The Best Overall Miele Washing Machines Available in Australia

Miele is the heralds of the new age of washing machines. As someone who has never thought he needed a smart home, I can tell you that appliance creators like Miele remind me otherwise.

As the stewards of the internet-connected washing machines, they stand as some of the unique washing machines that had features you didn’t know you needed. 

In this article, we will dig into various Miele washers to see which one is the best. As some of the most advanced washers available, we will be switching out how we rate them.

However, the highest priority is still the ability of these machines to clean. 

How We Picked

Below are how we picked the best overall Miele washer:

  • Effectiveness of cleaning heavy-duty and delicate washes
  • The convenience of available features
  • The ease of use 
  • The water and energy-efficiency ratings 
  • Level of quiet 

The Top Seven Miele Washing Machines

  • The Best Overall: Miele W1 WCR870 WPS 
  • The Best Option For Longevity: Miele W1 WCE330 
  • The Most Energy Efficient: Miele W1 WDD030
  • The Best Washer Dryer Combo: Miele WTH130
  • The Most Cost-Effective: Miele W1 WDB030
  • The Most Advanced: The Miele W1 WWV980 Passion

1: The Best Overall: Miele W1 WCR870 WPS

1: The Best Overall: Miele W1 WCR870 WPS
  • TwinDos system of detergent ensures quality cleaning
  • Smart modes make cleaning easy 
  • Internet-connected
  • Has the ability to be stacked with a dryer
  • Five-star ratings on water and energy rating

The Ultimate in Available Features

Miele is known for creating the most premium available washing capabilities. It is one of the few machines that includes detergent slots for both pre- and current-wash cycles.

The TwinDos system is another unique system that takes the guesswork out of what cleaning you do need. The result is a washer that is clearly for those who demand the most quality.


A unique feature known as SingleWash allows you to clean a small number of clothes. This means that if you need to wash a couple of shirts, this machine has the option to do that.

No other washer has that ability, although you can expect to waste a fair bit of energy from doing that.

Touchscreen Controls and Internet Connection

The ability to activate your washer from anywhere in the world is an unusual inclusion, but its nice if you happen to be forgetful (like me).

Miele@Mobile allows you to control all of your appliances from a single place, activating things or bringing your clothes through a second wash if you feel like it is necessary.

2: The Best Option For Longevity: Miele W1 WCE330

2: The Best Option For Longevity: Miele W1 WCE330
  • Silent
  • Known for longevity with a reliable build quality 
  • Good water and energy efficiency 
  • Difficult to stop your wash cycle sometimes 
  • Includes fast wash which lasts about 40 minutes

Returning to Simplicity

Taking away the internet connectivity from Miele washers leaves them with just the wash quality. Thankfully, the WCE330 is a reminder that Miele does make reliable washing machines.

The stainless steel drum reminds us that they do emphasise quality. Also, this one manages to save just as much water as the more expensive models.

Fast Wash Feature

Quick wash is another feature you will find standard but is a centre point with this washer. That’s because while it might be included with all expensive washers, this one manages to do so without sacrificing too much wash quality.

While the other washes take much longer (if your clothes are very soiled), the fast wash takes care of most anything you would need.

Made for the Average Family

A two-year warranty and 8 kg capacity tells us that we are back to what to expect from standard washing machines. With an overall 4.5 energy rating, this washer is just like any other high-grade traditional washing machine.

So if anyone tells you that Miele isn’t good at making regular washers show them the WCE330

3: The Most Energy Efficient: Miele W1 WDD030

3: The Most Energy Efficient: Miele W1 WDD030
  • Stackable 
  • Stainless steel drum material 
  • 4.5 energy and water ratings 
  • Delay function 
  • Can shorten load times easily 

An Emphasis on Efficiency

Among the washers available on this list, the WDD030 holds the most efficient potential. While the overall star rating is about the same as all of these washers, there is an easy way to reduce this washer’s dry time.

