you have ever seen underneath your washing machine, you are probably aware that the classic motor is made up of a belt connected to a pulley.

Today, we see more advanced washers come out with pancake motors (induction motors), which are also known as direct drive motors.

The more modern direct drive motors are more efficient because they don’t put an extra belt between them and the spinning.

As a result, the RPMs of your motor are only limited by the power of the motor, as opposed to inserting the belt, which can cause issues of friction.

Direct drive technology is still relatively new on the market, but we see more washers take the reins. That being said, it is still far more simple to repair issues with belt drive motors.

For maintenance and cost, belt drive motors are better. However, direct drive motors are far more advanced, leading to a higher-quality wash.

Why Is My Washer Not Spinning?

All washers have a delay between different phases, so check to see if your washer has an error message on top.

If it is entirely off, that means you may have just missed a potential error code, so try and turn it back on to see if it repeats the error code.

If the washer is still on and seems to be working, give it a couple of minutes. All washers typically pause as they move onto the next cycle.

If you suspect any errors, feel free to call a technician to help you out.


As a reminder, our vote for the best top load washer is the Speed Queen AWNA62. While it doesn’t win on efficiency or cost-effectiveness, the simplicity behind the design of this washer and its effectiveness at cleaning make it a clear winner for the best overall washing machine.

It has multiple settings which allow you the simplicity of control, allowing you the strength of a machine wash and the gentleness of a hand wash in the same unit.

While it doesn’t have some of the more advanced wash programs as others, it manages to provide you with how you need the settings to be through common sense.

It also has solid size and load capacity, meaning it doesn’t take up too much room while also allowing an entire household’s clothes in it.

That being said, any of the washers we have suggested would be good fits for a variety of different situations.

Decide your favourite based on the priorities listed above, and you will walk away with an amazing washer.