The Six Best Haier Washing Machines for Your Family

Haier has a bit of star power behind their lineup. They are known for providing appliances to Good Chef Bad Chef, the Sydney Swans, and Channel 10’s Every Day Gourmet.

Most of these are on their cooking appliances, but does this star power translate to a quality product? 

The short answer to this question: yes. Haier manages to draw this attention by emphasising quality.

They are confident enough in the power of their motors that they have a 10-year warranty on those. Compared to other washers, this can be a pretty staggering thing to process. 

As someone who has been a part of that family who often uses their washer, that 10-year warranty would have come in handy.

To hopefully help your family out, we will dig into Haier’s best washers in Australia. 

How Did You Pick the Best Haier Washing Machine? 

Our selection for the best washing machine is based on the following areas:

  • Washing quality
  • Available features
  • Noise level
  • Drying quality 
  • Load Capacity 

The Seven Best Washing Machines in the Haier Lineup

  1. The best overall: HWF75AW2
  2. The best for a family of four: HWF85BW1
  3. Best for cost savings: HWF75DW1
  4. Best for large families: TwinTasker HWX8040DW1
  5. Space saver: HWF85DW1
  6. Great capacity: HWF12D1W1
  7. Best top loader: HWT12MW2

1: The Best Overall: HWF75AW2

1: The Best Overall: HWF75AW2
  • Most cost-effective washing machine on this list
  • Conventional belt drive makes it easy to repair
  • Stainless steel drum allows for excellent build quality
  • The 7.5 kg capacity makes it suitable for most families
  • Childproof door lock to prevent kids from getting in

Simplicity is Key

Haier front load washing machines provide you with a great variety of options from their lineup. However, one cannot understate the importance of sticking with the basics.

By doing so, Haier manages to maintain a focus on what is essential: build quality.

Incredibly Cost-Effective

Other washer models by other companies may not provide a front load washing machine like this price. In many cases, you will be spending less than $600 on this, which is astounding given the brand name behind it.

With an included child lock and 16 wash cycles, this washing machine has everything everyday household needs.

Being Boring Isn’t a Bad Thing

The large LCD and easy-to-use features make it clear that this model focuses on what is essential. However, those looking for unique features may find this to be a bit boring. But is that a problem?

Boring washers are how we get washing machines to last us twenty years. Given Haier’s apparent devotion to building quality, having a boring washing machine with standard features is what you should be looking for.

Through simplicity, Haier manages to create a washing machine that easily is one of the best available in Australia.

2: The Best for a Family of Four: HWF85BW1

2: The Best for a Family of Four: HWF85BW1
  • The 8.5 kg drum capacity makes this ideal for standard family sizes
  • Incredibly cost-effective when compared to other brands
  • Easy to change the water temperature and spin speed for various settings
  • A solid 3.5-star energy rating and 4.5-star water rating
  • A total of 16 different wash cycles for various needs

Deja Vu for Washing Machines

You may find that many of the available features from our top option follow through in the second option. As a standard front load washing machine, this one holds a lot of similarities.

The 8.5 kg size makes it a bit more suitable for families of four. The slightly higher price behind this one is what bumped it down the list.

A Quiet Machine

Front-load washing machines at this price point typically have noise issues. However, Haier manages to quash that stereotype by making an overall quiet experience.

As you may expect, the front load feature means you will have to spend a bit of time cleaning behind the grommet. However, this is an issue that applies to all front loaders, so get used to making it a part of your regular cleaning schedule.

A Direct Drive Motor

The secret behind Haier’s focus on energy efficiency comes from the direct-drive motor. This isn’t unique to this particular washer, but its energy and water efficiency contribute significantly from that inclusion.

With a total of 16 different wash options, this washing machine provides a good deal of flexibility for whatever items you put into it.

This appliance would be a great addition to your standard family home.

3: Best for Cost Savings: HWF75DW1

3: Best for Cost Savings: HWF75DW1
  • Just as cost-effective as the other washing machines on this list
  • A 4-star energy efficiency rating
  • The same 16 wash cycles you expect from these washing machines
  • It has six different temperature settings 
  • The dark door is a sleek design feature 

An Efficient Appliance 

With a similar cost-rating compared to other washing machines, this appliance will be a substantial addition to your household.

The thing that makes this the best for cost savings comes from the energy efficiency level, which is around four stars. This makes it one of the most energy-efficient options available from this company. 

Easy to Adjust

One of the great things that this washing machine includes is the addition of flexibility. With 16 different wash programs and six different temperature settings, there’s a lot to absorb here.

For those unfamiliar with this type of washing machine, it can be a bit overwhelming at first. 

Pretty Portable

The weight of this machine is just under 70 kg large. That’s still a bit of a lift, but it does make it more portable than some available washers on the market. For a family of two or three, this washing machine is a great way to save money in the long run. 

