The Best Small Washing Machine For Australia Below (For Two Or Fewer People)

A few years ago, I had a large washer that was unnecessary for my needs. I only had to do one wash a week, but I’m pretty sure I ruined that washer.

If you don’t want to waste your washer’s longevity by constantly underloading it, check out our list of the best small washing machines in Australia. 

How Did We Decide?

We picked the best small washing machine using the following figures:

  • 6kg or below
  • Ability to clean
  • Ease of use
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

The Top 8 Washing Machines

Below are our top eight small washing machines in Australia:

  1. The Best Overall: The Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW513
  2. The Best Budget Option: Solt GGSTLW55B
  3. The Easiest To Fit In Small Spaces: Sphere 3kg Washing Machine
  4. The Most Reliable Washer: Esatto EFLW6
  5. A Unique Small Machine: Gecko GPW-6BK
  6. Remarkable For Heavy-Duty Washes: The Simpson SWT6055TMWA
  7. Another Inexpensive Option: Kogan 6kg KAWWASHTL6A
  8. Made For The Smallest Washes: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

1: The Best Overall: The Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW513

1: The Best Overall: The Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW513
  • Great features which include auto-balancing, auto-dispense, and a child-door lock.
  • Stainless steel drum makes it long-lasting.
  • Max spin speed at 1000 rpm, making it quiet.
  • The top-loaded machine makes it great at heavy-duty handling of fabrics.
  • Incredibly simple to use, clean, and maintain

Fisher & Paykel – An Australian Staple

The MW513 reminds us that top load washing machines with classic agitators can still play with the big boys. While it is admittedly a bit rough on the delicates, this one can handle a variety of fabric types.

It does what you need it to do, be a quality washer that is smaller than others.

Easy To Use and Understand

Top loaders are not known for being energy efficient, which is the case when it comes to this one. It is known as a workhorse, which means it has made some sacrifices along the way.

It has a quick wash, is made of stainless steel, and will rarely need repair.

The Old Fashioned Agitator

While the agitator is going to turn some people off, this is a washer that can fit into a variety of different homes. An agitator means to tackle deep, heavy-duty stains, which is not always the case when it comes to other small washer brands.

As a result, Fisher & Paykel has created a genuinely unique appliance that stands out.

2: The Best Budget Option: Solt GGSTLW55B

2: The Best Budget Option: Solt GGSTLW55B
  • Incredibly inexpensive for a small family on a tight budget.
  • Stainless steel drum means long-lasting.
  • Has a conventional belt drive, which makes it less efficient, but easy to repair.
  • A bit noisy, but not too bad
  • It includes auto-balancing with a child-proof lock.

The Underdog Of Washers

The Solt GGSTLW55B is a model that doesn’t have the same amount of weight as Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, or Samsung. Regardless, the eight wash cycles and three temperature settings create a great overall list of cleaning options.

All of this is at a price that is well below most other washers.

Classic Belt Drives

Its sacrifice comes from the style of a belt it has, as the conventional belt drive is a bit old given modern needs. As a result of its old design, it doesn’t have a high energy star rating.

It still offers a substantial bit of programs.

A Nice Amount Of Features

A strong litany of washing programs and low star energy creates for a unique combination. But the available features which include auto-balancing makes this a washer that would be handy for families of two.

Among top-loading washing machines, this product provides you with an excellent option for your household.

3: The Easiest To Fit In Small Spaces: Sphere 3kg Washing Machine

3: The Easiest To Fit In Small Spaces: Sphere 3kg Washing Machine
  • Fairly cost-effective
  • Incredibly small and easy to fit into tiny houses
  • A stainless steel drum means this will be long lasting.
  • Includes an auto-balancing feature, which is unique for this size of a washing machine. 
  • Has good reliability and is used multiple times a day.

The Only Washer Appropriate For Caravans

The Sphere 3kg Washing Machine is a bit odd when compared to other top load washing machines. That’s mainly because of the size, which could be at home in the back of larger vans.

As a result, this is one of the most portable washers you could ever find. You can fit it into the back of many motor homes.

Not Great If You Have Kids

While there are a couple of people who have stated they use it with their kids, this will essentially require you to wash your clothes regularly.

If you want a washing machine for your family of four, your best bet is to buy something at 8 or 9 kg. This model is still fabulous for running all day, giving it a good deal of flexibility.

