Best cheap washing machine (Below $800) In Australia

The problem that I have about the word “cheap” is that it implies some lack of quality. I know that the first washing machine I bought myself flooded my basement.

I don’t think that counts as a feature. So if you want to get an inexpensive washer that doesn’t count as “cheap,” check out the rest of this article. 

How We Picked The Best Cheap Washing Machines

We will dig into what makes a good washing machine with a limited investment in the remaining sections. Below are some stats we considered when picking our options:

  • Under $800
  • Energy-efficiency 
  • Cleaning ability
  • Water-efficiency
  • Capacity 
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to clean delicates 
  • Ability to clean heavy-duty washes

Much like our other reviews, our findings come from the overall customer experience. We seek out trends among washers, ensuring that we focus on the comprehensive benefits for people.

Below, we will help you make an informed decision.

The Top 7 Cheap (But Good) Washing Machines In Australia

  1. The Best Overall: Euromaid WM7PRO
  2. The For Bigger Families: Haier HWF75AW2
  3. The Longest Lasting: LG WTG6520
  4. The Most Water And Energy Efficient: Samsung BubbleWash Steam WW75J54E0IW
  5. The Best Features:  Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW60
  6. Amazing For Space Saving: Sphere 3KG Washing Machine
  7. Fantastic Features For The Value: Fisher & Paykel WH8060J3

1: The Best Overall: The Euromaid WM7PRO

1: The Best Overall: The Euromaid WM7PRO
  • Stable 7kg of capacity works for most average-sized families. 
  • Reliable water and energy ratings make it save money over time.
  • Front loader design allows for easy access for cleaning.
  • Has 15 different wash cycles that give you great control over wash power.
  • Easily the best value you can get for a washer over the past eight years.

Since 2011 – One Of The Best Models

The Euromaid WM7PRO has been a staple of the Australian market since 2011. The fact that it still holds is own in the market is impressive, and the WM7PRO is a fantastic variant of Euromaid’s offering.

It also includes a child lock, which is excellent for preventing curious kids from starting accidental washes.

A Flexible Washer

This washer has over 14 different wash cycles with a spin speed that goes up to 1200 RPMs. While higher RPMs are standard for front loaders,

it is still an astounding feat for a washer that falls under $800 new. 

Saving You Money Everywhere

The Energy rating of this washer is about three stars. When you compare that to some of the more expensive washers, that is about average.

However, it manages to save money over time and in the short run. It has the efficiency of a front-loaded washer with the price of a top-loading washer.

2: The For Bigger Families: Haier HWF75AW2

2: The For Bigger Families: Haier HWF75AW2
  • Conventional belt drive makes it easy to maintain, even for those not mechanically inclined.
  • Reliable water and energy rating saves you money over time.
  • Has 16 different wash cycles, making it pretty flexible for heavy-duty washes and delicates.
  •  Stainless steel drum ensures you have a washer made of quality material
  • 7.5kg washer makes it great for bulky items.

Great For Your Bigger Family

Haier is one of those top loaders which provides an ample amount of room for larger families.

Combine this with a solid energy-efficient rating at 3.5 stars and an even better water rating at 4.5 stars, and it is the second most efficient washer on our list.

Steam Function To Keep Your Clothes Nice

A unique feature to come with this is a steam function. If you have ever used a garment steamer before, it is kind of like that.

However, it isn’t as good as a garment steamer or an iron, so don’t expect it to be a replacement.

Conventional Belt Drive, Yay or Nay?

Conventional belt drives are a bit of a relic when you include more expensive front load washers.

Haier is one of the few brands to keep this idea around, but it is more common among cheaper options.

The belt drive option makes it more approachable to perform DIY repairs on but makes it more likely to break during more demanding spin cycles.

The Haier manages to use high-quality materials, so that’s a good reason why it is on this list.

3: The Longest Lasting: LG WTG6520

3: The Longest Lasting: LG WTG6520
  • It has a variety of wash programs to handle many types of clothes.
  • Pretty small, making it great for families with limited room
  • Still big enough to wash blankets and pillows
  • Perfect for couples of two people 
  • An insane 10-year manufacturers warranty 

An Insane Warranty

I know you can see it just by looking up, but the most prominent feature behind this needs to be at least mentioned three times in a small space.

This washer new comes with a 10-year warranty, which is an insane prospect for a top-loading washing machine that costs under $800.

While it may not have Wi-Fi connectivity, which is what you might expect from LG(with their phone lineup), but it does have incredible potential to last a long while.