4: Best for Large Families: TwinTasker HWX8040DW1

4: Best for Large Families: TwinTasker HWX8040DW1

  • It has two separate drums, offering the best available capacity
  • The top drum is 4 kg, the bottom is 8 kg
  • Incredibly large, can be challenging to fit into your house
  • Saves a good deal of water with multiple wash levels
  • A bit of an oddball when compared to other washing machines

The TwinTasker HWX8040DW1 has two different drums that sit at 4 and 8 kg respectfully. This washing machine’s ultimate feature comes from the ability to handle many different washes.

This variance in drum capacity creates one of the most flexible experiences available. This abnormally tall washer comes with one big challenge: fitting it in your house.

If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room, you may find this to be a bit abnormal. When considering that you also want to include a dryer, there is no chance to help save you some space.

The trade-off comes from your ability to handle a combination of small and large loads. So if you have a large family and happen to save water between two different load levels, this is a great overall option for you.

5: Space Saver: HWF85DW

5: Space Saver: HWF85DW

  • It is stackable, allowing you to place a dryer on top of it
  • It has a 4-star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating
  • It has 16 wash cycles 
  • It has a stainless steel drum for longevity
  • It is a very quiet appliance

As one of the few washing machines on this list with a stackability option, the HWF85DW1 is an excellent addition to families concerned with space savings.

You can easily place your dryer right on top of this, giving you great flexibility and control in your laundry room. It also has an 8.5 kg drum capacity, making it suitable for a family of four.

This washing machine is incredibly similar to what you may expect from other Haier machines. The stainless steel drum ensures that it is for longevity. The ten-year warranty on the drum ensures that they hold some confidence in their product.

The stackable addition and slightly larger size make this less cost-effective from an initial investment standpoint. However, that cost-effectiveness follows through with the four-star energy efficiency rating.

Overall, this is a great and balanced front loader washing machine that will fit anywhere in your household.

6: Great Capacity: HWF12D1W1

6: Great Capacity: HWF12D1W1

  • Intense 12 kg drum capacity for the largest families
  • A 4.5 energy and water efficiency rating
  • A total of 10 different spin speeds leading up to 1400 RPMs
  • Price is a bit high compared to other machines in this category
  • The washer is a bit bulky given the large capacity drum

The HWF12D1W1 isn’t as popular as their other options for two apparent reasons: First, it has a vast capacity drum that makes it very niche for families of six or more.

Second, the machine’s large capacity reflects in its cost. However, other washers in the same vein may end up costing more. The 12 kg capacity is what makes this washer stick out.

At just about $1000, the upfront investment isn’t too bad. It lacks the wash flexibility of TwinTasker, as everything has to be done in a single drum.

This limitation can make this washing machine less water-efficient if you find yourself doing smaller loads throughout the week. Overall, the large capacity does provide some opportunities and some limitations in the same bunch.

As a result, this is great if you happen to do your laundry in large batches. It can be challenging to justify the large size of the drum for smaller households in other cases.

7: Best Top Loader: HWT12MW2

7: Best Top Loader: HWT12MW2

  • Great energy and water efficiency for a top loader (about 3.5)
  • Built-in balance correction 
  • Enormous 12 kg capacity 
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Delay start feature

Haier does have an option that will fit your needs for those who prefer top loader washing machines. In this case, the HWT12MW2 is where you can see those needs met.

Just be ready to find the right place for this washer, as the larger size and top loader capacity make this a bit noisier than what you’ve come to expect.

Top loader washing machines aren’t ars popular as the front loaders these days due to efficiency. Still, this water and energy efficiency is above average for similar washers in its class.

The top loader option also gives this fewer wash cycles, fitting in at around 12 total. Thankfully, they’ve kept the all-important delay start feature, which allows you to set up your washer to begin when you are out of the building.

That means you don’t have to hear the washer if you don’t want to. As a result, this is an excellent option for those who still prefer top loader washing machines.

Why Should I Choose A Haier Washing Machine?

Longevity and simplicity are two keys if you are to pick a Haier washing machine. Their standard format of keeping everything upfront with a large LCD makes them incredibly easy to approach.

Compared to tech-based innovative companies like Samsung and LG, Haier has cornered the market on inexpensive and effective appliances. 

If you think that modern washers have too many bells and whistles, stick to Haier to avoid learning something unnecessary.

If you want to step into something a bit more unusual, the TwinTasker is Haier’s answer to something a bit non-standard. 


Overall, the Haier HWF75AW2 Front Loader Washing Machine is our vote for the best overall. Its focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness are what put this washer over the top.

With a focus on 16 different wash programs and control over the temperature and spin speed, you have great control over what your washer does.

Depending on where your priorities lay, you may find that this washing machine may not meet your needs.

As always, we recommend you take a look at everything on this list and determine where your priorities lay.

Our favourite washing machine may not be yours, but we hope this guide helps you make a decision.