The Best LG Washing Machine in Australia

LG is one of the most popular companies in the world. As a frequent delver into LG’s product line, I can tell you that I always wanted one.

This was especially true when I saw my old washing machine slowly turn my home into a lakefront property. 

LG has a massive lineup of washing machines that covers the gambit from high-quality to cost-effective.

They have done everything from twin tub washers to washer dryer combos, but which washing machine is the best overall on LG’s lineup? 

In the rest of this article, we will explore LG’s lineup to find ten of the best washers available. By the time you are done reading this, you will be able to pick an LG washer for your home. 

How We Decide

When it comes to picking the best LG appliance, our rating system will be similar to the one we used for the best overall:

  • Heavy-duty washing capabilities
  • Ability to handle delicates
  • Water and energy-efficient ratings
  • Level of quiet
  • Ease of use
  • Available features 

The Top 10 LG Washing Machines Available in Australia

  • The Best Overall: LG WD1275TC5W
  • The Best Features: LG WTG1434BHF
  • The Most Versatile: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T
  • The Most Amazing Warranty: LG WTG6520
  • Moderately Priced For Big Families: LG WV7-1409W
  • A Great Top Loader: LG TWG8521
  • A More Cost-Effective Versatile Washer: LG TWIN171409H
  • A Solid and Efficient Washer: LG WD1411SBW
  • LG’s Answer To Washer Dryer Combos: LG WDC1475NCW
  • A Solid Backup: LG WV5-1408W

1: The Best Overall: LG WD1275TC5W

1: The Best Overall: LG WD1275TC5W
  • Great features including auto-balancing and add wash
  • Solid four-star energy rating and water rating
  • Six spin speeds and temperature settings
  • Simple but with a wide variety of wash programs
  • Incredibly cost-effective for what you get

The Best Overall Washer 

If you are like me, you probably think of LG as one of the more advanced technology companies. You may have high expectations of what they plan on creating, expecting it to know that your clothes need washing before you do.

Instead, we have something a bit more reasonable as our best overall: the WD1275TC5W

Simple and Elegant

This washer made our number one slot because it is LG’s best overall cost-effectiveness option. It does so without sacrificing the quality of the wash, which other washers in the same price point typically do.

Simply put: LG does it better than some companies who have been doing this for ages.

Not Without Fault

The washer isn’t perfect, as it is known to be a bit too rough with some delicates. However, those reports have been few and far between.

Other customers have reported being able to wash thin fabrics without much issue. Overall, LG’s customer service team allows this washer to excel when compared to other options.

Problems will always happen with washers, but the simplicity of this one ensures that it will remain robust for years to come. As a result, this is the best LG washing machine in Australia.

2: The Best Features: LG WTG1434BHF

2: The Best Features: LG WTG1434BHF
  • Internet connection ability
  • Four-star energy and water ratings
  • Modern direct drive motor makes this incredibly quiet
  • Agitator mechanism makes this an odd combination
  • It is 14 kg of capacity, making it the largest washer on this list

Yes, LG Still Does Technology

At a 14 kg capacity, you would expect this thing to operate like a bull in a china shop. It will take care of your biggest loads, but only at the risk of making your home uninhabitable.

Instead, the bull is refined with internet connectivity at a relatively quiet overall sound. While it isn’t as quiet as some other washers, it won’t make much of a racket.

Manage Your Wash From Anywhere

It has four spin speeds, twelve wash cycles, and three temperature settings. Combining all three of these can be controlled from anywhere, as this washer connects to the internet.

You may think this to be a needless feature, but if you find yourself rushing out of the door with an unstarted pile of laundry, you can remedy that mistake from your office.

A Modern Sleek Washer

Stepping away from the classic knob setup, LG has created a sleek looking washing machine that fits with a modern theme.

While that may not affect the wash quality, that certainly means it will fit in with other current products you may have in your home.

Given the top-loaded choice, this is a bit of an unusual combination of old and new. The agitator means that this could have potentially been better had it been a front-loaded machine.

Since we will never know, we are left with what we have, which is a pretty robust overall offering anyway.

3: The Most Versatile: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T

3: The Most Versatile: LG TWINWash TWIN171216T
  • An insane 16 kg capacity for multiple clothing types
  • Overall water and energy rating of four-stars
  • A washer dryer combo with a unique twin tub twist
  • A bit too niche for a washer
  • Amazing for delicates 

TWINWash Power

LG is the sole provider bringing back the twin tub feature. As a result, other tech-heavy companies like Samsung need to keep a close eye on this unique option.

