The Best Seven Electrolux Washing Machines in Australia

If you know anything about Electrolux, you know that a list of the washers that they own is massive.

That’s because they own a few other smaller companies, like AEG, Westinghouse, and Anova. Rather than muddy up their line with others, we will focus on washers that fall under the Electrolux brand.  

“Who owns what” doesn’t matter when it comes to quality. However, it does say something to the company if they own other washing machine companies.

As a previous renter, I can understand the appeal of being the “owner of something.”  With a good deal of experience and bragging rights, Electrolux has many reasons to be proud.

But do the bragging rights translate to a quality product? Let’s dig into the answer to that question with a review of their product line’s top options. 

How We Picked The Best Electrolux Washing Machine?

If you’ve read our other reviews, you know what to expect from this section. Here are our top priorities when picking the best washer:

  • Clothes washing quality
  • Ease of use 
  • Available features 
  • Drying quality 
  • Energy and water savings 

Below are our suggestions:

The Top Seven Electrolux Washing Machines from Australia

  1. The Best Overall: Wi-Fi Enabled WEF1042BDWA
  2. The Best Budget Option: EWF7525CGWA
  3. The Best Washer Dryer Combo: EWW12753
  4. The Best for Big Families: EWF9043BDWA
  5. The Best at Saving Energy and Water: EWW14013
  6. A Balance of Quality and Cost: EWF7525DQWA
  7. An Incredibly Quiet Washer: EWW9043ADWA
  8. Affordable and Simple: JetSystem EWF7524CDWA

1: The Best Overall: Wi-Fi Enabled WEF1042BDWA

1: The Best Overall: Wi-Fi Enabled WEF1042BDWA
  • It has a stainless steel drum and a ten-year warranty.
  • It has a simple “daily 60” that is simple to use for regular use.
  • It has six spin speeds and goes up to 1400 RPMs. 
  • It has a 10kg capacity which makes it suitable for larger families.
  • The Wi-Fi functionality allows you to control settings from your phone.

Wi-Fi Smart Washer

Electrolux is one of those washer brands that is pursuing the ideal smart washer. Despite the Wi-Fi functionality being neat, this isn’t really what brings this washer to the front.

Instead, it comes from a combination of stable features which are put together well in this model.

The washer has a prewash, delay end, a “favourite wash” feature, a sensor, a child lock, and the ability to add clothes and stop your wash remotely.

With an LED display and a stainless steel drum, this appliance happens to have a good deal of power behind it.

Good Design Award

This product is a winner of the Good Design Award for domestic appliances. They display this proudly on their website for obvious reasons.

It is also certified by the Woolmark Blue company, which is a statement to their quality, particularly for wool items. The consumers, who are the only opinions that matter, seem to agree with the quality sentiment.

UltraMix & SensorWash

UltraMix technology focuses on mixing the detergent into the water (instead of the clothes). This feature prevents your clothing from getting any stains, a neat feature common in many high-end washers.

SensorWash technology provides an automatic sensor to control the water level based on the level of clothing inside. This feature takes some of the guesswork out of the process of your clothes to water ratio.

Given that these features are not uncommon for Electrolux, we can say that these features’ best combination comes through the WEF1042BDWA.

2: The Best Budget Option: EWF7525CGWA

2: The Best Budget Option: EWF7525CGWA
  • It is a cheap washing machine below $800.
  • It has the quick 15 program for short-term washes.
  • It does not have a 10-year motor warranty. 
  • The 7.5kg capacity makes it suitable for most households. 
  • It has a stainless steel drum. 

A Bit Of A Downgrade

The EWF7525CGWA is a bit of a downgrade when compared to Electrolux’s other line. You might think that to be a terrible way to begin the number two option, but they have maintained focus where it needs to be.

This focus is back on the quality of the wash. Costing under $800, this has many of the functions you might expect from more premium options.

Electrolux manages to expand its offerings to include a variety of cost needs.

Suitable For The Average Family

The lower cost behind this makes it pretty affordable for the average family. The size of the drum makes it suitable for families of four.

The control in this can feel somewhat lacking as a result. However, it does have time options varying from 15 minutes to one hour.

All of that is in a quiet combination that does not exceed 60 dBA.

Many Wash Programs

It has options for delicates, bedding, cotton, and eco options. Combine that with four different spin speeds up to 1200 RPMs, and this has some drying options.

It isn’t a washer that gives you that “ultimate control” feeling, it still a great combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.

3: The Best Washer Dryer Combo: EWW12753

3: The Best Washer Dryer Combo: EWW12753
  • This model returns to the 10-year motor warranty.
  • Has the JetSystem frontloader wash system 
  • It has a 7.5kg washing capacity and a 4.5kg drying capacity.
  • It has variable spin speeds up to 1200 RPMs.
  • It is still slow given its a washer dryer combo.

Washer Dryer Combos

In returning to the more expensive models, The EWW12753 returns to what you expect from Electrolux. In this case, the 7.5kg washing capacity has a much smaller drying capacity.

This feature solves one of the larger issues behind washer dryer combos: too fat to account for space-saving. It being smaller makes it more portable, meaning you will still want to purchase a separate dryer.

A Compact Washer

Among Electrolux’s line, this washing machine is among smaller options. Despite this, it is suitable for families of four or smaller.

Because this unit combines washers and dryers, expect to save some time when doing smaller loads. It is still about the same size as an average washer in the same group.

