The Top 5 Ariston Washing Machines for Your Household Needs

Ariston started their company making weight scales in the 1930s. In 1960, they expanded to include the focus of our review: washing machines.

If you’ve been making washing machines for 60 years, that means you’ve got to be doing something right. 

Ariston manages to stand out amongst the competition due to its five-year warranty. Even some of the best washing machines are known to malfunction, so when yours decide to dance along the ground after being thrown off balance, this warranty Is superior.

Compared to most standard two-year contracts, Ariston is the largest available. In the rest of this article, we will dig into the best Ariston washing machines available.

How Did You Pick The Best Ariston Washing Machine?

We based our rating on the following findings:

  • Washing abilities
  • Energy and water ratings 
  • Drying abilities
  • Capacity
  • Available features

The Top Five Ariston Washing Machines

  1. Ariston N84 WAU: The Best Overall
  2. Ariston RSF82BAUS: A Washing Machine With Great Versatility
  3. Ariston RPD1067DAUS: The Best for Larger Families
  4. Ariston RPG947DAUS: The Best at Energy Ratings 
  5. Ariston ARMF125: A Solid Washer Dryer Combo

Ariston N84 WAU: The Best Overall

Ariston N84 WAU: The Best Overall
  • Easy to read controls make them approachable to most people
  • Quick wash allows for about a thirty-minute cycle time
  • Includes LCD, 1400 RPMs, and modern inverter motor
  • Stop & add feature is incredibly useful
  • Autoload sensor calculates wash time for you

An Advanced Washing Machine

Front loader washing machines are great at saving money naturally. If you want to combine energy costs savings with a modern appearance, the Ariston N84 WAU.

It also incorporates various other features, including eco settings, wool settings, and delicate settings. It is one of the most versatile washers available on the Ariston lineup.

Auto Load Sensor

One of the most powerful features available on this washing machine is adjusting based on the load size. The auto sensor adjusts the number of minutes based on load size.

This option can be handy with the stop and add a feature, as the scanning feature keeps an eye on the level.

High-Quality Production

The detergent and fabric softener loader have a swing-out dispenser. The thoughtful feature feels a bit less chunky. These washers may all have a five-year warranty, but many of them are known to go beyond ten years.

With great control over wash times, this machine is one of the best available options in Australia.

Ariston RSF82BAUS: One of the Best Balanced Washers 

Ariston RSF82BAUS: One of the Best Balanced Washers 
  • Four-star energy and water ratings
  • Sixteen wash cycles and 1,200 RPMs
  • The 8 kg capacity is excellent for families of four
  • Incredibly quiet, making it reliable for smaller spaces
  • Reasonably priced considering the available features

Incredibly Efficient

Ariston Appliances are well known to be pretty efficient. Almost all of the washers on this list hit above a four-star energy rating. For those who live in rural areas who run on water tanks, these sort of washing machines can save you time and money.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

The retail price on this washing machine is among the lowest available. They aren’t considered cheap, but these appliances can save you a good deal of money.

It is all solid for a washing machine that holds the most standard size family.

A Washing Machine With Many Features

Even with the lower overall cost, you can still see a wide variety of features for your clothing needs. Wash programs include the following:

  • Anti Allergy & Delicates
  • Anti Stain
  • Auto Clean
  • Bay
  • Darks
  • Duvet
  • Ultra Delicates

If any of these features sound like something you may need, this is a reliable option.

Ariston RPD1067DAUS: The Best for Larger Families

Ariston RPD1067DAUS: The Best for Larger Families
  • Ten kilograms of capacity 
  • Energy rating at 4.5 stars, water rating at four stars
  • 16 different wash cycles
  • Auto balancing, child-proof lock, and steam functions
  • A bit more expensive than other models 

For Larger Families

With support for larger families of five or more, the RPD1067DAUS is a powerhouse among washing machines. As a front loader, it manages to hold a great deal of power in a capacity that makes this very helpful.

Good luck trying to find a dryer that has the same ability!