Despite it feeling a bit ahead of schedule, this behemoth of a washer is one of the most versatile offerings available today.

Two Tubs for Different Types of Messes

The most stunning feature (as you may have guessed) is the multiple tubs available. The top tub is for your standard washers.

When your kid decides that sliding through the mud should be an Olympic sport, the top washer handles heavy-duty messes. The bottom washer is made for light soiling’s and delicates.

This means that you don’t have to choose between loading delicates or tough stains.  You can do both at the same time, potentially cutting down on wash time by hours.

A Few Flaws

When the washer works, it works well as an overall combo washer that can handle anything. But the flaws of this washer make this not ready to be at the top of our list. Its significant weakness comes from the higher potential of leaks.

While LG has made an overall robust offering, there are some small reports of leaks happening. It generally uses more energy for smaller loads, so you might find yourself waiting for more extended periods to handle clothes that require a bit more urgency.

That means for families that typically go through a large number of small washes. This thing isn’t quite as helpful. That being said, a family of seven will feel right at home handling this washer.

This makes it an easy number three on the list. Also, it’s one of the few competent washer dryer combos available in Australia.

4: The Most Amazing Warranty: LG WTG6520

4: The Most Amazing Warranty: LG WTG6520
  • An Insane Ten-year warranty
  • Relatively small, making it less useful for small families
  • It has a low energy rating and decent water rating 
  • It is pretty light, making this a compact and portable washer
  • It is a bit noisy

A Ten Year Warranty!?!

The standard warranty for most washing machines limits itself at two years. If you are lucky, some of those warranties go up to five.

However, LG decided to be different by providing a warranty that few companies dare to approach. The warranty by itself made it a close matchup between the top four options mentioned here.

It Still Has Some Flaws

The warranty is excellent, but this top load washer still has a few flaws it needs to work out. First, there are some issues, including clothes remaining wet.

Thankfully, it is relatively easy for people to add an extra spin should it come to that. This washing machine isn’t best for those who aren’t used to LG’s unique control panel.

A Bit Too Small

Another major issue this one has comes from its size, limiting its ability to work for large families. Granted, that does make it most useful for compact spaces and small families.

If you can’t find yourself looking away from the warranty regardless of your family size, you may end up using it faster than you want.

Overall, this washer stands out because of the unique warranty. But it is still a reliable overall option that keeps the same simplicity of our favourite choice.

With the small issues worked out, this could have quickly taken the top slot for the best washer.

5: Moderately Priced For Big Families: LG WV7-1409W

5: Moderately Priced For Big Families: LG WV7-1409W
  • 9 kg capacity makes this fantastic for larger families
  • It is swift when compared to other similarly sized washers
  • It has a great overall 4.5-star water and energy rating 
  • Has excellent features which include auto-balancing and the ability to add an item mid-wash
  • A high-quality stainless steel drum

A Washing Machine For Bigger Loads

At 9 kg, this washing machine is excellent for handling family sizes around four or five people. Regardless of the size, it manages to keep most washes below one hour.

This feature can be considered an incredible feat for what you may expect of these size washers.

A Solid Overall Option

It has a wide variety of spin speeds and temperature settings, ensuring an overall clean experience. Combine that with a spin speed at 1400 RPMs, and you also have something that dries fairly quickly.

The two-year warranty makes this standard among LG’s lineup. While none of these feats blows things out of the water, they are all signs of a robust appliance.


The TurboWash feature applies a bit more force to washing your clothes, making them less effective for delicates. There is also a quick wash feature on the other end of things, but that is only intended for lightly messed clothes.

The standard settings are honestly the most preferable with this one, making it a dependable overall washer that has a couple of less useful features.

6: A Great Top Loader: LG TWG8521

6: A Great Top Loader: LG TWG8521
  • It has internet capabilities
  • A reliable energy and water rating for a top loader
  • Includes a childproof lock
  • It has various settings for delicates and cotton, but they are less effective with the agitator
  • The machine includes pretty useful lint filters

A Bit Rough on Clothes

The LTTWG8521 has a wide variety of features for many types of fabric. This is unique for top loaders, as many of them typically limit their settings to various temperature settings and spin speeds.

With a delicate and cotton setting, this is more versatile than other similar washers but still manages to be just short given the agitator that comes with this washing machine style.

Internet Connectivity

Much like the WTG we reviewed just a few sections ago, this one has internet connectivity. It appears to be a habit for LG to create top loaders that can connect to the internet.