A Bit Small

This washer is excellent for small couples who wash clothes together. But if you have a third family member coming down the pipeline, this one might not be the best for your needs.

Its small size does allow it to fit into tight spaces, making it great for those who demand a small quiet washer.

An Easy-To-Understand Interface

While the top load washing machine focus means it loses on the energy or water usage front, it manages to keep things simple.

The interface can be understood using a series of buttons upfront. As a result, you can quickly tell what you need to set it to when handling different fabric types.

Different water temperatures can also be easily measured, making this an easy choice for one of the best washers available.

4: The Most Water And Energy Efficient: Samsung BubbleWash Steam WW75J54E0IW

4: The Most Water And Energy Efficient: Samsung BubbleWash Steam WW75J54E0IW
  • It has a 4-Star energy rating and a 4.5-star water rating that will save you money. 
  • 7.5 kg capacity for most mid-sized households.
  • 1400 RPMs makes this terrific for heavy-duty messes. 
  • Includes child-proof door lock and steam function
  • A bit noisy 

Samsung – High On Technology

Samsung is a company well known for producing many high-end models. If you check out our favourite overall models, you will probably notice it captured the number one slot.

The Samsung BubbleWash Steam is another of those front loading washing machines that have an emphasis on technology.

Simple, but Overwhelming

Once you get used to it, it has a straightforward interface that you can look at right on the front. All of your wash cycles are right up front, making them easy to select.

You can also see the area to load fabric softener pretty quickly. It is overwhelming at first, but easy to handle.

Noisy Systems

With a massive spin speed at 1400 RPMs, this device isn’t quiet when compared to some of the other models. Provided that you have a large enough space, that isn’t a deal-breaker.

Regardless of some minor noise issues, this is still one of the most potent cost-effective washers available.

5: The Best Features:  Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW60

5: The Best Features:  Fisher & Paykel QuickSmart MW60
  • It has a classic agitator, making it great for denim and other similar fabric types.
  • Its fancy features include auto-balancing, auto-dispense, and a child-proof door lock.
  • Three different spin speeds and four different wash cycles 
  • Relatively low on the energy star ratings
  •  An appropriately sized machine for two people

High-end washing machines typically include a wide variety of features to assist in it. One of the most important of those features is the auto-balancing, which stops the washer, so it doesn’t keep going if it’s about to destroy itself.

Combine that with an auto dispense features and a child-safe door lock, and the QuickSmart MW60 is an excellent addition to most smaller houses. 

The smaller size doesn’t make it an excellent washer for some things, such as huge blankets (which I own a few of). However, it can handle many heavy-duty washers.

The washer’s SmartDrive motor adapts to the needs of what you wash, allowing for a variety of washing programs that assist in keeping down your electricity bills. Others do it better. 

What makes this one unique is the return to the classic agitator. The large pillar in the centre of your washing machine takes up some space that its developers now can replace with a larger laundry load.

However, this does make it more effective at cleaning denim and other heavy-duty messes. Customers who prioritise this will find the agitator a return to that perfect solution, which makes it less useful for thinner sheets and delicates.

If you need a medium washing capacity with less of an emphasis on a delicates wash, this is the perfect washer for you. 

6: Amazing For Space Saving: Sphere 3KG Washing Machine

6: Amazing For Space Saving: Sphere 3KG Washing Machine
  • The cheapest washer for those on a tight budget
  • Weighs under 20 kg and saves you a great deal of space
  • Not suitable for families that are three or more
  • Surprising stainless steel drum material 
  • No child-lock function

If your standard load of laundry consists of a fistful of t-shirts and a couple of pairs of pants,The Sphere 3KG washing machine is one of the few portable washing machines which can smoothly go up the stairs to an apartment.

It doesn’t have the same standard hot or cold connectors for your washer. With it being a top-loaded washer, it still manages to save you a good chunk of water.

Most of that comes from its limited capacity. As a result, don’t even think of getting this if you have a family that is bigger than two.

It’s also not great for some blankets and large quantities of towels. While the Sphere doesn’t have the same pull of many of the best models (like Bosch or Fisher & Paykel),

This top loader washing machine still manages to be a unique beast with a stainless steel wash drum that can easily last you a couple of years. Overall, it is a specialty washer that is great at what it does. 

7: Amazing Features For The Value: Fisher & Paykel WH8060J3

7: Amazing Features For The Value: Fisher & Paykel WH8060J3
  • 8kg wash makes it great for a family of four.
  • It includes auto-balancing and a child door lock.
  • It has a 4-star energy rating and 4.5-star water rating.
  • It has a limited 2-year warranty.
  • It is an incredibly flexible washer with a direct drive motor.

