Best Bosch Washing machine In Australia – 2021 Buying Guide

When I was a kid, I remember going to many houses and seeing the Best Bosch washing machines. Because our household had older cheaper models.

I found that sleepovers always went a little bit better, as I didn’t hear the clunky machine in the background.

Although eventually, you do get used to it. Still, Bosch has always held a standard of quality well above other washing machines. In this review, we are going to explore those reasons why.

How We Picked

The following areas are how we determined the best Bosch washing machines in Australia:

  • Ability to clean
  • Ease of use
  • Ability to handle delicates
  • Energy star and water rating
  • Capacity
  • Water rating
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

All of the Bosch appliances we picked are front load washing machines. 

The Top 6 Bosch Washing Machines Australia

  1. The Best Overall: Series 8 WAW28440AU
  2. The Best Value: Series 4 WAN2212XAU
  3. One Of The Most Reliable: Series 8 WAW28460AU
  4. The Easiest To Maintain: Series 4 WAN22120AU
  5. The Most Efficient: HomeProfessional WAY32891AU
  6. A Great Washer Dryer Combo: Series 6 WVH28490AU

1: The Best Overall: Series 8 WAW28440AU

1: The Best Overall: Series 8 WAW28440AU
  • The 9kg capacity is excellent for families of four.
  • It has an advanced direct drive engine that makes it incredibly efficient.
  • It has a solid 4.5 energy rating and water rating.
  • It is stackable, so it is good at saving space.
  • Can pause and add clothes to the washer mid-cycle.

Advanced Machine With Great Wash Cycles

Bosch focuses on a single large dial upfront which appeals to those who prefer the dial design. This design, in combination with auto-balancing, a child look, and reasonable control of water temperature makes it a good option for your mid-sized family.

It is the top of the line among available washers for this brand.

Good Noise Level

Another great feature behind Bosch washers includes a fair bit of silence. Despite having 1400 RPMs, it manages to spin at a pretty quiet volume. 

Solid Energy Star Rating

The advanced technology also shows through in its energy efficiency. This efficiency, combined with a substantial amount of wash programs, gives you options anywhere from eco wash to quick wash.

Can Handle Large Blankets and Towels 

The large size makes it great for sheets, towels, and large blankets. The combination of all these thoughtful design elements and useful features makes this the best overall washing machine for Australians. 

2: The Best Value: Series 4 WAN2212XAU

2: The Best Value: Series 4 WAN2212XAU
  • It is one of the most cost-effective members of this brand.
  • Somewhat noisy when compared to other similar novels
  • 7.5kg makes it great for families of three.
  • It is good at saving both water and energy.
  • It has a direct drive inverter motor, making it quick at cleaning.

Known to Have a Wide Range of Wash Options

The Bosch Series 4 WAN2212XAU is a happy middle among many of its options. It has the classic number of washing options that specialise for delicates, sportswear, and other fabric types.

It is similar to the advanced options behind comparable Samsung washers, but Bosch leads the charge among many brands for wash options.

Saving Water and Saving Money

With a water rating of 4.5 stars, this front loader washing machine is great at saving you money in a variety of ways. In combination with reasonably low energy consumption, this device saves you money on all fronts.

The advanced technology also shows in its available features under auto-balancing and a child door lock. 

Direct Drive Motor

A direct-drive motor is the more advanced version of a belt-drive motor. With this advanced motor, it rotates the drum while using far less energy than others.

While the single dial can be a bit overwhelming, they are common among those who choose Bosch products, making them a staple. 

#3: One Of The Most Reliable: Series 8 WAW28460AU

#3: One Of The Most Reliable: Series 8 WAW28460AU
  • Have 5-stars on the water efficiency rating.
  • Clothes dry quickly with a max spin speed of 1400 RPMs.
  • The bolded text makes the notes around the dial more comfortable to read. 
  • It is pretty quiet when compared to other washing machines.
  • Can be challenging for those new to Bosch products.

Great For Those Who Prefer Water Efficient Devices

At an 8kg capacity, this is specifically for those who enjoy saving water part of a family of four. It is one of the most water-efficient models available.

It has been dominating many of these charts since 2014, which makes it great for those who prefer quick wash cycles. 

A Happy-Middle On Cost

The cost is about in the middle when compared to other washers, but as it does age, you may expect the price to hit the bottom end of washers.

Like other Bosch washing machines, it is also stackable, making them excellent at saving space. This one of the primary advantage that front loading washing machines have over top loaders.

It Is Easy To Use

The dial up front does make this appliance a bit easier to use. Others have more options available, but the sacrifice appears to be worth it. Among the other models, this does a solid combination of the best offerings that Bosch has to offer.

4: The Easiest To Maintain: Series 4 WAN22120AU

4: The Easiest To Maintain: Series 4 WAN22120AU
  • A conventional belt drive is easy to maintain.
  • Has a substantial 1,100 RPMs, which is impressive for a belt drive.
  • Very quiet among other washing machines.
  • It has different settings for a wide variety of clothes. 
  • Compact, making it great for families of two or three.

The WAN22120AU is one of the few washers that still holds firm to the old fashioned belt drive system. Despite what you may believe, Bosch has perfected the method that other companies like Haier and Miele would typically not produce.

Arguably, they offer the most high-quality belt drives available in Australia. With a 4-star energy rating, this washer also has similarities to some of the more advanced washers.