As a result, their technology combination choice seems to be a bit odd. However, customer satisfaction still appears to be relatively high for their offerings.

A Basic Top Loader With New Bells and Whistles

Take away the internet connection ability, and you have a standard washer that is about on par with what you would expect from Fisher & Paykel.

The only drawback on this side is the inclusion of a plastic drum. Regardless, the build quality is still pretty thoughtful, as the drum and entire washer do not feel cheap.

7: A More Cost-Effective Versatile Washer: LG TWIN171409H

7: A More Cost-Effective Versatile Washer: LG TWIN171409H
  • 11 kg of space for the largest families
  • Includes a variety of features including the twin tub, auto-balancing, childproof door lock, add wash function, and steam function
  • It has a direct drive motor that gives it a four-star energy and water rating
  • A more cost-effective version of the earlier twin
  • Washer Dryer combo takes quite a bit longer

The LG TWIN171409H is the little brother to LG’s main twin tub washer. Its primary selling point comes with a larger washer dryer combo that takes care of heavy-duty items.

Meanwhile, the “mini washer” takes care of more delicate items and items that don’t carry many stains. As you may expect, this washer is a bit more expensive than your standard style washing machine.

However, it manages to make up for this by including a sizable drying until that starts its cycle right after the washer finishes.

That means your minimum overall wash time sits at about four to five hours, which is quite a long time, but not much longer than you would expect from finishing the washer and moving it over to the dryer.

This combo machine also has a two-year warranty, which feels a bit limited considering how large investment is. Given that it has many of the same problems as the previous washer, including less capacity, this one is a bit short compared to what makes a combo unit worth it.

Overall, it is still one of the more solid combo units available.

8: A Solid and Efficient Washer: LG WD1411SBW

8: A Solid and Efficient Washer: LG WD1411SBW

  • Saves money on energy and water bills with a decent efficiency rating
  • Includes various features like balance correction, child door lock, and a steam function
  • 11 kg of capacity makes this fantastic for families of six or larger
  • Sheets are known to get tangled 
  • It is relatively quiet given the size of this unit

What you need out of a washing machine is typically a large capacity that doesn’t throw itself off balance. But you shouldn’t expect this quality machine to throw itself off balance.

While some people have expressed concerns with paint coming off, others have stated an experience that fits the opposite. The cycle times are relatively decent with a washing machine of this size.

There is a quick cycle, but it shares many other washers that have a fast cycle by reducing the clean quality pretty significantly. The size of this washing machine gives it the capability to be stackable.

As nervous as you may be based on size, the weight is pretty reasonable at 72 kg. Combined with six speeds and five temperature settings, this washer can handle all sorts of loads from cold water to hot water use.

9: LG’s Answer To Washer Dryer Combos: LG WDC1475NCW

9: LG's Answer To Washer Dryer Combos: LG WDC1475NCW

  • The washing machine is better than the dryer
  • It doesn’t have the twin tub option available with other LG combos
  • It has 14 wash cycles, making it one of the more versatile washers
  • It has solid water and energy ratings
  • It is a significant space saver

Washer dryer combos all have pretty similar problems. Whether it comes from Samsung, Electrolux, Bosch, or LG, the dryer component always seems weak.

This leaves a lot of buyers with questions on why they bother with the investment. Admittedly, this one holds many of the same problems with a strong washer and a mediocre dryer.

The TWINWash combos listed above are a bit more effective than this. It trades off by being one of the most cost-effective combo machines ever.

Provided you don’t mind running the dryer one extra time (sometimes), this is a fantastic way for you to save space in your household.

The specific delicates setting is also pretty nice, making it a potential Upgrade compared to top load washing machines.

At 62 kg, this one is also pretty easy to move given its size. If you are looking for something to save space and money, this washer will be one of the best available ones you can find.

10: A Solid Backup: LG WV5-1408W

10: A Solid Backup: LG WV5-1408W

  • A reliable overall energy and water rating
  • Child lock prevents the washer from being turned off mid-cycle
  • Perfect for a standard family of four (8 kg capacity)
  • It has a pretty solid cleaning ability
  • It is slightly noisy

On a list of honourable mentions, our first (and only) medal goes to the G WV5-1408W. The washer doesn’t do anything significant for load size and has a problem with adding extra items mid-cycle, but it gets the job done when looking at overall cleaning performance.

With a substantial overall energy and water efficiency rating, this washing machine has a significant overall energy rating that borderline goes to five stars.