As a result, you can decide how much time is left to a wash at almost any time.

Delay Function so You Don’t Have to Hear it

A delay function is included with this model of Miele, which is excellent if you like to prevent you don’t have a washer. Quiet families who want to keep their house that way will appreciate this option.

As a result, this front loader has many available features to make for a convenient machine.

What You Should Expect

The last area of focus comes back to its emphasis on longevity. A stainless steel drum with a white anti-rust coating comes with all of the Miele washers on this list.

Their focus on quality is clear, even with some of their more straightforward and less expensive washers.

4: The Best Washer Dryer Combo: Miele WTH130

4: The Best Washer Dryer Combo: Miele WTH130

  • A unique honeycomb drum design patented by Miele 
  • Reliable energy and water ratings
  • The spin speed of 1600 RPMs make this great for drying 
  • This is a washer dryer combo, saving you a great deal of space
  • Cycles are incredibly long 

Miele is one of the few companies that can effectively tackle a washer dryer combo. Other appliances have attempted to do so, but the WTH130 is an example of this working.

Just expect the cycle times to increase as a result. The reason you don’t see these combo washer-dryers go higher on the list comes from the variance between their washing capacity and drying capacity.

Seven kilograms and four kilograms are what they are (respectively), meaning that this washer’s real capacity is among the lowest on this list.

While this is one of the most effective combos available on the market, it still isn’t quite enough to overtake standard washing machines.

The honeycomb drum style makes this washer somewhat unique, ensuring the material quality has only increased.

5: The Most Cost-Effective: Miele W1 WDB030

5: The Most Cost-Effective: Miele W1 WDB030

  • The most inexpensive Miele washer available
  • Reliable water and energy ratings
  • Stainless steel drum material
  • Somewhat smaller when compared to other washers on this list
  • It is stackable

As the most inexpensive washer on this list, this is on par with other washers on the high end of the Fisher & Paykel list.

The low cost combined with a clear emphasis on quality makes this model a great option to someone who still expects quality design.

If you are used to other Miele washers without internet connectivity, this one should be no stranger to you. It still has a quick wash program that emphasizes customer time.

It also has a 1400 RPM spin, making it dry at a fair bit of effectiveness. Remember to remove the transit bars, as there are a couple of cases where customer service has forgotten to mention that.

Granted, this is a small issue that their team has been responsive to handling. Miele’s quality demands result in high-quality customer service.

6: The Most Advanced: The Miele W1 WWV980

6: The Most Advanced: The Miele W1 WWV980

  • Internet connectivity, steam function, and a variety of additional features
  • Best overall water and energy ratings
  • Expensive compared to other models on this list
  • A 9 kg capacity makes this great for families of four or five
  • A little overwhelming

With 28 wash programs that included anything from cotton to curtains, this washer has a lot to absorb. However, the TwinDos system means you don’t have to worry about finding the right level of detergent.

The washer will figure that out for you. It has all of Miele’s features plus a few more. These include automatic load control, the dosing system, the honeycomb drum, and a profiEco motor which saves as much money as possible.

Granted, you are going to be spending that savings upfront. The number of features behind this one is overwhelming, but it offers you many options behind the price tag.

If you want the top of the line, the WWV980 Front Load Washer is one you cannot miss.

Why Should I Buy a Miele Washer?

Miele washers are not for people who are looking for cheap. Instead, look for Miele washers if you seek the most advanced technology available.

While they aren’t approachable for some budgets, you can ensure that these Miele washers were built to impress. 


As a reminder, our vote for the best overall Miele washing machine is the Miele W1 WCR870 WPS. The combination of excellent features and a fairly reasonable cost level makes it a perfect appliance for many households.

For households of four who don’t want to worry about the details of washing, this is the machine for you. 

If you seek something with a different overall focus, there are various washers available on Miele’s lineup.

Among those washers, we have picked out the best of them that cover a wide variety. Check out our review and define your priorities from it.