The Best Front Loader Washing Machine In Australia For Your Family’s Needs 2021

A couple of years ago, I had a front load washing machine that had a warped door. Little did I know, the cheap plastic that the door was made of was susceptible to the water that ran through it.

As a result, I ended up using the warranty on this one sooner than I would have liked. Also, there were a few hours where my laundry room turned into lake-front property.

To ensure that this situation doesn’t happen to you, we’ve created a list of the best front loader washing machines.

All of these washing machines are made from companies that have high-quality standards. As a result, you can ensure that what happened to me won’t happen to you.


How We Decided

Our mission to find the best front loader starts from the below stats:

  • Ability to clean heavy-duty messes
  • Ability to clean delicates
  • Capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Energy star rating
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Our findings are based on customer reviews available in Australia. We look for various patterns as we perform on research, drawing attention to disadvantages and advantages and how they apply to your household.

This ensures that there is no bias in these reviews, and you can reach a quick decision.

The Top X Front Loader Washing Machines

Below are the results of our findings for the best overall:

  • The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX
  • The Best For A Family On A Budget: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW1
  • The Best Washer For Big Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1
  • One Of The Most Reliable Washers: Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer
  • Great Value For Your Washing Needs: The Euromaid WM7PRO
  • A Decent Cost And Good All-Around Washer: Beko WMY7046LB2
  • Great At Cleaning Delicates: LG WD1275TC5W
  • A Flexible Appliance For Big Families: Speed Queen AFNE9B
  • A Quiet And Effective Cleaner: Ariston RPD1067DAUS
  • An Effective And Small Washer: Esatto EFLW6
  • A Great Energy Efficient Washer: Siemens iQ700 WM14W440AU
  • A Trusted Brand And Reliable Washer: Whirlpool FreshCare FDLR80210

In the next section, we are going to let you know what makes each washer the most beneficial for your priorities.

1: The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX

1: The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX
  • It has an upfront door that allows you .to add clothing mid-wash easily.
  • It has a variety of useful features at an incredibly reasonable price.
  • It has a child lock to prevent your curious kid from flooding your house.
  • It has incredibly high energy effectiveness ratings.
  • It handles everything from heavy-duty message to gentle washings.

A Washer With A Front Door

The Samsung AddWash also won our competition for the best overall washer. The biggest reason for this came down to Samsung’s recognition of a feature we didn’t even know we wanted:

A front door that opens without stopping the wash. Some allow you to add in the middle, but few do it as elegantly as the Samsung AddWash.

Saving You Money Everywhere

The investment amount upfront is about middle-level when it comes to washers, but the nearly five-star energy and water ratings cause the savings to come to you over a long period.

As a result, this machine will save you money in more ways than one.

1400 RPMs

Rotations per minute indicate the level of strength behind this washer’s motor. This one has (nearly) the highest among our reviews today, but it still manages to do it without ripping apart clothing.

It is also convenient for delicate washes, making it the best washer on our overall ratings.

2: The Best For A Family On A Budget: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW1

2: The Best For A Family On A Budget: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW1
  • A low upfront investment that doesn’t lose any quality
  • A solid water rating that saves you from using too much
  • A child-proof lock that stops curious kids in their tracks.
  • A 7.5kg load capacity for families from 3 to 4 people.
  • Very quiet, making it great for smaller households

A Washer Under $600?

The Haier 7kg HWF75AW1 Series is one of the best washers available on the market. While we could talk about its ability to wash clothes with the same effectiveness of any high-quality washer, we will condition that with a reminder that this stands at half the cost of other washers.

So if you are looking to save some money while shopping at The Good Guys, this is a good place to start.

Saves Water And Your Ears

The problem with many washers in this price range is that they tend to sacrifice convenience at this level. However, Haier managed to find a healthy balance, as they created a convenient washer with a low noise level.

While the energy rating could use some work, the water waiting is excellent. Combine that with low noise during all wash cycles, and you have one of the most solid top load washing machines.

Stainless Steel Long Lasting

The drum itself is made of stainless steel, meaning that while the two-year warranty may not be impressive, this washer has the potential to go beyond that.

When compared to any front load washer on this list, it manages to mage quality while driving down price, giving every brand on this list something to look out for.