At 4.5 each, it falls just short of being the most efficient washer on this list. While you won’t need multiple loads given the washer is of a decent size.

The child lock is a bit odd given that the power button isn’t locked, but your child will not be able to change washer settings mid-cycle.

They also won’t be able to add their favourite train to be washed. Still, you might end up seeing it turned off every so often if you have a curious toddler who likes buttons.

Overall, this is a great backup option that provides quality cleaning at a reasonable price.


Now that we have a full list of available washers from LG, we can dig into some common FAQs behind LG washers.

What Makes LG Washers Worth it?

LG is primarily known for its smartphones in other parts of the world. However, they also offer an impressive array of reliable appliances that run the gambit on quality.

What makes LG washers worth it is that they are a global brand that needs to be defended. Much like Bosch, Electrolux, or any other washer brand you can think of, LG has been around quite a while based on the merits of their brand.

While their blanket strategy has made their demands a bit higher than some, LG has managed to keep most things balanced regarding quality and cost-effectiveness. 

LG is an excellent company if you are looking at washers that look modern. Many of them have modern amenities as well, mainly internet connectivity.

Look for LG washers for a variety of different needs that primarily target middle-class families. 

Why Do I Need a Washer With Internet Connectivity?

The main reason for you to have a washer that connects to the internet relates to two important things:

  • First, a washing machine that connects to the internet can receive firmware updates. That means if the programming is messed up, you won’t need to wait for a technician to find out what’s wrong with your washer.
  • Second, a washing machine connected to the world wide web can be accessed from anywhere. That means if you forget to start a load and you are already at the office, you can access an application to remedy that issue. 

Are Washer Dryer Combo Machines Worth it?

If you have a washing machine that doubles as a dryer, you have likely invested a good deal of money into it. Whether or not that money is worth it depends on a couple of different factors.

First, you need to ask whether or not you need this space-saving ability. If your laundry room consists of a closet with no space, a washer dryer combo is a great way to get both options without keeping a washer or dryer in an alternate room.

Second, these combo machines are a luxury. If you can afford the luxury, there isn’t too much of a reason you shouldn’t take advantage of it. 

The main drawback behind these things comes down to the length of wash and quality of drying. Many washer dryer combo appliances (be they twin tub or otherwise) take an excessive amount of time to finish.

As a result, your entire day may be limited to one wash, so you better hope that you have a large drum.

Also, the drying function typically loses out compared to the washing function. As a result, you are almost always left with damp clothes that require a bit more time in the dryer.

The TWINWash is a bit of an exception to the rule in some cases, but there are still times where dampness is an issue. 

Why are Front Loaders Preferable to Top Loaders?

If you have been paying attention, you probably notice that we prefer top load washing machines. These style of washing machine are chosen for two different reasons:

  • First, the agitator of a washing machine is limited to top-load models. Agitators are known to rip and tear through delicates, making them less suited to this sort of task. 
  • Second, Front-load washing machines are better at saving water and electricity. Because they are considered a more advanced tech piece, companies tend to put more effort into their overall savings. 

Top loaders are typically only better because they require less of an upfront investment. Those on a budget may wish to weigh out the short term vs long-term benefits using Australia’s available energy cost calculators. 

What is the TurboWash Feature on My LG?

TurboWash puts a little bit more effort into the spin of your washer and combines this heavier cleaning with hot water.

The combination makes it better overall for heavy-duty jobs, and it also speeds up the overall wash cycle time. 

Despite what you may believe based on the name, the increased speed of the TurboWash causes less water and energy consumption.

However, do not use this function with delicate clothing items, as those with being torn to bits. 

What is Better – Samsung or LG?

LG’s most extreme competitor comes from Samsung. That’s because both of them are in similar markets for a variety of appliances, including smartphones.

Based on our “best overall” ratings, Samsung typically receives higher ratings based on overall quality. 

That being said, LG is typically much more affordable than Samsung. They also focus more on customer satisfaction, specifically as they concentrate on large capacity washers.

Both are good for different reasons. 


Based on our findings, the best overall is the LG WD1275TC5W. While it doesn’t have some of the advanced technology features one may expect based on other experiences with LG, it does what it needs to do as a quality washing machine.

As a result of this focus on the necessary, LG is one of the best brands available for various appliances.

Given LG’s massive lineup that nearly comprises 30 different washers, we have chosen our ten favourites out of that list.

These favourites cover a wide variety of needs for different family sizes and priorities. Whatever washing machine you need, those needs will be fulfilled with an appliance on this list.