It Will Last You Quite A While

A stainless steel washing drum still means that you can expect it to last quite a while. While it cannot handle a wide range of fabrics which include thick blankets, this is an excellent option for your delicates.

This means that among washing machine reviews, this is one of the best and most portable washers available in Australia.

4: The Most Reliable Washer: Esatto EFLW6

4: The Most Reliable Washer: Esatto EFLW6

  • Has a total of 16 different wash cycles, making it good at a heavy-duty wash.
  • It spins at 1000 rpm, making it excellent at drying clothes during the spin cycle.
  • Has a childproof lock, but not too many other features.
  • It has solid energy ratings and water ratings.
  • Reasonably heavy at 61 kg.

With slightly longer wash and spin cycles, the Esatto EFLW6 holds a variety of wash programs. With that in mind, it doesn’t grab a lot of energy consumption, making the Esatto one of the most reliable washers among front load washers.

Its cycle times are a bit longer, though, which is a factor that comes with many front washers. The 6kg space makes it one of the biggest among our list, sitting at 61 kg total.

However, a 4-star water rating means that you can save money on water bills, so its larger size gives it some advantages over the smaller models.

Still, it does not have auto-balancing, which would be a nice touch. The larger size also makes it a bit louder mid-cycle, giving it a bit louder noise levels when compared to other models.

The 2-year-warranty is another fairly lovely touch, making for some good clean laundry. Overall, the Esatto finds a firm number four on this list, but its a bit too bulky to be any higher.

5: A Unique Small Machine: Gecko GPW-6BK

5: A Unique Small Machine: Gecko GPW-6BK

  • Has an advanced Impeller mechanism, making it pretty efficient at washing.
  • It has a small washing machine with a fair amount of quietness.
  • The washer is a bit too simple.
  • The 5 kg capacity means that it fits well in most spaces.
  • The drum is plastic, making it a bit lower quality than some others.

The Gecko GPW-6BK is a weird washing machine when compared to other similar appliances. Its unique design provides for three separate dials which control different aspect of the water.

The plugins are also right up front, which is very different compared to other top loaders. This washer means to make things about as simple as possible.

In the process, it can feel somewhat complicated, as it isn’t programmable based on certain fabric materials. Instead, it requires some basic knowledge of washing.

The Gecko isn’t like many other brands, so it will take a couple of tries to get it right. This washing machine isn’t tracked like some others so that you won’t see much for water or energy star ratings.

Instead, people typically use this washer in caravans, much lie the Sphere earlier. Among unique washing products, this would be a great, easy-to-use inclusion to your house.

6: Amazing For Heavy-Duty Washes: The Simpson SWT6055TMWA

6: Amazing For Heavy-Duty Washes: The Simpson SWT6055TMWA

  • It has reliable options for energy and water ratings.
  • Includes an agitator and spins at 850 RPMs, making it terrific for heavy-duty messes.
  • A 2-year-warranty, meaning it will last a bit.
  • Has 11 different wash cycles, but only one spin speed.
  • It includes a detailed installation guide.

With a classic agitator design, you can imagine that these things are best with heavy-duty items. Provided that you are working primarily in that field, you won’t have to worry about the agitator’s common issues of tearing sheets.

It is the total opposite issue that front load washing machines have. The washer is pretty small and can easily handle most anything else that a two-person household can throw at it.

Washers can wrap thick blankets and towels in an agitator, but the likelihood is less common with larger items. For smaller delicates, be sure to place them inside of a delicates bag for protection.

Despite being a top loader, this washer is pretty solid on the water and energy efficiency front. Among other appliances, this is a substantial investment that will last you a good while.

This is one of the best cheap washing machines available in Australia.

7: Another Inexpensive Option: Kogan 6kg KAWWASHTL6A

7: Another Inexpensive Option: Kogan 6kg KAWWASHTL6A

  • Easy-to-use and straightforward, no old-fashioned dial system.
  • Easy-to-access lint filter, making it suitable for cleaning. 
  • It has an advanced impeller motor, making it quick at washing.
  • The drum is made of stainless steel so that it will last a while. 
  • It has a solid 4-star water rating.

As an inexpensive washer when compared to others, the Kogan 6Kg lacks the brand power that comes with your classic Bosch or Samsung.

Regardless, it is still a washer that is well worth its price, as it will save you money and water in a single combination. With this in mind, it does have a decent amount of washing programs available.

