The Best Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines in Australia

When I was young, I remember my family owning a Fisher & Paykel appliance. While it wasn’t a washing machine, the thing lasted us a good 20 years.

So when it comes to longevity, Australian audiences will be impressed with Fisher & Paykel, who makes some of Australia’s most effective washing machines. 

In the rest of this article, we will dig into some of the best washing machines from the F&P lineup. Given their wide variety, we will find something to meet everyone’s needs. 

How We Decided

Below are the factors we considered when comparing these washers:

  • Washing ability
  • Water and Energy-efficiency 
  • Capacity 
  • The versatility of washing programs
  • Cost-effectiveness

The Five Best Fisher & Paykel Washing Machines in Australia

  • The Best Overall: F&P FabricSmart WH8560F1 Front Loader
  • The Best Budget Option: F&P WH8060J3
  • The Best for Delicates: F&P WashSmart WH8560P2
  • The Best Top Loader: F&P WashSmart WA7060G2
  • The Best for Large Families: F&P WH1060P1

1: The Best Overall: F&P FabricSmart Front Loader

1: The Best Overall: F&P FabricSmart Front Loader
  • Silent 
  • A variety of functions to choose from for many types of clothes 
  • Saves a lot of money on detergent
  • Prompts you to clean the machine after enough washes
  • A quick wash 

The Best Overall on Cost vs Effectiveness

With an included balance correction feature and some significant water and energy savings. With a direct drive inverter motor, we see that F&P manages to outperform other similar washers at a game they have been doing forever.

All of this comes with the standard two-year-warranty one would expect with standard washers, but F&P products are in it for the long haul.

Thoughtful Design

The wash times take just under an hour-long for the most part. With a retail price that sits below average for washers of similar quality, this washing machine is a substantial investment.

You will be glad it reminds you to clean it and prompts you to take out clothes because this thoughtful washer is also incredibly quiet. Among F&P machines, this is an easy choice.

2: The Best Budget Option: F&P WH8060J3

2: The Best Budget Option: F&P WH8060J3
  • Low cost
  • The simple instruction manual makes this easy to use
  • Just as quiet as the number one
  • 8 kg capacity makes this great for the average family
  • It has a drum clean cycle which simplifies the cleaning process

For Price-Conscious Consumers

With a washer of this quality, you wouldn’t expect the price to be below $800. However, F&P manages to fool us with this one, as the included features are those you would expect from a more expensive washer.

With auto-balancing and a child lock, this washer is great for new families.

A Versatile Machine

It has three spin speeds, nine wash cycles, and five different temperature settings. These features mean that much like our number one option.

It supports a wide variety of fabric types. Still, this is less effective for wool and other delicates, but it is an excellent overall product.

3: The Best for Delicates: F&P WashSmart WH8560P2

3: The Best for Delicates: F&P WashSmart WH8560P2
  • Super silent 
  • A bit slower than other washers
  • Incredibly delicate with fragile clothing
  • Solid build quality
  • 1400 RPM spin speed dries easily

A Machine for Light Clothing

When compared to other options, the WH8560P2 offers the best choice for delicates. The sacrifice? You have to wait for another 20 minutes for the machine to finish washing.

Considering how difficult it can be to find washers to handle delicates, that’s a worthwhile sacrifice.

An Extra Rinse Needed

Despite having 1400 RPMs for the spin cycle, you may find yourself using the extra rinse feature. This issue makes the washer less quality-focused on the water consumption front.

The washer is still useful for heavy-duty work.

4: The Best Top Loader: F&P WashSmart WA7060G2

4: The Best Top Loader: F&P WashSmart WA7060G2
  • Includes auto-dispensing option for timed release of fabric softener and detergent 
  • Agitator mechanism is a bit dated
  • Has a lower energy and water efficiency score
  • Great for heavy-duty washes
  • The stainless steel drum is excellent for longevity

The WA7060G2 is the only top load washing machine on this list. This machine is here because of its low overall price and effectiveness at washing clothes.

Fisher & Paykel reminds us that there is still some room in our hearts for top loader washing machines. However, the sacrifice becomes apparent once you realise that this takes more water and energy than other options.

However, this unit’s auto-dispensing chamber is a neat addition that ensures that each fabric gets a little bit a cleaner. This feature makes tasks like dirt removal far more effective.

5: The Best for Large Families: F&P WH1060P1

5: The Best for Large Families: F&P WH1060P1

  • 10 kg size is excellent for families over five
  • Sometimes leaves clothing damp
  • Fantastic for large blankets and sheets
  • It has a wide variety of wash cycles available
  • Takes a bit longer given the bigger size

With a 10 kg capacity, you can guess that this is the only one that can handle things if your family size reaches six or seven.

Otherwise, your reason to purchase this comes from its ability to flawlessly handle blankets, which is a task for many smaller washers. It does sacrifice a bit of energy efficiency in the process

Given its size, it also manages to keep many of the same wash functions you expect from others. This inclusion is surprising given that larger machines typically make sacrifices in this area.

The result makes this a pretty versatile washer. While there are better options for delicates and wool, this one is a solid overall choice.

Why Should I Choose Fisher & Paykel?

F&P is a company that has stood the test of time. As companies like Samsung and LG have given them something to think about, F&P has reminded them.

A competitive washer that sticks to simple concepts but remains versatile. Their newly reformed commitment to energy-efficiency is also clear, as the majority of washers on this list are in the four to the five-star range.

If you want to save money while keeping a washer for 15 years, F&P is a good choice.


When considering all options, the best overall washer is the Fisher & Paykel FabricSmart WH8560F1.

The combination of size, cost-effectiveness, and features makes this washing machine an excellent choice for most households.

However, those who have a different set of priorities may disagree. Large families will likely prefer a 10 kg option, like the WH1060P1.

Whatever your preference is, this list of machines will fulfil your needs.