However, its older design focus makes it a bit slower when compared with other washers. Regardless of it relying on the belt drive, the quietness of this is still pretty solid.

Users will also appreciate the child lock and auto-balancing, but the features are somewhat limited compared to the other series options.

Regardless, it still offers a substantial variance on different programs with limited water consumption. Overall, it provides a trustworthy competitor in the Australian market.

5: The Most Efficient: HomeProfessional WAY32891AU

5: The Most Efficient: HomeProfessional WAY32891AU
  • It has substantial bill savings on 4.5 stars for energy and water ratings.
  • RPM spin speeds up to 1600, making it quick to dry clothes.
  • 9kg washing capacity makes it great for larger families.
  • Somewhat expensive compared to other comparable washers.
  • It has reasonable dimensions with a larger size.

At 1600 RPMs, the HomeProfessional WAY32891AU is a dependable washer that is known to outpace other washers on drying speed.

By the time you get them to the dryer, they should already be mostly dry. All of this is at a solid rating for water and energy, following the tradition of the Bosch brands. 

The storage space of this item is excellent for the washing capacity, but it still manages to be the same size as the other standard washers.

This size makes it easy to fit into any space, same as any of the washers on this list. In combination with the low drying time and fast RPMs, and this is a pretty solid overall washer.

It cuts down on washing time, but it trades that for overall cost. It is a bit high compared to other washers. Still, the overall quality of the wash and extra wash programs do make a great trade for those who are willing to do so, given the maximum spin speed, this one of the best washers available in Australia. 

6: A Great Washer Dryer Combo: Series 6 WVH28490AU

6: A Great Washer Dryer Combo: Series 6 WVH28490AU
  • It has one of the quietest washers available on this lineup.
  • It includes a delicates setting with its washer/dryer combo option.
  • The maximum spin speed of this washer is 1400 RPMs, making it excellent at drying.
  • It takes a good deal of time, which is typical for washer/dryer combos.
  • Fairly heavy with the combo piece.

Samsung, Miele, Electrolux, and Bosch are all excellent brands that have attempted to make their washer dryer combos. Bosch has arguably produced some of the highest quality combo appliances.

Bosch manages to do so with an exceptional amount of quality, keeping the familiar style of setting. When including the drying, the knob on the front alongside the additional push-button controls makes it a bit overwhelming at first.

With enough time, you can learn how to use it. The owner’s manual contains some details, so follow that when taking a look at it. 

As a front load washer, this piece of advanced technology also does well at water and energy ratings, averaging out at about 4-stars.

Others do so with greater effectiveness, but they have one area of focus. It is also a bit heavy, as it contains two different units into one. 

Bosch Washing Machine FAQs

Now that we have our list of washing machines, we can dig into some common questions behind using Bosch washers. 

How Do You Clean A Bosch Washing Machine?

  1. After the washer is empty, check beneath the rubber gasket to be sure that nothing is behind there. 
  2. After you wipe it down, make sure you leave the detergent drawer and the door open. It will allow any water to evaporate, removing any potential for mildew.
  3. If needed, you can soak the rag in a bit of vinegar, but be sure to dry it out.

If you have a combo washer/dryer, you will also have to clean your heat exchanger. Check the bottom of the dryer to locate the exchanger.

Remove all the lint and rinse anything else remaining. Make sure it’s dry before you reinstall it. 

How Do You Install A Washing Machine? 

The FAQ on the Bosch website references four different transportation bolts that hold the drum in place while the unit moves from the warehouse to your house.

Remove the bolts before you start your washer, or you may end up damaging the machine. 

Do Washer-Dryer Combos Really Work?

Despite any significant company’s best efforts, the trade-off for combo washers is time. The washing cycle takes about an hour or two.

The drying cycle can take anywhere from two to three hours, making for an incredibly long process. 

The bonus behind these combo washers is the lack of need for venting, as it runs on a similar system to heat pump dryers.

You also shouldn’t expect your room to turn into a sauna. Instead, you may have to deal with the noise, which is typically reasonably silent given the advanced technology.

How Do You Reset A Bosch Washing Machine?

Owner’s manuals will detail this, but most of them will require you to turn the dial to 7 o’clock and hold down the spin button for five seconds.

Resetting it will stop any current cycle from happening, allowing you to clear any error codes. 

How Do You Soak Clothing In A Front-Loaded Washer? 

  1. Fill the washer with your clothes. 
  2. Fill it with your standard amount of detergent and fabric softener.
  3. Using the programmable settings, set it up to what you need. Typically, a cold wash would be appropriate in this case.
  4. Wait for the washer to fill. When it is full, you should have a red light on, and the washer will click.
  5. Set a timer on your phone, or another device, for 45 minutes. 

How Long Do Bosch Washers Last?

Washers in the Bosch category are known to last up to ten years. However, warranties on most Bosch washing machines only go up to two years.

Few washers go beyond that number, but this has little bearing on their longevity. If you aren’t mechanically inclined, you may want to stick to buying a belt drive washer.

Belt drive washers are the simplest to maintain, given that they have been in production for quite a while. 


The Series 8 WAW28440AU is the best overall washer in the Bosch lineup. Its large capacity and overall build quality make it an excellent option for your household.

However, it may not be best for smaller homes who don’t need the massive capacity.

Whatever washer you choose, Bosch creates very consistent and high-quality washers. Whatever you decide on this list, any of the washers will work for a variety of households.