The Best Simpson Washing Machine Available in Australia

Simpson is the kind of washer that my mom would have owned. It’s simple, it’s white, and it has a pretty recognizable design.

Simpson is known for a quality wash, which is more than I could say about the first washer I’ve ever owned. 

In this article, we will be digging into four of the best Simpson washers that cover the gauntlet of features that you will need.

So if you are looking for simplicity and quality construction, keep reading. 

The Top Four Simpson Washing Machines in Australia 

As you might expect, our number one priority will be the ability to wash clothes. We will also be looking at other factors which include water efficiency and ease of use.

Here’s who made the cut:

  • The Best Overall: Simpson SWT8043
  • Our Favorite Features: Simpson Ezi Set SWF7025EQWA
  • For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043

1: The Best Overall: Simpson SWT8043

1: The Best Overall: Simpson SWT8043
  • Classic agitator for heavy-duty messes
  • Has eleven wash cycles for a variety of fabrics
  • Two-year warranty
  • A high-quality stainless steel drum
  • Reliable energy and water ratings

Great For The Dirtiest of Messes

Simpson is one of those companies that makes washers for the worst kinds of disgusting messes. Caked on dirt is no match for many old-style agitator washing machines.

As you may expect, that makes this one a bit less useful for delicates.

A Good Deal of Flexibility

What makes this one the number one washer comes from Simpson’s commitment to a combination of versatility and quality.

If you want a washing machine that sticks to the old agitator style while also giving you a couple of fabric options, this is an excellent addition to your household.

2: Our Favorite Features: Simpson Ezi Set SWF7025EQWA

2: Our Favorite Features: Simpson Ezi Set SWF7025EQWA
  • It has a spin speed going up to 1200 RPMs, making this fast at drying
  • Front-loaders have better overall water efficiency
  • It has a childproof lock, a necessity to front loaders
  • It has a modern direct-drive motor
  • It is a bit limited on the number of wash cycles

Simpson’s Front Load Washer

The Ezi Set line of washers is Simpson’s attempt at jumping into the front-load washer foray. While others have had more experience, this washing machine is still a great option for simplicity.

As a result, this is one of the most straightforward washers to handle on their list. You can expect some detergent residue that is common of front-load washers.

Ease of Use – Alright

Another neat feature which it has included is the option to perform a quick wash. This is a great feature to have in the more inexpensive washers.

The only common headache among others is a large silver on/off button which you have to press down firmly. That means if you miss, you could potentially fail to start your washer.

Overall, this is a minor problem in a robust washing machine.

3: For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043

3: For Large Families: Simpson SWT1043
  • Great energy efficiency for a large model
  • 10 kg makes it suitable for larger families
  • It costs quite a bit given the old agitator design
  • It has a two-year warranty
  • Consistent issues lasting beyond the warranty period

Families of Five or More People

Large families have difficulty finding a decent washer. Amazingly, Simpson has managed to create one that also has the highest energy star rating on this list.

So it should save you a good deal of money over time, expect it to charge you a portion of that upfront.

Great Clothes Washer (to the Warranty)

Many large families have to use this size of washer complimented its ability to clean. The classic agitator makes it effective for heavy-duty stains.

However, there is a consistent issue of the washer having a broken hose just after two years. Electrolux, who owns Simpson, is currently addressing these issues directly.

With this in mind, we can say that they do provide solid customer service.

Why Should I Buy Simpson Washing Machines?

Overall, it is easy to see that Simpson lacks the stellar reputation that some of our other washers have.

Regardless, Electrolux is actively working to retain business by addressing all customer concerns upfront, rather than hiding in the shadows about it.

There are many Washing Machine companies in Australia that fail to perform this minimum requirement.

So with this in mind, Simpson does hold a firm place in creating a solid list of washers that work for tight budgets.


As a reminder, our favourite washing machine from the Simpson lineup is the SWT8043. While the Ezi Set was a close second, it is clear that Simpson prioritizes top load washing machines.

This makes them one of the highest-quality producers among those who still prefer using the classic agitators. 

If you don’t prefer the agitator, Simpson has created a product to fit that need. They’ve also got a solid line of washers, but any of the three mentioned here are great options.

If you need something to fit your unique household’s need, check out this list based on your priorities.