3: The Best Washer For Big Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1

3: The Best Washer For Big Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1
  • 8kg of load capacity gives it the ability to handle more than most front loaders
  • It has an advanced direct-drive motor which gives it an awesome energy rating
  • It has 13 different wash cycles that capture a variety of needs
  • Gentle on delicates, tough on your kids’ habits to drag their clothes through the mud
  • Not known to be noisy

For A Household Size Of Four To Five People

Fisher & Paykel are the kinds of company that has been around since your mum began washing clothes. I know I could say the same, but we had a Whirlpool.

That being said, the purchase of the WashSmart WA1068G1 would be an excellent addition to tackle any level of mess your kids bring to the table.

Too Many Options For Your Wash Cycle

As you look at the field of buttons and knobs on the front of your WashSmart, you may find yourself getting a bit overwhelmed.

Regardless of you making a few stops to the owner’s manual, this washer has a huge variety of features with a great deal of power.

With 13 different programmable options, it has a wide variety of spin speeds to focus on delicates and tough stains. It just may take some getting used to.

Advanced Direct Drive Motor

The direct-drive motor allows this washing machine to outdo many others in the energy efficiency field. As a result, you could easily say that this Fisher & Paykel washer is one of the most energy-efficient options in Australia.

If all of this sounds like exactly what you need, you can expect a reasonable investment in exchange for the washer.

4: One Of The Most Reliable Washers: Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer

4: One Of The Most Reliable Washers: Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer
  • A brand with high expectations and a strong emphasis on customer service
  • 8kg of wash power allows you to clean for a household up to five people easily
  • a 5-star water rating makes this incredibly water efficient
  • Thie series of washers have maintained proven effectiveness for the past six years
  • Has auto-balancing and a child-proof lid lock.

Bosch: A Symbol Of Washing Machine Quality

Bosch is another type of washing machine that your mom probably has familiarity with. It was one of those washers you saw sitting front and centre as you go to the store.

Given how long they have been in business, they must be doing something right. Even when compared to some of the younger brands, they manage to hold their own pretty well.

Series 8 has been going on for six years by know, making it one of the most reliable washers available.

Made For Heavy Duty Projects Without Heavy Duty Energy Consumption

When you think six-year-old washer, you probably aren’t thinking that this is the most energy-efficient option around. Despite that though, it holds a firm four-star energy efficiency rating and a five-star water-efficiency rating.

This makes it the best at saving water among the top five on this list. Despite that, it doesn’t take away from the quality of cleanliness.

A Bit Costly

Bosch also seems to be aware of the quality of its machine, as looking around during standard times means you could be paying up to $1600 for this washer.

That’s pretty staggering when our number two comes in at half the cost. Regardless, Bosch is in it for the long haul, so if you want to save some money, try and wait around for deals time.

Regardless, you will still end up saving money in the long run, given how efficient this washer is.

5: Great Value For Your Washing Needs: The Euromaid WM7PRO

5: Great Value For Your Washing Needs: The Euromaid WM7PRO
  • The most efficient among Euromaid’s set of washers
  • Decent water- and energy-efficiency ratings
  • Has a child-proof lid lock
  • 7kg makes it good for 4 people houses
  • A solid value that comes under $800

A Balanced Washer

While this washer may not having auto-balancing, it still manages to be a pretty well-balanced washer. With a price tag around $800, it is more than reasonable for something that is expected to last for many years.

While it was originally released in 2011, this washer has been around and continues to be sold as one of Euromaid’s best releases.

Simple And Easy To Use

This washer wins on the “ease of use” front, as the simple button and knob combination changes washing settings based on the type of clothes you need to wash.

With a front-loaded detergent insert, it’s straightforward to handle and start on all fronts. This makes it an attractive and modern looking washer despite being from a decade ago.

15 Wash Cycles

Euromaid works to provide a vast range of wash cycles. That being said, it doesn’t really do anything amazing to your laundry. It takes an average amount of time, isn’t known to wash clothes quickly, and is pretty standard.

Despite the modern appearance, it doesn’t “wow” you with any of its features, making it a reliable washer for your home.

6: A Decent Cost And Good All-Around Washer: Beko WMY7046LB2

6: A Decent Cost And Good All-Around Washer: Beko WMY7046LB2
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty
  • Solid Water and energy ratings
  • Auto balancing with child lid lock
  • Made out of high-quality stainless steel
  • Fairly light, making it easy to move

The Beko is a good all-around washing machine at a reasonable price. What puts this washer above the rest is the extended five-year warranty, which makes it above the standard two years you can expect from other comparable washing machines.

Overall, it’s an awesome buy that puts it among the best of any top loader washing machine. With this in mind, it also has one of the best flexibility among different washing programs, as it supports 16 different wash cycles.

