The Best Four Esatto Washing Machines in Australia

Esatto is a provider of high-quality appliances which include the gambit from dishwashers to range hoods.

As you may expect, our focus is going to be on their available laundry products. They market themselves under the idea that “nobody likes laundry,” which (for the most part) is likely true if you are anything like my family. 

In the rest of this article, we will be digging through four of the best washers available in their lineup.

These include both top loaders and front loaders, and you might be surprised by our selection if you have any familiarity with these appliances. Let’s get started.

How We Selected The Best Esatto Washing Machine

Below are the stats we considered when selecting the best Esatto washer:

  • Washing quality
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Ease of use
  • Drying quality
  • Available features 

The Best Four Esatto Washing Machines in Australia

  1. The Best Overall: EFLW9
  2. The Best For Large Families: ETLW100B
  3. The Best Compact Option: ETLW55B
  4. The Most Reliable: EFLW6

1: The Best Overall: EFLW9

1: The Best Overall: EFLW9
  • The 9kg capacity makes this ideal for most family sizes.
  • It has 16 wash programs for a variety of needs.
  • It has a 4-star WELS rating.
  • It has a 24-hour delay time option for people who don’t like to hear their washers. 
  • It has a child-lock, pre-wash, and extra-rinse functions. 

A High Capacity Front Load Washing Machine

Esatto starts strong with a high-capacity front loader washing machine that handles clothes easily for a family of four or five. With high marks across the board for good design, this washer is an excellent addition to your household.

All of it at a pretty reasonable price that falls well under $1000.

Fairly Efficient

While it may not have the most energy efficiency available, it does manage to be among the top-rated at 3.5 stars for energy and 4-stars for water.

This efficiency has become a necessity in a modern context as we look for additional ways to save money. For a household up to five people, this can be a game-changer in your budget.

Two-Year Warranty

All Esatto projects have a default two-year warranty on them. That displays a certain level of confidence in their quality products.

Combine that with some fantastic available features such as child lock, pre-wash, and a delay timer, and this washer is the most robust available option in the Esatto lineup.

2: The Best For Large Families: ETLW100B

2: The Best For Large Families: ETLW100B
  • It has a 10kg capacity for the largest families.
  • The glass lid allows you to see into the washer easily.
  • It has a stainless steel drum which prioritises quality builds.
  • It has a water consumption rating of three stars. 
  • It has a somewhat weaker energy level of around two stars.

The Biggest Washer in Their Lineup

Esatto isn’t known for having incredibly huge washers, but a 10kg capacity machine is still great for most families around five of six.

Given that it can be somewhat complicated to find this washer size in a reasonable price range, Esatto manages to do well on this front. The larger size makes it less suitable for families who need to save space.

For Those Who Love Top Loader Washing Machines

With a three-star water rating, this machine isn’t quite as efficient as front loaders. Still, it does pretty well among similar appliances.

Those who have less horizontal space will also appreciate this design. Simplicity is key here, as a series of seven buttons run everything. Don’t expect as much power as your front loader.

Child Proof

Front-loaders are great for households with toddlers for two reasons. First, toddlers can’t always reach the buttons on these tall controls.

Even if they could manage to do so, the machine releases a beep in response to someone trying to override it. If you’ve got kiddos, don’t forget the child lock! As long as you remember this, this washer is great for the busiest of families.

3: The Best Compact Option: ETLW55B

3: The Best Compact Option: ETLW55B
  • A 5.5kg machine capacity. 
  • It has seven wash programs which include a quick clean function.
  • Stainless steel drum ensures Esatto focuses on quality. 
  • Somewhat weak 2-star energy rating. 
  • Not suitable for larger families.

Small Machine Capacity

At 5.5kg, you won’t see this product handle any heavy-duty blankets. At a smaller size, all you can expect is clean clothes and about seven washing programs.

The small size does make this machine relatively efficient, which can be a blessing for small families.

One of the Most Efficient Washing Machines

One of the handiest reason you were to make smaller capacity purchases is to save time. With the included quick wash feature, fast and straightforward washes are right at home here.

If your previous machine is slow and too big, this is a great replacement option.

4: The Most Reliable: EFLW6

4: The Most Reliable: EFLW6
  • The 6kg capacity makes it suitable for most family.
  • The front-loaded machine has incredible energy and water efficiency.
  • It has 1000 RPMs of spin speed. 
  • It has a delay start function and 16 total wash programs. 
  • It has a 15-minute quick wash function.

At 6kg, this washer is best for compact spaces and smaller loads. Given that it is also among their most popular, it has withstood the test of time. Customer feedback has been pretty solid, which is a good sign to determine the washer’s quality.

Even with sixteen wash programs, the front load option is pretty simplistic. That offers you some peace of mind to know you have the right setting. It is also close to what you would call a cheap washing machine, but the build quality doesn’t reflect this.

Its significant drawbacks come from a fair bit of loudness and the odd size choice. Much like the 5.5kg option, this washer is for compact spaces. Given that it is also a front loader, it is similar to our number three option.

Why Should I Choose An Esatto Washing Machine? 

Esatto does not make the cheapest washing machines available on the Australian market. They also don’t make the most expensive. Instead, Esatto focuses on simplicity and functionality. 

The two-year warranty is about standard for the washing machine industry, so nothing about this creates that “wow” factor.

But by focusing on general build quality and limited options on wash programs, Esatto stands out by keeping things simple. When it comes to ease of use, Esatto is an excellent brand. 

Final Thoughts

As a reminder, our favourite Esatto washing machine is the Esatto EFLW9. This choice comes from its overall large capacity, efficiency, and easy to use settings.

Among clothes washers, Esatto makes an excellent overall product. If you don’t need a large washer ( or need a larger washer), Esatto has a reliable variety of options available.

These options also pair well with their clothes dryers. Whatever you choose, make sure that it works for your household.