The Top 6 Samsung Washing Machines in Australia

When I was a kid, I remember being impressed that Samsung managed to corner the market when it came to almost any category.

My family, being old-fashioned, always that Samsung was a bit much for that. However, their innovation strategy has appeared to pay off since they won our “best overall” category. 

Samsung has been a worldwide company for quite some time. In that time, they managed to gain enough success to have a solid lineup of home appliances, many of them connected with their smart technology.

But as the everyday consumer, we don’t typically care that our washing machine will start if you flap your arms and screech in the right way.

Those features may be excellent, but we want a working appliance. Thankfully, Samsung has managed to do that with a good selection of washers.

Today, we will dig into those washing machines with an in-depth review of the best washing appliance Samsung has available. 

How Did We Select The Best Samsung Washing Machine?

We chose our favourite machines with these stats:

  • Clothes washing ability
  • Available features
  • Water and energy-efficiency
  • Drying ability (spin power)
  • Ease of use

We review Samsung washers the same way we review other washers. To avoid redundancy, we will be passing over selection for the best overall. 

The Top Six Samsung Washing Machines

  1. The Best Overall: WD85K6410OW
  2. Great For An Average-Sized Family: AddWash Steam WW95N64FRPW
  3. Great For Larger Families: BubbleWash Steam WW11R64FU0M
  4. A Quiet Washer For A Family of Four: QuickDrive WW85M74FNOR
  5. The Best Cost-Effective Option: WA85N6750BV
  6. A Giant Combination Front and Top Loader: FlexWash WV16M9945KV

1: The Best Overall: WD85K6410OW

1: The Best Overall: WD85K6410OW
  • The 8.5kg capacity makes it suitable for the average family size
  • Has a 4-star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating 
  • It is a washer dryer combo with a 6kg drying capacity 
  • AddWash feature allows you to add clothes mid-cycle easily.
  • It is one of the smallest washer dryer combos available. 

A Stunning Backup Option

The WD85K6410OW includes the AddWash option contributing to our reason for our favourite overall washer. This feature is interesting, as it has an additional smaller door that can quickly add small items without interrupting the cycle.

The difference is that this washer is somewhat smaller, but the 8.5kg capacity makes it suitable for the average family size.

Energy and Water Efficient

Front Loading Washing Machines all are excellent at maintaining energy and water. In this case, the four-star average across the board means that this can save you a great deal of money over time.

The spin speed is 1400 RPMs also allows this to create a decent amount of drying ability.

A Solid Washer Dryer Combo

If you’ve seen our other reviews, you know by now that we rarely give love to washer dryer combo machines. They have similar issues, mainly from an insane capacity that creates a bulky experience that attempts to save space, but the drying fails.

In this case, the smaller overall size and drying capacity means that this is about the same size as your average washer. This size means that you can fit an average dryer there, feasibly having two running at the same time.

Samsung understands this benefit by creating a more pleasing experience.

2: Great For An Average-Sized Family: AddWash Steam WW95N64FRPW

2: Great For An Average-Sized Family: AddWash Steam WW95N64FRPW
  • Allows you to add clothing in the middle of the wash easily.
  • Energy and water rating are both around four stars.
  • It has a lot of flexibility with 12 different wash cycles.
  • It is pretty light, making it easy to move around.
  • Easy to read the screen in the upper right.

The Familiar Samsung Lid

The AddWash Front Loader Washing Machine has two significant functions we’ve enjoyed from Samsung. First, they have the “AddWash’ drawer up front that allows you to easily add clothes without a full interruption of your wash cycle.

Second, the steam function makes this a bit more suitable for nicer clothes, avoiding unnecessary creases.

9.5kg Capacity For Most Families

The 9.5kg capacity is a bit larger than the average size. The lack of drying function allows for more maneuverability. This weight difference is about 10kg lighter than our number one option, but it isn’t too far to punch it above the additional feature.

Given how similar these washers can look, be sure you look at the features before making any purchase.

Easy to Use and Quiet

The upper righthand corner allows you to get an idea of what each wash program does. The easy-to-read screen will enable you to see how those programs operate.

The twelve wash cycles do offer a good deal of flexibility. Their quick wash options offer wash times from 15 minutes to an hour, giving you a good deal of control depending on the type of wash you want.

3: A Great Top Loader For Larger Families: Activ DualWash WA11M8700GW

3: A Great Top Loader For Larger Families: Activ DualWash WA11M8700GW
  • The 11kg capacity is excellent for families of five and large blankets.
  • It has a built-in pretreatment sink.
  • It has vibration reduction technology, making it less noisy.
  • It has a smart check error-monitoring system app for your phone.
  • Easy to use press button system on top 

Amazing for Hand Washing

Our preference for front loader washing machines should be pretty apparent at this point. They are typically more energy-efficient, water-efficient, and have more features.