This all comes in a pretty lightweight package, making the auto-balancing feature a must. The only thing that prevents this from being higher is the unusual amount of reports on the number of service requests that Beko has.

That being said, this issue appears to be limited to small batches, so it still appears to meet quality requirements in most situations.

7: Great At Cleaning Delicates: LG WD1275TC5W

7: Great At Cleaning Delicates: LG WD1275TC5W

  • 7.5kg great for a four-person family
  • Great overall energy and water efficiency (4-stars on both)
  • 6 different spin speeds and temperature settings
  • Incredibly lightweight and easy to move
  • Ability to add items in the middle of a wash

LG is a company that is well known for setting technology standards in any appliance arena they meet. When it comes to the washers, the unique design they offer follows suit with this habit.

However, the amount of small text on a single knob seems like a challenge for their designers than an area of convenience. Despite some hard to read areas, getting close enough and squinting will solve this issue.

What really puts this one over the to is the support for hand wash settings. As a result, they are great for unique fabrics like silk, wool, and other delicates.

Despite what you may wish, this LG does not have support for their smartphone offerings. Provided you are willing to overlook that minor inconvenience.

LG is a lightweight appliance that is great for middle-sized families around four people. While it doesn’t wow us in any other areas, it manages to perform where it needs to, making it one of the best washing machines in Australia.

8: A Flexible Appliance For Big Families: Speed Queen AFNE9B

8: A Flexible Appliance For Big Families: Speed Queen AFNE9B

  • Great for families of five or more people
  • Sturdy stainless steel finish
  • 10 wash cycles, 4 spin speeds, and 4 temperature settings
  • five-year manufacturers warranty
  • Expensive

Speed Queen easily took the cake among our options for top loader washing machines. With this in mind, the front-loaded options have the same emphasis on quality.

However, Samsung, LG, Fisher & Payek, and other washing brands have created an incredibly competitive field that Speed Queen falls just short of.

The big reason for this comes from cost-effectiveness. It has a slightly weaker energy-efficiency and water-efficiency. While it isn’t so weak that it eliminates it from this competition, it is worth note.

It is also far more expensive than most of the other washers on this list. It does make up for this by providing an extensive five-year warranty.

It also guarantees to be long-lasting, and the internal drum is made of stainless steep. It’s also pretty flexible overall, but it doesn’t go so far above our other options that it blows the competition out of the water, making it number eight among our selections.

9: A Quiet And Effective Cleaner: Ariston RPD1067DAUS

9: A Quiet And Effective Cleaner: Ariston RPD1067DAUS

  • 10kg of wash capacity for large families
  • Auto balancing, lid lock, and amazing steam function
  • 16 wash cycles
  • 1600 RPMs for heavy-duty projects
  • Pretty quiet given all of the power behind it

Ariston doesn’t have the brand power that Fisher & Paykel and Bosch does. Despite this, it does have some awesome features that make it unique among washers on this list.

In this case, the ultimate feature comes from a steamer that allows you to remove wrinkles from clothing easily. For someone who wears a lot of pressed shirt, this washer feels like a necessity.

It also is great for larger families who seek flexibility, as it has support for up to 16 cycles. Those who have purchased this from Harvey Norman have expressed their compliments.

Overall, this washer is good at what it does. Combine it with a five-year warranty, and it would be a great mid-cost washer for those who are looking for something that works.

While this one won’t blow your socks off with unique features, it will wash them with a pleasant smell.

10: An Effective And Small Washer: Esatto EFLW6

10: An Effective And Small Washer: Esatto EFLW6

  • A Small-sized washer for households from 2-3 (6kg)
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Alright energy efficiency, reliable water efficiency
  • Pretty light and easy to move
  • Confusing usage at first

Esatto is another washer you may recognize when going to the store. Their sleek designers have put some effort into this, but in the process, they may have forgotten about some extra white space that could have been used.

Regardless, this small washer utilizes space for its washer well, as it is great for families of two to three people. A confusing knob up front contains a lot of different settings, meaning you will have to reference the owner’s manual a bit.

Once you do get used to it, you won’t be returning this to the store. Its high-quality stainless steel front makes it an incredibly sturdy front load washer.

It also has a pretty solid energy rating, which puts it on par with the best options. That being said, a 6kg washer doesn’t level much room for expandability.

So once you grow to a family of four, you are going to have to start looking for deals on other washers. Regardless, this washer does well to handle clothes from smaller sized families.

