The Best 7 Euromaid Washing Machines in Australia 2021

Euromaid has been around since the 1970s. During that time, they have released washing machines, cooktops, and freestanding ovens.

I remember wishing that my family could have one of those as our cheap washer kept us up through the night. 

As you might expect, our focus during this review will be to look at their best top and front load washing machines.

In this review, we will likely find something that will help you out, regardless of how gross your family’s clothes can get.

How Did We Decide the Best Euromaid Washing Machine? 

We based our findings on the following statistics:

  • Washing quality
  • Available features
  • Water and energy efficiency 
  • Ease of use 
  • Noise level 

The Top Seven Euromaid Washing Machines 

  1. The Best Overall: WM7PRO
  2. Comes With Amazing Features: WMFL8
  3. Great for Large Families: EBFW900
  4. The Best Portable Washer: WM5PRO
  5. One of the Most Efficient: WMFL8
  6. Best Top Load Washing Machine: HTL80
  7. A Great Washer Dryer Combo: WMD107

1: The Best Overall: WM7PRO

1: The Best Overall: WM7PRO
  • Incredibly reasonable cost for features 
  • Water and energy efficiency is good 
  • It has 15 different wash cycles 
  • The 7 kg capacity is excellent for most households
  • It has had proven success since 2011

Euromaid’s Most Reliable Washer

A decade-old washing machine doesn’t seem like something that would come to the top of any list. However, the WM7PRO is a reminder of the importance of longevity in washing machines.

Many customers have run it through the gauntlet with its age, allowing it to last well into the current years. This knowledge gives the WM7PRO a bit of an edge when compared to most washers.

Portable and Versatile

A 7 kg capacity allows it to handle family sizes of 3 to 4. The measure also makes it reasonably portable, meaning that it is suitable for both homes and apartments.

It has about 15 different wash cycles, giving it a good deal of versatility, including eco settings.

Extended Time

As a result, you may find that these wash programs are longer than you may expect. The hand wash settings are incredibly long, sometimes lasting over an hour. However, the extended time results in more of a focus on cleaning effectiveness.

2: Comes With Amazing Features: WMFL8

2: Comes With Amazing Features: WMFL8
  • Familiar 15 wash programs 
  • It has a neat time delay feature 
  • It has a three-compartment detergent drawer (prewash, main wash, softener)
  • It has a drum cleaning function
  • It has a 4.5-star energy rating and a 3-star energy rating 

Great Features for a Versatile Wash

The WMFL8 matches the WM7PRO as far as available wash programs. It has quick wash features and plans for bedding, shirts, lingerie, and allergy. It also has a hand wash setting that you will find familiar across these appliances. 

The Ideal Front Load Washing Machine Size 

At 8 kg, this ideal size can handle families around four or five people big. Given that it is a perfect size, this is probably one of the most effective overall washers on the list. The available features contribute to this versatility.

The spin speed is around 1200 RPMs, which makes it reasonably effective at drying as well. The variable spin speed also has it as low as 600 RPMs.

Combine that with a detailed set of drawers for prewash, main wash, and softener; you have some reliable options.

The Most Amazing Delay Feature

The most notable feature on this is the 19 hour time delay. The time delay ensures that you can avoid the noisiest areas of this washer, which is excellent if you like to pretend you don’t have one.

With this flexibility of features, the WMFL8 is a reliable overall washing machine.

3: Great for Large Families: EBFW900

3: Great for Large Families: EBFW900
  • A 9 kg capacity is excellent for larger families
  • It has an excellent water and energy rating of around four stars each
  • It goes up to 1400 RPMs 
  • It is fairly cost-effective
  • It has the same amount of 15 wash cycles 

A Sleek Looking Machine

The EBFFW900 is a 9 kg front load washing machine that has a stark white and black design. Their choice in emphasising this stark design choice does not take away from the quality of the washer.

Instead, it’s just a good reminder of the washer’s ability to stand tall as a substantial addition to Euromaid’s lineup.

For Large Families

The 9 kg capacity allows this washer to stick out amongst Euromaid’s lineup. While they have one washer at 10 kg, we will get into why that isn’t where this one is a bit later.

Instead, we are reminded of the importance of the childproof lock with large families. Put it down as another thing you don’t have to worry about.

Pretty Energy Efficient

A four-star energy star rating makes this one of the more efficient washers on the list. This is pretty good considering the larger size, although you may struggle to find a place to keep this one.

Provided you have a larger space; this washing machine can be a great addition to your household.

4: The Best Portable Washer: WM5PRO

4: The Best Portable Washer: WM5PRO

  • A proven quality washing machine since 2011
  • Smaller dimensions mean that this one can fit almost anywhere
  • The 5 kg capacity allows it to fit families of two well
  • Great for apartment living
  • Reasonable cost considering the size 

The Euromaid WM5PRO is this company’s answer to those who live in apartments. The smaller size and weight makes it much easier to transport those other comparable models.