The Fisher & Paykel WH8060J3 barely squeaks by when it comes to being considered for our cheapest list.

But when it comes to quality washing machines, there is no doubt that Fisher & Paykel is one of the premier brands when it comes to washing appliances. 

With an efficiency on water and energy that matches the best and a high-capacity washer, this could have easily made it to the top three.

But the thing about washers is that it is essential to see how they last over a long period. Given that this is one of the newest front-loaded washing machines, this is a washer we will keep an eye on. 

It is a bit weak on the warranty compared to the LG, but most washers suffer from that issue. It also has auto-balancing and a child-proof lock.

All of this is in a pretty quiet package that works well to keep clothes reasonably dry when it comes out the other end.

This washer is an excellent investment for a large family who wants a new washer with a somewhat flexible budget. 

Cheap Washing Machines FAQs

Now that we know which is our favourite washer, we can look into some common questions behind purchasing a cheap washer. 

Is It Worth Paying More For A Washer?

When purchasing a more expensive washer, you don’t typically buy something of higher build quality.

Typically, you pay more for additional features, a larger drum capacity, or more cleaning options. Paying more typically results in some simplicity or some unique options.

For example, our “best overall” washers include a front-loaded washer with an additional front door, the Samsung AddWash. 

Can You Overuse A Washing Machine? 

Those who use their washer regularly will want to check around seals to see if any built-up detergent.

This grommet will cause water to rush into locations that typically cannot hold water. Be sure to regularly clean your washer with a rag and vinegar, removing any excess detergent.  

Is There a Limit To How Many Times You Can Use a Washing Machine per Day?

Most washing machines won’t have a limit in their owner’s manual. However, it would help if you waited for the engine to cool down between uses.

Overworking your washing machine is a possibility.

Can You Underload A Washing Machine?

While overloading the washing machine can damage it, underloading isn’t typically talked about as often.

With washing capacity, you want to be sure you are at least within 1 kg of the wash capacity in washers that are around 6 or 7 kg. 

Smaller washers should be as close as humanly possible. Typically, this means filling out 3/4th of your washer’s drum. 

How Can I Ruin The Washing Machine?

Below are the most common causes for ruined washing machine:

  • Coins in your pockets can escape and make their ways to the drains. Your washing machine cannot handle coins. Be sure to check your pockets!
  • Hooks, Underwires, and Zippers can get caught on the side of your washer. Placing them inside of laundry bags can prevent this. 
  • Overloading or underloading your clothing can cause your washer to fall off-balance. 
  • Too much detergent can cause your clothing to have too much soap residue on them. The result can also build inside of your washer, damaging some electronic components.

What Does My Front Load Washer Stink?

All front-loaded washing machines have a rubber gasket on them that prevent water from leaking out.

This gasket is unnecessary on top-load washers, which is why they don’t typically stink as often. Your weekly cleaning schedule should include checking the gasket underneath the door. 

What Is Auto Balancing? 

When your washer is out of balance, you will hear a loud clunking sound coming from it.

This feature will prevent you from having to check the washer every time you hear the loud noise, as the system will adjust itself automatically.

What Is Auto Dispensing?

Based on the washer’s program, it will automatically release detergent and fabric softener based on the program.

It also holds the liquids in bulk for you, preventing you from needing to measure detergent and softener for every wash. 

What Is A Child Lock In A Washing Machine?

A child-lock comes in two forms:

  • A door-based child lock prevents children from opening the door when the washer is on. Conveniently, this also works effectively on adults.
  • A control panel child lock requires you to enter a specific button combination to change the washer’s settings. This lock prevents kids from stopping the wash in the middle of the cycle or starting a new wash. 

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Wash My Clothes To Save Money?

Energy companies typically check the cost of your load at the same time every day. This check time generally is between 5 PM and 7 PM, as that is the most common time people use it.

If you want to know when your energy company operates, contact them and find out when they check the meters. Most companies may be unwilling to share this information. 

How Do High RPMs Help?

Washers that go at higher RPMs are best for drying before they enter the dryer. If you want your clothes to be as dry as possible, look for those with high RPMs.


As a reminder, our favourite washer among those under $800 is the Euromaid WM7PRO. While there are others on this list that are less expensive,

The Euromaid has been a consistently good washer that has outperformed similar washers for the past eight years. 

With reliability being key in this list, the Euromaid has done it a while. But if you are looking something unique for your family, any of these washers fulfil a variety of needs.

By focusing on your needs, you will be able to find the best washer for your family easily.