11: A Great Energy Efficient Washer: Siemens iQ700 WM14W440AU

11: A Great Energy Efficient Washer: Siemens iQ700 WM14W440AU

  • 5-star water rating, 4-star energy-rating
  • 8 kg of capacity for family o four
  • Auto balancing, lid lock, and reload wash function
  • No automatic soak function
  • Awesome 4-year warranty

Germany is one of the best countries when it comes to producing high-quality products. The Siemens IQ700 fits the same category, as it comes from the same place that Bosch comes from.

As a result, you can expect good deals when it comes to the quality of this item. The major selling point behind this comes from its ability to remaining incredibly energy efficient, which is about 4 stars compared to others.

It also has a 5-star water rating, which is a big winner among these. It does this while being able to wash clothes effectively, and does so with relative simplicity as all the fabrics you need are upfront.

It does lack some flexibility when compared to other washers. Also, while it does have an add wash feature that our number one has, it doesn’t allow you to do so with as much ease.

It also lacks a programmable soak feature, which is odd for a modern washer.

12: A Trusted Brand And Reliable Washer: Whirlpool FreshCare FDLR80210

12: A Trusted Brand And Reliable Washer: Whirlpool FreshCare FDLR80210

  • Whirlpool is a trusted brand for people in Australia
  • Great energy and water-rating
  • 2-year warranty
  • Made in Europe
  • Good value

At 8kg of capacity, the Whirlpool FreshCare FDLR80210 is a solid choice for standard families. All of this is offered at a baseline price near $1000, which can vary depending on what deals you can find.

With this in mind, this lacks some of the flexibility of our other models selected. It maintains the classic washer habit of putting everything on a single knob.

Just like other front-loaders, its pretty water-efficient, but it’s about average on the energy efficiency settings. Given the price, this does have the potential to save you a bit of money in the long run.

This washer may not win any awards, but it does do well on the customer service front. If you are looking to give yourself the confidence behind high-quality brands, Whirlpool isn’t a bad place to start.

Front Load Washing Machine FAQs

Now that we like in the best front load washing machine, its time to take a look at what makes these machines great for your needs.

Why Should I Choose A Front Load Washing Machine Over A Top Load Washing Machine?

We’ve mentioned this in our other review sections. We won’t harp on this too hard here. While front load washing machines tend to have a higher price, they save more money in the long run.

Also, they tend to save water, and energy means that they get the most advanced available features.

Also, you don’t have to be tall to own one. While some of them are less efficient at adding things mid-wash, many newer models have made up for this with the addition of amazing doors.

They are also typically better at cleaning larger items, as they don’t have the same tendency to wrap sheets up around an agitator.

Should You Leave Your Washing Machine Door Open Between Washes?

Front-load washing machines are one of the few appliances that allow you to leave the door open between washes.

When you do this, it allows you to air out the washing machine, ensure that trapped moisture will not allow any buildup of mildew or mould.

So you should leave your door open if possible.

Can Front Load Washing Machines Be Stacked?

Unless it is explicitly mentioned in the owner’s manual, you cannot stack all front-loaded washing machines.

Front loader washers are more likely to be stackable given that they don’t have controls up top. However, check your owner’s manual for details.

Why Are Front Loaders Wash Times So Long?

The average wash time for front loaders is typically half an hour longer than top loaders. The reason for that comes from a design that prioritizes using as little water as possible, which requires more work from the motor in the unit.

Typically, they do not take so long that its a staggering difference. So if this is a deciding factor for you, you would need to be willing to sacrifice around 10 to 20 minutes of your time for a front-loader.

Pay Attention To Capacity

Capacity levels will dictate how many people they can support. Check out our bullet points below for details:

  • Families of 2-3 can have a capacity of around 5kg.
  • Families of 3-4 can have a capacity of 6kg to 8kg.
  • Families of 5 or more can handle the capacity of 9kg+.

There is typically more overall capacity in a front load washing machine due to the lack of an agitator.


As a reminder, our favourite front load washing machine is the Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX.

It’s easy to use door doesn’t interrupt your wash and allows for a unique mid-wash feature. Also, it is one of the best front-loaders when considering energy efficiency and brand reliability.

As a result, it is our vote for the best washing machine in Australia. While our vote for the best washer tries to capture the best overall from all areas, your priority may be elsewhere.

Families of five or more have way different needs than couples of two. Also, we have to think of the future, which is something you can do using the guidance in this article.