However, Samsung reminds us that top load washing machines are still useful, specifically when it comes to hand washing. The major difference-maker here is an available sink that allows you to pull a screen down that resembles a sink.

This feature means you can handle your hand wash options without moving over to a separate sink. You can feasibly handle all laundry types here in this top-loading washing machine.

An Effective Top Loader

With an 11 year warranty on the motor, this has a powerful inverter motor. Thankfully, Samsung has stepped away from the old-fashioned agitator.

However, it still manages to be an effective top-loading machine with four-star water efficiency ratings.

Also Great For Families of Five or More

At 11kg of capacity, this is one of the larger washers on this list. That means you can feasibly wash a large blanket while also hand washing on the top half.

As you might expect, the major drawbacks come from it being unable to stack. It is also somewhat less energy efficient when compared to other options.

4: A Quiet Washer For A Family of Four: QuickDrive WW85M74FNOR

4: A Quiet Washer For A Family of Four: QuickDrive WW85M74FNOR

  • It keeps the classic AddWash design.
  • It has a 40-minute speed wash cycle. 
  • The BubbleWash and BubbleSoak feature increases cleanliness.
  • It hs a matching dryer pair suggested by Samsung.
  • It has a reliable built-in cleaning program.

The QuickDrive WW85M77FNOR is a front-loader washing appliance holds the same AddWash design that Samsung has popularized.

This particular washer manages to be about the right size and at a reasonable price. The combination of this size and medium-level cost makes it a happy middle amongst many areas.

QuickDrive technology makes you wash many of your clothes in under 40 minutes. Combine that with the AddWash door, and you won’t find yourself wasting too much time unless you forget an entire half of your load.

The design of this is said to save energy, which is supplemented by its 4-star energy level. The blue glow inside of the drum makes this device feels advanced.

Combine that with the built-in eco wash feature, and you can see this washing appliance is pretty easy to manage. With the simple interface upfront, this washer is incredibly simple to use.

The Samsung app also allows you to find an appropriate wash based on your “laundry recipe,” which is what clothing you have chosen to place inside your washing machine.

5: The Best Cost-Effective Option: WA85N6750BV

5: The Best Cost-Effective Option: WA85N6750BV

  • It is one of the few Samsung Washers below $1000.
  • The max spin speed is 720 RPMs.
  • It has a lower energy rating at 2-stars.
  • The water rating is 4-stars, which is excellent.
  • It has a good deal of wash cycles: 12.

When compared to other washing machines on this list, this is easily the most cost-effective option available. The initial investment is lower makes this more approachable for families on a budget. At 8.5kg, this makes this suitable for a family of four.

The drum material is diamond, which bodes well for its longevity. Compared to other brands like LG, Bosch, and Electrolux, their drum materials vary from stainless steel to plastic.

According to Samsung, the drum material is said to prevent fabrics from being damaged. The washing machine has a dispensing feature that releases when the wash cycle starts.

This allows even distribution of the wash material, which is pretty handy. It also has the same 11-year-parts warranty you expect from Samsung.

6: A Giant Combination Front and Top Loader: FlexWash WV16M9945KV

6: A Giant Combination Front and Top Loader: FlexWash WV16M9945KV

  • It includes a front loader combined with a small top loader washing machine.
  • It has a 16kg front load option combined with a 2.5 kg mini wash.
  • It has smart Wi-Fi control with a sensor.
  • The combined washers are a bit unusual.
  • It includes the BubleWash feature mentioned earlier.

If you look under the TwinTub washing machine list, you will notice something called the TwinWash. That’s because stacking two washers on top of each other seems a bit odd.

The FlexWash has a combination of a 2.5kg drum with a 16kg large capacity drum. The FlexWash is the unusual middle-ground. It is a fat washer that can wash multiple blankets, sheets, or any large family clothing.

The top drum is a bit less useful, but it is perfect for people who have a small number of delicates. The problem is that the top washer isn’t handy for much else at a 2.5kg capacity.

Overall, other washers fit broader niches when looking at this small top load option. Regardless, the FlexWash does have the right combination of user needs that allow you to run two different style washes simultaneously.

If you find yourself worrying about your delicates in those large tubs, this washing machine will certainly solve that issue.

Samsung Washer FAQs

Why Should I Choose Samsung Washing Machines?

If you know anything about Samsung’, they aren’t just known for turning dirty clothes into clean clothes.