Despite being small, it manages to keep the same number of 15 washing programs. It also provides a good deal of cost-effectiveness, making it one of the most affordable washing machines when purchased new.

However, don’t expect that cost savings to follow you throughout its lifetime. Its water and energy efficiency is a bit lower than Euromaid’s other options.

Provided you are willing to make that sacrifice, and the available features make this more than worth it. At 1200 RPMs, it also is a pretty efficient drying element.

Combine that with a two-year warranty, and the WM5PRO will last you quite a while.

5: One of the Most Efficient: WMFL8

5: One of the Most Efficient: WMFL8

  • Four-star water efficiency, three-star energy efficiency
  • Easy to use for those who are familiar with Euromaid’s system
  • The 8 kg capacity makes it suitable for most families
  • Has a childproof lock and 15 wash cycles
  • Decent build quality 

The WMFL8 is their “happy middle” washing machine. The Child lock sticks around, and it is about in the middle if you want to check washing machine prices.

Because of plastic construction, you are more likely to talk to customer service. Thankfully, Euromaid’s customer service team is pretty solid.

Their customer service team has experience handling their front loader washing machines. Part of this comes from standardisation, such as the familiar 15 wash programs you’ve come to expect.

The original production place is in China, which allows them to cut down on costs a bit. Depending on where your preferred production location is, you may not like this fact. Regardless, Euromaid does stand by their product, which is a good sign.

6: Best Top Load Washing Machine: HTL80

6: Best Top Load Washing Machine: HTL80

  • The only top load washing machine they have available
  • The 8 kg capacity makes it ideal for most family sizes
  • Includes delay start function that lasts up to 18 hours
  • Top loader option makes this less water and energy-efficient
  • It has eight washing programs and a child lock

Euromaid understands that some people prefer the idea of a top loader. They have created the HTL80, which contains the same quality expectation you may have from their front loaders to address this.

It includes a variety of features including auto-balancing, a childproof lock, and eight wash programs. The top-load machine makes this more suitable for places that don’t have a lot of legroom.

However, you remove any chance of creating a stackable machine setup, which can save you some space in the long run. As you may expect from top loaders, energy and water efficiency is questionable.

The energy efficiency by itself is 1.5 stars, making this the least effective option on the list. Regardless, the washer is still unique and easy to use, covering eight different wool to blankets options.

This feature means that when you compare that to other top load washing machines, it has more features overall.

#7: A Great Washer Dryer Combo: WMD107

#7: A Great Washer Dryer Combo: WMD107

  • Washer dryer combo offers a great space-saving opportunity
  • Has 16 wash programs and 1400 RPM spin speed
  • A larger washing machine that handles 10 kg of space’
  • It has a four-star water rating
  • Drying option only sits around 7 kg 

Euromaid is another company that has delved into the washer dryer combo option. As you may expect, they also suffer from some of the significant issues with washer dryer combos.

The cycle time is incredibly long, creating optimal conditions where you can leave it behind all day. The actual capacity is somewhat misleading, as it dries effectively at 7 kg but has a wash capacity of 10 kg.

If you pay attention to those capacity limits, it does dry better than most other combo appliances. Combine that with their quiet drive inverter motor, and you may find that this combo machine doesn’t take up a lot of attention when it comes to noise.

Also, the advanced features make this incredibly water efficient. Despite having some of the more common issues one would expect from combo washer and dryers, it does improve on many aspects.

If you are looking to try out a washer dryer combo, Euromaid’s available option is better than most. Just look around at your local retailers to see what they have.

Why Should I Choose a Euromaid Washing Machine?

Euromaid washing machines are reliable options to choose for two significant reasons:

First, many of their front or top loader washers’ cost-effectiveness makes this a pretty compelling investment.

If you don’t want to spend more than $1000 on a washer, Euromaid has a wide variety of options for you. They also have portable options through their WM5PRO. 

Second, Euromaid washers are standard from one washer to the next. The included LCD allows you to access and understand your wash programs easily.

This process takes the guesswork out of what the buttons and dials do. All Euromaid washers come with a two-year warranty, and they have a strong customer service background.

Overall, they are great for families that like to balance quality of washer vs cost-effectiveness.  


Based on our review, the Euromaid WM7PRO is the best overall washing machine for features and cost-effectiveness.

The WM7PRO has proven its ability in longevity through customers that own the appliance today. Compared to other washing machines, you rarely see people who still have them.

Typically, companies discontinue these washing machines to make way for the new generation. 

Euromaid has proven that one doesn’t have to have many unnecessary bells and whistles to be successful.

Despite this, they have pushed into the current focus with their washer dryer combo offerings. 

Depending on where your priorities lay, Euromaid has a considerable amount of washers available.

As always, pick something based on your family’s needs, as our favourite may not be yours. Thanks for reading.