The 5 Best Portable Washers You Can Use in Australia When the Laundromat is Closed

Whether you live in an apartment or caravan, using a portable washing machine may be your only option some days.

I can tell you numerous stories about having gross clothes during my college experience, finding some disappointment that they closed the laundromat for some reason.

To avoid this situation, you need a portable washing machine. 

What is a Portable Washing Machine? 

A portable washer is around 2 to 6 kg of capacity. The limited size prevents it from being useful for larger families.

As a result, these washers may not help you live in a house and have a family of four or more. If your family has limited space, this opinion may change a bit.

If you are willing to sacrifice some features and options on wash cycles, a portable washing machine might be suitable for your needs. 

How We Picked the Best Portable Washer

We selected our favourite machines based on the following stats:

  • Portability
  • Washing effectiveness
  • Ease of use 
  • Price
  • Drying effectiveness 
  • Water and energy effectiveness

Our Five Favourite Portable Washing Machines

  1. Euromaid WM5: The Best Overall
  2. Solt GGSTLW55B: The Best Top-Loader
  3. Sphere 3kg Washing Machine: The Best for Caravans
  4. The Companion Twin Tub: The Most Portable 
  5. The YiREGO Portable Washer: If you Have No Electricity

1: Euromaid WM5: The Best Overall

1: Euromaid WM5: The Best Overall
  • Front-loader has the highest potential for water and energy savings
  • Runs at 1,000 RPMs, making it reliable at drying
  • Twelve wash cycles available despite the smaller size
  • Easy to use and load with fabric softener and detergent
  • 5kg capacity makes it suitable for families of three

A Washing Machine for Apartment Dwellers

At a 5kg size, this machine isn’t entirely as appropriate for camping. When it comes to portable washers, this one is better suited for apartment living. But being on the higher end of the weight spectrum allows it to handle an enormous wash load.

Stretching What is Considered Portable

While this may stretch what you consider portable, the larger size gives this more power for speedier drying. One thousand RPMs means that you won’t have to spend much time drying. As a result, this has the best overall drying and washing capacity.

Can Handle Bath Towels and Sheets

The biggest problem of smaller washers comes from their inability to handle larger objects. Euromaid suffers from this issue compared to larger capacity washers, but it still outperforms other washers on this list.

If you are looking for a small capacity washer for your apartment, Euromaid has you covered.

2: Solt GGSTLW55B: The Best Top-Loader

2: Solt GGSTLW55B: The Best Top-Loader
  • Eight wash cycles and three temperature settings
  • Has a standard belt drive, making it easier to repair
  • Reliable energy and water rating for a top loader
  • Has auto-balancing and child-proof lock features
  • Cheaper when compared to the Euromaid

Known for Longevity

Much like the Euromaid, the Solt has a two-year warranty. Combine that with a stainless steel drum, and you have something that is guaranteed to last quite a while.

Just expect that stainless steel drum to be a bit noisier when it comes to your small space.

Reliable Energy and Water Savings

Despite being a top loader, this washing machine has a 3-star water rating and 2-star energy rating. Combine that with an auto-balancing feature and child-proof lock, and you may expect this machine to cost a bit more.

In most cases, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $300 for this washer. That is a fantastic cost-effective offering given what you are getting.

Less Portable

The dimensions of this washer are somewhat more complicated to fit in. While they are comparable to the Euromaid, you need to factor in the vertical space.

While it isn’t a deal-breaker, this is something you should be aware of, adding an extra bit of space-saving concern.

3: Sphere 3kg Washing Machine: The Best for Caravans

3: Sphere 3kg Washing Machine: The Best for Caravans
  • Small enough for most caravans
  • Stainless steel drum ensures longevity
  • Weight is below 20 kg for the entire unit 
  • Manufacturers warranty is about one year long
  • Top loader system requires a bit more babysitting

A Portable Washing Machine for Your Van

If you are taking a cross country journey and don’t plan on making the majority of your stops at laundromats, the Spher 3kg Washing Machine is great for small loads.

As you may expect, this size makes it less useful for apartment living unless you have a tiny amount of space. So if you have a pair of jeans and a couple of other items to wash, this will help you through.

Incredibly Light

The two most important aspects that make this great for caravans come from the auto-balancing feature and the smaller size. This means you can feasibly hook it up to the tank and with the kitchen sink as well.

The problem is that if you put it in an apartment, it isn’t as effective at reducing the number of trips you take to the laundromat, as you may only be able to wash two or three days worth of clothes.

Fast at Getting Your Clothes Clean

Given its smaller size, it does have an advantage in the overall speed department. That being said, you may find yourself running multiple loads in a day, taking away from any free time you may have had.

If you have a family of three, don’t bother getting this. If you and one other person are taking a trip, this is the washer for you.

4: The Companion Twin Tub: The Most Portable 

4: The Companion Twin Tub: The Most Portable 
  • Amazing portability
  • Plastic material makes this among cheaper washers
  • Includes drying programs 
  • 2kg capacity makes it ineffective for most situations
  • Has a solid one-year warranty

Twin tubs come in multiple forms. In this case, the twin tub has a section for washing and an area for drying. That being said, the second tub isn’t as effective as you may want it. You may still end up hanging up clothes in the RV.

With a total of two washing cycles and a single spin cycle for drying, this appliance isn’t meant for much use. You may be lucky to get three shirts into this, but it works well in a pinch, especially if you are the only one on the road.

Caravan drivers will appreciate this for what it offers. It is simple, effective, and great for small numbers of clothes. But the small capacity doesn’t give this one much opportunity.

5: The YiREGO Portable Washer: The Best for No Electricity

5: The YiREGO Portable Washer: The Best for No Electricity
  • 2kg capacity 
  • The only washer that functions without electricity
  • Foot pedal washing action can get pretty tiresome. 
  • Great if you plan on going on a remote camping trip
  • Size is too small for most uses

At half of the cubic feet of any of the washers on this list, the YiREGO Portable Washing Machine is a unique object. All of the other washers on this list are powered by electricity. This one maintains power through the pumping of your legs.

The YiREGO is a combination workout and washing machine, something you won’t find often. Much of the reasoning for its sparsity comes from the inconvenience. A simple lift and dump replace the drain hose, and it’s also the smallest option on this list.

A leg-based power source leaves the speed wash to you, deciding to intensify your workout. Wash settings are limited to how fast you can pump your legs. If you plan on camping in a remote area, this is an excellent washer for you.


Based on our review, Euromaid WM5 is the best overall option. While it is far less portable than other options, it makes up by offering various wash settings. 

If you are riding a caravan, this will not be the best option.

Because portability typically falls into those two categories, the best overall may not be the best for your needs.

If you are into caravan living, leave your options to the last three. Whatever you choose, we hope this article helps you out.