1600 RPMs = Quick Drying

It combines a dynamic inverter motor, steamer, and quick spin results in pretty dry clothes for a washing machine. Much like Ariston’s other appliance options, it manages to do so while being reasonably quiet.

However, the top options on this list are a little bit better at that offering.

A Plethora of Great Features

Many of the same features we have mentioned so far extend out to this. It has options for delicates, silk, and baby clothes. With the familiar LCD screen, those familiar with Ariston products will have no problems with how easy this is to approach.

The larger size makes it a bit more challenging to fit into things, but not so bad that it won’t do well in your more enormous household.

Ariston RPG947DAUS: The Best at Energy Ratings 

Ariston RPG947DAUS: The Best at Energy Ratings 

  • Four-star water rating and 4.5-star energy rating 
  • Includes many familiar features compared to other Ariston washers
  • It has 9 kg, giving some extra room for clothes
  • LCD is somewhat smaller compared to other options 
  • It still has the fantastic auto load sensor

With 9 kg of wash loads, this washer is just perfect for that family of four or five. It does this while managing to save a good deal on energy levels, which we find common among Ariston washing machines.

The odd part about many of these Ariston washers is that they all have the same great features. Being one of the best “happy middles” on this list means we don’t see many unique aspects to it.

It’s slightly larger than the number one and somewhat smaller than the number three, making it pretty on par with everything on this list.

What brings this one lower to the list is a fairly common issue with the seal. Granted, the five-year warranty that Ariston has typically handled this issue for most people.

If you have a family of five and are looking for a reliable overall option, this is the right choice for you.

Ariston ARMF125: A Solid Washer Dryer Combo

Ariston ARMF125: A Solid Washer Dryer Combo

  • Amazing space saving potential
  • Outstanding 4.5 water rating, only 2.5-star energy rating
  • The stainless steel drum is a good sign of longevity
  • Wash and dry time is incredibly long 
  • Dryer function can be somewhat ineffective

Washer dryer combos are something of a dream for those who have washing machines. They save space, and feasibly can save you the time of transferring between loads.

This feature allows you to run a wash through and feasibly come back after work to dry clothing. With this in mind, it is plagued by many of the issues you would expect from washer dryers.

Namely, the drying function is somewhat weak compared to those of standard dryers. This sacrifice is expected when purchasing these things.

Thankfully, this combo machine is saved by two things:

First, it matches the cost of many washing unites in Ariston’s lineup. That means you spend about as much as you would expect from another high-end washer.

Second, this unit’s washing feature is pretty useful, containing many of the features you expect from other Ariston products. As a dryer, this appliance could use some work. However, it is a good washing machine.

Ariston FAQs

What Makes Ariston Washing Machines Worth it? 

Ariston creates washing machines with a few different priorities. First, their standard five-year warranty tells us that they emphasise longevity.

Many washing machines from their lineup tend to last quite some time. Their focus is on the higher end of washing machines, meaning they don’t appeal to those seeking a cheap appliance.

However, you can still find yourself saving money from their energy and water ratings at (or above) four-stars on average.

The only exception to this rule was their combo washer. 

Why Does Ariston Only Make Front Loader Washing Machines?

Ariston’s focus on conservation is evident, given that it produces front loaders. These front washing machines save on water, given that they don’t need to fill an entire tank.

Also, they use gravity in a tumbling motion, which typically saves on energy.  The combination of the two reminds us that front-loaders may be effective at heavy-duty washing stains, but aren’t what the 21st century should typically look for. 


The Ariston N84 WAU is our favourite overall washer for Australia in this year. This washing machine has an excellent overall balance of cost, size, and a massive variety of wash programs for many needs.

This intelligent washing machine is a perfect addition to your household, especially if you are a family of four.

While this washer may be suitable for those in the standard family-style, many people have unique household needs.

If you have five or six families, you may stick to the 9 kg or 10 kg variant. Thankfully, Ariston covers the gambit for those who are seeking a variety of washers.