They are also known for producing some of the most advanced smartphones available on the market.

As a result, most Samsung washers come with some smartphone associated technology. If you are already a fan of Samsung phones, you will be a fan of Samsung other major appliances.

Outside of advanced technology, Samsung releases high-capacity washers with an 11-year warranty on parts and motors.

As a result, all suggested options are known for 4-star water efficiency and typically follow similar energy ratings.

These ratings follow in their larger models.  So if you are looking for advanced technology and innovative features, Samsung provides that through all their household appliances.

In the rest of this FAQ, we will dig into those features.

How Do You Connect The SmartThings App To Your Samsung Washing Machine?

The SmartThings Samsung application allows you to control your washer through your phone application.

Provided that you have an internet connection, any of the washers on this list have that ability. 

You can connect the application to your washer using the following instructions:

  1. Download the application from Google Play.
  2. Open the application and press the “+” icon.
  3. On the “list of appliances screen” select “Washer.”
  4. Click the big, blue “Start” button on the bottom.
  5. Select a location and room from the drop-down menus.
  6. Make sure your washing machine is on. 
  7. Press on the “Smart Control” button until “AP” appears on the screen.
  8. Wait for your phone to respond. Once it does, select the WiFi your washer will use.
  9. The Washer will be associated with your Samsung Account. 

Once you finish this process, you will be able to use your application’s more advanced features. One of these includes creating a “laundry recipe.”

What is a Laundry Recipe?

The Laundry Recipe feature allows you to select the types of clothing and your laundry’s soil level. Using this information, Samsung can choose an appropriate wash level.

It can choose between either hot or cold water, and whether or not you use bleach. The control of temperature settings is critical.

This feature is essential, as it allows you to select whether or not you need unique cycles (like the pre-wash cycle).

It also allows you to limit to other specialty cycles, like if you need to wash delicates or cotton only.

This feature allows you ample control of how large your loads are and what your water usage is. 

Why Does My Washing Machine Display “SUDS”

If your washer displays the word “SUDS,” you may have too much detergent in the unit. Sometimes, you may have the wrong type of detergent, such as ones made for pre-washing. 

Depending on your washing machine, you may have to switch to high-efficiency detergent, otherwise, know as HE detergent.

Seek out those who specifically advertise as HE detergent. You may also be using too much, so check the suggested usage level available on the back of the bottle.

What if My Washer is Displaying a 5E Error Code?

The 5E or SE code indicates that the washer is not draining correctly. If its error code is appearing, check to see if your drum is full of water.

If it is, you will need to drain the water before performing any troubleshooting. Here’s how you can drain the water according to Samsung:

  1. Unplug the washer and grab a couple of towels to catch anything that may fall.
  2. Grab a couple of containers that will be able to fit below the filter cover.
  3. Pull open the filter cover located in a bottom corner of the washer.
  4. The emergency drain tube is located just below the cap. Pull the tube out.
  5. Put the tube into one of your flat containers. 
  6. Wait for the water to finish draining.
  7. Check and clean your debris filter before returning everything to its previous position. 

Typical reasons for this error come from kinks in the hose or things in the filter. Remove any blockages from the filter while you are down there. 

What is AddWash?

The AddWash feature on Samsung is a crucial feature that allows you to insert clothes during the middle of your wash cycle.

The small door upfront of your front-loaded washer is the AddWash feature. It looks fancy, but it is a solution for adding laundry in the middle with greater ease. 

What is The Samsung Laundry Planner?

The laundry planner is a useful feature for busy families who like to schedule exact start and stop times for their wash.

This means that when your teenager inevitably forgets to start the laundry, you can look at your phone, activate it form him and have a conversation about it later. 

The feature allows you to choose recommended cycles based on the time and laundry recipe you choose. 

This offers a massive range of choices that will enable you to control your wash’s quality, saving you hours during the week. 

What is the Benefit of the Samsung Diamond Drum? 

The Samsung diamond drum typically has an adequate capacity and is said to reduce the chance of damage to your clothes.

After some research, we found that Samsung doesn’t mainly get many damaged-based complaints, which grants them high satisfaction. 

Final Thoughts

After a full examination of Samsung’s lineup, the best washer we found was the WD85K6410OW. As a washer-dryer combo, this appliance is excellent at saving space.

It is also small enough to fit still another dryer, which gives it great overall drying potential for your family. 

Samsung has a wide variety of washers available. With many washers on their list, they have many potential options for your family.

Provided you are willing to make a higher-than-average upfront investment. The energy savings will last you for a long while.

Combine that with a ten-year warranty for parts on most of their products, and you have one of the best brands available in Australia.