The Best Aldi Washing Machines For Australians on A Budget

Aldi is a brand that is known for many things. If you’ve stopped by one of their stores, your highest priority probably isn’t a washing machine.

Typically, your focus is almost anything else, but that comes with going to a department store. You aren’t going to go shopping for chips and decide to stop for a washing machine. 

A washing machine is an informed and detailed decision. Many times, we forget that department store washing machines have some quality in mind.

They are also some of the most cost-effective options available if you are looking for a cost-effective device. 

In the rest of this article, we will dig into the two different ALDI washers they have available and why you should consider them for your list. 

Washing Machines Around $350 – Taking A Look at ALDI

At this time, there are two different washing machines that ALDI offers:

  • The Front Loader Machine: STR-FLW75
  • The Top Loader Machine: STR-TLW70

Typically speaking, these model numbers change if there is a new generation of washers coming out.

Regardless, their offerings come from two primary modes of washing machines available in the world.

As you may expect, the type of washer you select will change depending on those two significant factors. 

Let’s take a closer look at these two:

The Best ALDI Washer: The Front Loader (STR-FLW75)

The Best ALDI Washer: The Front Loader (STR-FLW75)
  • A 3.5-star energy rating and 4-star water rating is competitive with top models.
  • It comes with a delay start feature and child lock feature. 
  • It has a three-year warranty. 
  • It has an easily paired clothes dryer that is also inexpensive. 
  • It has 16 washing programs.

The (Second) Cheapest Washer Available

At just below $400, this washing machine is a staggering deal. It has a solid list of features which includes child lock and delay start.

It also has a three-year warranty, which comes standard with other appliances from the retailer. The warranty is above average compared to the bar.

A Surprising Amount of Flexibility

With 16 wash programs, ALDI has a surprising amount of flexibility in this inexpensive model. These programs are comparable to the next leg up, which is the Euromaid WM5.

While the Euromaid may have a few more features, this ALDI washer gives the brand a run for its money.

Not Entirely Portable

Despite having a somewhat smaller than average capacity, the 7.5kg option makes it great for families of four. The weight is around 72kg, which is why the brand isn’t under “ALDI Portable Washers.” Overall, it is an excellent value for the price.

The Second Best ALDI Washer: The Top Loader (STR-TLW70)

The Second Best ALDI Washer: The Top Loader (STR-TLW70)
  • A two-star energy rating makes a difference in the price comparison.
  • A 3.5-star water rating is about average compared to other top loaders. 
  • It has a 24-hour delay start timer. 
  • It has six total wash programs. 
  • It has a stainless steel inner tub. 

Solid Build Quality

ALDI’s top-loading washing machine is a bit of a surprise when it comes to construction. The best feature comes from a stainless steel drum, which provides high build quality.

All of this comes at a tremendous cost for a washer: about $350. Now here come’s the bad news.

Weak Energy Efficiency

The trade-off with this lower initial investment comes from two-star energy efficiency. This efficiency is well below what you would want out of a washer, but the upfront investment and three-year warranty mean that you can still save a chunk of money with this. T

he delay function also solves some of this problem, allowing you to target off-peak electricity use times.

A Surprising Underdog

ALDI isn’t a joke when it comes to making washing machines. The astounding amount of build quality here is pretty straightforward, which should worry other washing machine companies.

Overall, this is the washer you need to choose if your priority is heavy-duty messes in a cheap package.

Why Should I Choose ALDI Washing Machines?

Hands down: you should choose ALDI if you don’t want to spend too much money on a washing machine.

You can also select them if you want to ensure your detergent won’t ruin your laundry machine. Because ALDI is a department store, they make a brand of detergent.

Look for ALDI Trimat Advanced Concentrate Laundry detergent next time you are in their store. 

Final Thoughts

As you may expect, ALDI doesn’t top the list among Australia’s highest quality washing machines. However, they do destroy the competition when it comes to providing cheap washing machines.

ALDI is a great addition to any household that wants their washing machine to last for a couple of years and have a low-cost footprint.