The Best Asko Washing Machine in Australia

Asko is a brand of appliance that started in the 1950s. My mom, who might grumble about her age at this point, never owned an Asko appliance.

A few times, we talked about getting a replacement, and Asko always came up given our friend’s happiness with owning them.

We may wonder about the appliance that never was, but you don’t have to make the same mistake.

In the rest of this article, we will give you a list of Asko washing machines we found to Australia’s best available options.¬†

The Three Best Asko Washing Machines in Australia 

Our primary focus, when rating these washers, is the quality of the wash. However, our emphasis on versatility, energy and water efficiency and drying ability also resulted in these rating below:

  • The Best Overall: Asko W4086P
  • The Best for Large Families: Asko W4086C
  • The Most Cost-Effective: Asko W2084C

1: The Best Overall: Asko W4086P

1: The Best Overall: Asko W4086P
  • It has 5-star water and energy-rating
  • 1600 RPM spin speed means it dries pretty effectively
  • It is built with the ideal family size (four) in mind
  • It is quiet when compared to other washers
  • The ability to control wash times makes this very versatile

The Best Overall Asko Offering for the Features

The ideal Asko washer for the mid-size family is the Asko W4086P. With a five-star energy rating and water rating, this washer has the best of all worlds.

Prices comparison also tells us that this is in the mid-level options. It is a happy middle when considering all options.

Best Known for a Quality Dry

Asko offers a substantial variety of wash programs when compared to other companies. However, the reason I’ve always liked these washers is related to the drying capacity.

Asko has an excellent standardisation method among its washer, making all of them of reasonably similar qualities.

2: The Best for Large Families: Asko W4086C

2: The Best for Large Families: Asko W4086C
  • It has a 5-star water and energy rating.
  • It is for families of five or more with 10 kg of capacity.
  • It has a weaker spin speed at 1400 RPMs but is still quiet.
  • It is the most expensive among prices for an Asko Washing Machine.
  • The machine empties water when you pause to put more clothes in.

The Largest Among These Washing Machines

The most important feature of the W4086C is the inclusion of two additional kilograms of space. This feature makes it great for families that have five or more people.

It sacrifices some RPMs to get here, but it doesn’t do so with any noticeable drop in drying quality.

Unusual Feature Choices

Overall, it is a great washer, but it has chosen an unusual feature to empty the water when you put extra clothes in. This detail creates the potential waste of detergent, so be extra careful when you add clothes in the middle of a wash.

Regardless of its pickiness, this is still an excellent option for your household needs.

3: The Most Cost-Effective: Asko W2084C

3: The Most Cost-Effective: Asko W2084C
  • It has an 8 kg capacity which makes it great fo the ideal family size.
  • It is the most inexpensive among all available Asko washers.
  • It has slightly worse energy and water ratings.
  • It has 15 different wash cycles, giving it a significant number of programs.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

Despite having all of the other features, we may expect from Asko (brushless motor, LCD Display, etc.) it still manages to drive down cost based on lower RPMs.

Also, it appears some quality slippage has occurred given that many people have expressed concerns about a leaky front door.

Easy to Use

Despite having some issues, it still maintains the Asko design that makes it pretty approachable. Overall, anyone who is used to the Asko design of washers will find themselves comfortable with this option.

LCD screens allow these washing machines to create a consistently modern look.

Does Asko Also Do Dryers?

If you are looking for matching Asko dryers, we have two different suggestions for you:

  • The Asko T410HD has 10 kg of capacity, making it excellent compared to either of the options listed above. Remember that wet clothing is heavier than dry clothing as you purchase matching dryers.
  • Your second option is the Asko T208C, which has an 8 kg capacity, making it more useful for the W2084C and the W4086P washing machines. 


All Asko washers are relatively similar when it comes to their capabilities. With this in mind, our vote goes to the happy middle of these washers: the W4086P.

So if asking yourself: should I buy an Asko washing machine? The answer is yes. Depending on where your priorities lay, you may want to choose the 10kg option.

The 10kg model is more suited to larger families. Whatever your preference is, Asko is a long-lasting company known for putting out high-quality products.