A Variety of Features

When combining everything into a complete wash and dry, the overall time can take up to five hours. That means if you want to put clothing in while you are away at work, you should see them a few hours past dry upon your return.

This feature is useful for smaller capacity loads around 5kg, not taking advantage of the full washing capacity, which is higher than the drying capacity.

Because of these limits, it is a much better washer than it is a dryer. Provided you are willing to deal with that (and don’t overhype the dryer), this is an excellent addition to your house.

4: The Best for Big Families: EWF9043BDWA

4: The Best for Big Families: EWF9043BDWA

  • The 9kg capacity makes it great for families of five or more.
  • It has a 4.5 Water rating and a 5-star energy rating.
  • It keeps the Woolmark Blue Certification, SensorWash, and UltraMix tech.
  • It is a thick washer due to the large capacity drum.
  • It has a wide variety of cycles that come with many Electrolux products.

A 9kg capacity puts the size of this one above and beyond other comparable washers’ dimensions. With its overall size in mind, this washer is great for larger families.

Just expect the washer to be somewhat more challenging to fit, as the extensive drum results in chunky dimensions. These dimensions are reasonably close to other washers in the Electrolux class, resulting in a comparable washing appliance compared to other models.

However, other front loader washing machines often struggle to get to the same five-star energy efficiency rating. The included vapour care settings also make this size washer great for families with allergies.

With the larger size and a wide variety of wash cycles available, the EWF9043BDWA is incredibly useful among those options.

5: A Balance of Quality and Cost: EWF7525DQWA

5: A Balance of Quality and Cost: EWF7525DQWA

  • A 3.5-star energy rating means you will be paying more in the long run. 
  • A 4-star water rating is about average for Electrolux washers.
  • It has three spin speeds, eight wash cycles, and five temperature settings.
  • It can be picky with the amount of detergent you use.
  • It has a 15-minute cycle that is pretty effective.

If you shave about $600 from the cost of most models available on this list, you get the WEF7525DQWA. Regardless of the price point, it is still a high-quality washing machine when compared to available options.

Like other brands of washers, it does hold what you would be familiar with wash programs. The convenient 15-minute quick wash is back, meaning you can get through new clothes with relative ease.

However, the average wash time on this is about one hour, which is about average for other options. The vapour setting is the Electrolux answer to steam cycles, allowing for eliminating potential allergy options.

It also includes different washing programs that wouldn’t be uncommon among other washers of similar cost. The only real problem with this model is how picky it is with the level of detergent.

Provided you don’t use too much; this washer will last you for many years.

Electrolux FAQs

Why Should I Choose An Electrolux Washing Machine?

Without a top-loading washing machine on the list, Electrolux clarifies that their priority is among front-loaded options.

This knowledge is essential because it is clear that they prioritise the modern design of washers. 

While they don’t have such a focus on technology that they are Samsung, other brands find it challenging to keep up with Electrolux’s focus on energy savings.

Looking at their most recent releases, you can tell that they prioritise energy savings, as they regularly hit five stars, with a minimum of around three. 

What Does A Woolmark Certification for Washers and Dryers? 

Woolmark is a company known for certifying wool products to be of their minimum quality standards.

Their certification applies to wool products for quality, and washer (or dryer) systems for their ability to handle wool. 

Electrolux manages to build their system around this idea, meaning their washers are excellent at handling wool and other fabrics.

Combine that with their design award, and it’s clear that Electrolux is doing something right. 

How Long Do Electrolux Washers Last?

Many Washing machines made by Electrolux are known to last up to ten years. As you may expect, the less expensive options that do not have the warranty can last up to five years, but it depends on what you do to help in that longevity. 

Washing a scorching water temperature is one way to help with these front loaders. That’s because germs will usually get stuck in the grommet, so scorching temperatures help out. 

You can also help the longevity by listening to your washer. Keep your eyes (and ears) open for any unusual signs and sounds.

If you are unfamiliar with a noise, call out to your customer care team for details. 

What are the Differences Between Front- and Top-Loading Washing Machines?

Front-load washing machines are the best overall option because of their focus on efficiency and flexibility.

They typically have the most efficient motors, the highest-rated technology, and the bulk emphasis on customer service issues.

That’s because front loader machines generally are more demanding and require more attention. If you prefer the top loader options, you can still see several good tech options.

For example, Samsung offers a wide variety of tech available for both top and front loader options.

Regardless, their front loaders are almost always more efficient across the board. As a result of this focus, you typically end up investing less into top loader machines. 

Electrolux is one of the few companies that have given up support for top loaders completely. However, you can still find some of them with their underlying brands. 

What Does Electrolux’s Quick 15 Washing Program?

Electrolux washing machines come with a “quick 15” washing program known to take less than 15 minutes.

This washing program is useful for new clothing and very lightly soiled clothes. It isn’t helpful for clothes that have any stains or full-day use. 

Instead, their average wash is known as “daily 60,” which we recommend using as your standard program.

Otherwise, Electrolux does have specialty washing programs for specific types of fabrics. 


Based on our findings, the Electrolux Wi-Fi Enabled WEF1042BDWA is our favourite when considering Australia’s best overall washing machines.

It has the best features and a large capacity drum for large family needs. Compared to other available Electrolux options, this has the best combinations of features. 

Electrolux offers a reliable variety of other options. They also have underlying brands, like AEG, that fit more premium needs.

We hope that with this guide, you can decide upon a washing machine that fits your household needs.