The Five Best Kogan Washing Machines Australia

Kogan is a well-known department store in Australia that produces its line of washing machines. While they lack the brand power of companies like Fisher & Paykel, Bosch, and Samsung,

Kogan still has a wide variety of cost-effective options. If your goal is to keep upfront costs low, Kogan offers a reliable brand of washer.

If you know anyone who owns Kogan, you know the reason they buy those comes entirely from cost.

As a result, inconsistencies in build quality do happen. However, Kogan has a reliable customer service team to address those concerns.

If cost is a concern for you, we recommend you check out the rest of this review. In this case, let’s take a closer look at these Kogan washers. 

How Did We Pick The Best Kogan Washing Machine? 

  • Washing ability
  • Drying ability
  • Capacity
  • Warranty 
  • Ease of use 
  • Energy and Water Ratings 

Five Kogan Washers You Should Consider in Australia

  1. The Best Overall: The Series 9 8kg Front Loader Machine
  2. Suitable For Large Families: The 10kg Loader KAWWASHT10A
  3. The Most Cost-Effective Washer Dryer Combo: 10kg/6kg Combo Machine

1: The Best Overall: The Series 9 8kg Front Loader Machine

1: The Best Overall: The Series 9 8kg Front Loader Machine
  • Great four-star energy and water ratings 
  • Two-year warranty (a ten-year warranty on the motor) 
  • It has 16 wash cycles which include cotton, silk, and wool.
  • It has an easy-to-read control panel. 
  • It has a quick wash option.

The Most Balanced Kogan Washer

At 8kg, this washer is most suited to your average family of four. Combine that with a four-star energy and water rating, and this washing machine is more likely to save you money over time.

Just expect that time to be about two years, as this machine has a standard two-year warranty.

Easy to Clean

The Simple drum clean function brings the internal temperature of this washer to 95 degrees. That allows it to kill any would-be stowaways located in the front-facing grommet.

As the gromet and build construction is a bit less airtight than other higher-end brands, that’s important.

Solid Money Savings

It saves money upfront and back, as the four-star water and energy ratings exist across the board. Include the child lock, auto balance, and overflow control, and this washer has a solid combination of features you would expect from more expensive dryers.

While it lacks some of those other features, it still manages to have a wide variety of wash options for diverse families. It also has taken some significant advances since the series seven washers with a water level scanner and an inverter motor.

The inverter is particularly impressive on the Kogan’s lineup, as that boasts a ten-year warranty.

2: Suitable For Large Families: The 10kg Loader KAWWASHT10A

2: Suitable For Large Families: The 10kg Loader KAWWASHT10A
  • The 10kg capacity is for large families.
  • It has a solid 3-star water rating.
  • It has an auto-sensing water level.
  • It has a stainless steel drum.
  • It has six different wash programs. 

For Your Big Family

At 10kg of drum capacity, this washer has one primary specialty: washing stacks of laundry. For those who have bigger families, this is a must purchase.

When you compare this to other 10kg washers, you typically see things much higher on the price comparison. This washer is one of the most cost-effective options when it comes to large-capacity.

Simple Push Button Interface

The significant advantage that Kogan has taken amongst its product line is simplicity. It has managed to keep almost every function to eight total buttons with a mere six wash programs.

The result is something easy to read but lacks the power of many other comparable brands. But when you are on a budget, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing to sacrifice.

Two Important Features

The two most essential features in this model include a delay start function, which allows you to avoid hearing these laundry machines.

Thankfully, Kogan machines aren’t deafening. The second essential features are the high RPMs you get when spinning, making it a reasonably useful dryer before you get to the drying.

That saves you more energy when purchasing an auto-sensing dryer.

3: The Most Cost-Effective Washer Dryer Combo: 10kg/6kg Combo Machine

3: The Most Cost-Effective Washer Dryer Combo: 10kg/6kg Combo Machine
  • It has a 24-hour timer.
  • The 10kg capacity makes it suitable for larger families. 
  • It has a much longer wash/dry time when using both features.
  • It dries at a sufficient level of 6kg.
  • It is easily one of the most cost-effective combo washers on the market. 

A Sleeper Hit

If you’ve read our other reviews, you probably note that we don’t have much love for combo machines. Kogan is one of the few exceptions to this rule, as it manages to do so at a pretty cost-effective rate.

It shaves a couple off hundred dollars off of the next available option.

The Bad News

While it does have quick dry/quick wash options, they aren’t as effective as your standard separate washer and dryer. Typically, the weakness comes at the drying end, which comes from its much lower capacity allowances.

That means you will have to take out half of your load and put it into another dryer, eliminating much of your purpose for purchasing a combo machine.

This weakness isn’t a problem if you are washing and don’t mind the manual “hang up and dry” feature of a standard clothesline.

Still, Not Bad

I’ve seen numerous washer dryer combos trying and failed where Kogan has done pretty well. As a result, they aren’t a bad overall investment as long as you are willing to make a mild adjustment.

Why Should I Choose A Kogan Washer?

Getting things straight, you don’t choose a Kogan washer because you are looking for the top of the line. You select a Kogan washer because it fits your budget.

Compared to other washing machines, it’s one of the most cost-effective lines out there. Their washer dryer combo machine is surprisingly effective, but other brands have done it better.

Kogan is excellent at creating a simplistic washer that will fit most budgets but doesn’t innovate in other areas. 

Final Thoughts

After a complete review, we feel that the best washing machine available on the Kogan lineup is The Series 9 8kg Front Loader Machine.

As the most recent update from their Series 7 model, this is an upgrade in every conceivable way. The essential features in this new model are the delay start function and the auto-sensing water level. 

Kogan has a decent lineup of other washers available. If you are looking for some more cost-effective models, but are looking for something slightly bigger or a space-saving option.

Kogan has a few other great washing machines you should look at buying.