The only excessive feature is a child lock, which is odd for a washer that only contains 6kg of capacity. Regardless, it is enough for a smaller child and two full-grown adults, which is essential among these products.

As a result, it’s great for a small family who might be expecting soon. The impeller motor makes it more advanced than other models.

Regardless, clothing can end up somewhat damp by the end of its wash. As a result, you need the right clothes dryer to go with this one. Still, it does clean your clothes well.

8: Made For The Smallest Washes: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

8: Made For The Smallest Washes: Companion Twin Tub COMP434

  • 2kg of cleaning capacity makes it incredibly small
  • Only suitable for one person households that might include a dog
  • Low-quality plastic material, which is understandable given the price
  • It is incredibly light at 12 kg.
  • It includes a drying program.

The Companion Twin Tub is a smaller item when compared to the other options on this list. When it comes to washing machines, this is an excellent investment for those who have almost no space for a washer.

Granted, don’t expect to handle anything that includes a pillow or a blanket. Instead, this washing machine is for long-distance caravan trips or incredibly cramped apartments.

A studio apartment would be right at home here if there were only one resident. It can barely hold the clothing of two people. It also includes a drying program, but don’t expect it to work if you tend to overload the washer.

It is an impressive and inclusive unit based on what you find, but its shelf life and usefulness is relatively limited.

Small Washing Machines FAQs

Are Any Human-Powered Washing Machines Worth It? 

Human-powered washers, otherwise known as pedal-powered washers, are known best for taking up no room and requiring you to pump your legs regularly.

Given that it means you are required to pay attention to your washer regularly, making them not suitable for larger households. 

If you happen to be a busy person, don’t expect to enjoy this washer as much as you think. While it combines a washing machine with a workout, there will be more than a few days where you may not feel like doing it.

Also, the spin speed is dependent upon your leg muscles. 

How Do You Hook Up A Hose With A Portable Washer?

There are two types of connections you need to be aware of in this case:

  • Faucet-based hoses are those who connect to the threading of your faucet. If your faucet doesn’t have any threading, that means your hose won’t connect properly. 
  • General hoses work to connect to the pipes underneath your sink or an available standard connection port. Either way, you will have to have some common plumbing knowledge before jumping in. 

Typically speaking, this will mean buying a pipe splitter and a pressurised hose connector that will connect to one end of your pipe.

Check your local hardware store for details and make sure you have the right-sized tube that will work with your washer, which you can find based on the owner’s manual.  

What Capacity Should I Worry About With Smaller Washers?

All of the washers on this list are limited to households that are between one and two people. If you decide to stretch that, you should be ready to perform more washes than the standard home.

In most cases, you may wash your clothing once or twice a week, with additional washes per month. 

Those who are between 4kg and 6kg will follow the suggestions above. If you have a 3kg washer (like the Sphere), expect to wash maybe three or four times per week, depending on the size of your clothes and what you use. 

Why Are Most Portable Washers Not Stackable?

Portable washers come with cost-effectiveness in mind. That’s because people who typically invest in portable washers live in apartments.

It doesn’t typically say anything about their earnings ability, but those who live in apartments don’t need larger high-quality washers. 

As a result of them living in apartments, ceilings of a standard that won’t be able to contain a washer stacked on top of a dryer.

There are always a few exceptions, but most of them may hit the ceiling repeatedly at that height. Stackability is typically a premium feature left to full-sized washers. 

Why Are There Less of the Popular Washing Machine Brands Among Portable Models? 

Brands like Bosch, Samsung, and LG have an entirely different target audience. There are always a few expectations, but many larger companies choose against this market.

Some of those companies try, but are not adept and creating that kind of washer.  Fisher & Paykel is the one exception to this rule, as they hold the top spot.

It comes from a combination of high-quality customer service and products. Even their smaller washers manage to be pretty solid when it comes to quality. 

Are Washer/Dryer Combos Worth It?

Among portable washers, there are no options for washer/dryer combos. That’s because they require a specific capacity to be worth it, limiting this option to higher-quality products with large capacity.

Some people argue that you save money with it, but most washer/dryer combos take five or six hours to complete an entire cycle.

As a result, you typically finish one load per day. 


As a reminder, the best small washer is the Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW513. Fisher & Paykel is among one of the best brands available in Australia, so its no surprise that they have substantial control of this list. 

If you are a one-person household, you may feel more at home with the Sphere. Whatever you need, there are a variety of categories from our top lists for your needs.