The Top Five Premium AEG Washing Machines in Australia

AEG, otherwise known as Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft, is a German company that has been around since 1883.

In 2005, Electrolux obtained rights to the brand name. If you have been doing business for more than 100 years, you must be doing something right.

AEG is one of those brands that I just missed when I was growing up. Upon discovering them, it is clear that they are the cutting edge of washing machines.

They are one of the few washing machine companies that consistently have five-star energy efficiency on many of its products.

We will dig into the five best AEG washing machines available on the market in the remaining sections.

We will dig into their features and why you should consider them if you are looking for a premium washer.

How We Picked The Best AEG Washers 

We selected the best AEG washers based on the following stats:

  • Washing abilities
  • Available features
  • Drying abilities
  • Ease of use
  • Noise level

Our Five Favourite AEG Washing Machines

  1. The Best Overall: AEG L8WEC166R
  2. The Most Balanced: AEG 8000 Series LF8E8411A
  3. For Families of Five: AEG 8000 Series LF8C9412A
  4. Simple to Use: AEG LF6E8431A
  5. For The Largest Families: AEG LF9A1612A

1: The Best Overall: AEG L8WEC166R

1: The Best Overall: AEG L8WEC166R
  • One of the Best Washer Dryer Combos on the Market
  • Has a weight sensor that establishes the wash time for you
  • It has a 10 kg wash capacity and a 6 kg drying capacity
  • The steam function is reliable at removing any creasing
  • Quiet in operation and simple to use

A Working Washer Dryer Combo

The problem with many washer dryer combos is that they aren’t typically effective. AEG manages to prove that this doesn’t need to be the case with the L8WEC166R.

For those who struggle to find a washer dryer combo that works, this one may surprise you. The attractive upfront screen makes this easy to program and use.

With over ten wash programs and a couple of drying programs, you do have some options. While the capacity of drying and washing is always slightly off from each other, this combo appliance has a firm understanding of its offering.

A Bit Weak on the Energy Efficiency

Compared to other washers on this list, you sacrifice the energy efficiency for convenience. Granted, you may end up saving energy costs overall by eliminating the need for another appliance, so it’s a matter of how much energy the dryer you were planning to get would take up anyway.

OKOMix Technology

OKOPower technology is AEG’s advanced available technology. The idea is that they blend detergent and water before they enter the drum.

This feature ensures that the washing capabilities spread throughout your clothes. This OKOPower technology is not unique to our number one option.

Still, it is most prominent here in combination with effective drying technology. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of technology, this AEG combo washer is where you need to be.

2: The Most Balanced: AEG 8000 Series LF8E8411A

2: The Most Balanced: AEG 8000 Series LF8E8411A
  • A unique five-star energy rating
  • A 4.5-star water rating 
  • Noise level does not exceed 60 dB. 
  • The 8 kg capacity makes this ideal for a family of four
  • The most cost-effective AEG washing machine 

An Entry-level AEG Washer

AEG washers typically are around $1500 on the lower end of things, but typically involve spending around $2000. It is a pretty significant investment for a washer, but the five-year warranty makes up for it.

This washer is among the lower end of the cost spectrum, making it more approachable for those on a budget.

A Balanced Washing Machine

Those familiar with AEG machines will notice the control panel upfront and the variety of wash settings. The Series 8000 LF8E8411A is one of the more simple machines.

With an 8 kg loads capacity, this one is perfectly balanced for your standard-sized family.

Ultra Quick Washing Times

Features behind this washer include steam, duvets, cotton, and allergies settings. It also provides ultra-quick settings for quick washing.

Overall, this is the most balanced and cost-effective washing machine available on this list.

3: For Families of Five: AEG 8000 Series LF8C9412A

3: For Families of Five: AEG 8000 Series LF8C9412A
  • The 8000 Series is one of AEG’s best available washers
  • It has a five-star energy star rating 
  • The 9 kg capacity makes it ideal for families of four or five
  • The noise level is around 47 dBA
  • Has a ProSteam feature which removes creases from clothes

A Reminder the 8000 Series is Awesome

As the second mention of the 8000 series, you can tell that this is one of AEG’s most popular series. Part of this comes from it being around a bit longer than some of their other offerings.

As a result, it has stood the test of time among other premium washers. Given the five-year warranties available across the board, that helps with AEG’s case in longevity.

The LF8C9412A is incredibly similar to the prior washer in the 8000 series. With this in mind, you know what to expect:

  • It has ten washing programs
  • An ultra-quick program
  • the OKO Power Inverter motor 
  • A five-star energy star rating

The Quietest Washer on this List

One of the more exciting aspects of this washing machine comes from the noise level, which does not exceed 50 dB.

Those that reach the 60 or more decibel level need to be talked over. In this case, you don’t have to strain your voice to shout over your washing machine.

4: Simple to Use: AEG LF6E8431A

4: Simple to Use: AEG LF6E8431A

  • AEG control panel settings make this easy to use
  • The 8 kg capacity drum makes it ideal for most family sizes
  • It has a four-star water and energy rating
  • Makes more noise compared to other washers on this list
  • 1400 RPM spin speed is excellent for drying

With less quietness than other washers on this product list, it can be easy to see why this one isn’t on the top of the consumer preference list.

However, it provides a great entry-level option for those who want to try AEG’s options. Its cost is right around $1500, making it reasonably inexpensive compared to other AEG washers.

There have been a couple of people who have mentioned issues with the delay start feature. Typically, it doesn’t start unless you have a large enough load.

When compared to other brands, this causes people to have to get used to what AEG offers. The idea of a smart washing machine may be somewhat unusual, but AEG has cornered the market on this front.

Compared to other options, this one is a bit easier to grasp for those looking to purchase their first AEG washing machine.

5: For The Largest Families: AEG LF9A1612A

5: For The Largest Families: AEG LF9A1612A

  • The 10 kg drum capacity offers large load washes
  • It has 13 different wash cycles
  • It has five stars on the energy-efficient front
  • Works with a variety of different fabric types
  • 1600 RPMs spin cycle

With 10 kg of drum capacity, this washer is a bit large compared to most people’s needs. However, those with a family of five or more will find the extra size to be helpful.

The larger drum will be a bit more complicated to fit in your house, but no more than the washer dryer combo we mentioned in our number one slot.

The hotter wash temperatures also provide you with an excellent way to kill off any microbes that may appear. The same gasket issue you would expect from front loader washing machines still exists, but the temperature settings allow you to address this to some degree.

Also, 1600 RPMs means that your fabric items can be dry within minutes. This feature puts the build quality of this item on par with other companies like Samsung, Bosch, or Miele. As AEG continues to focus on their premium line, it will be interesting to see how they compete with their larger washing machine offering.

Why Should I Choose AEG Washing Machines?

You should purchase AEG Washing Machines based on the following considerations:

First, AEG produces washing machines with some of the best available warranties. While others typically stick around two years, these washing machines are around five years of warranty.

This feature is a testimate to their emphasis on build quality, although you will be paying for the extra security. 

Second, AEG produces washing machines that emphasize advanced features which typically include Wi-Fi and energy savings.

If you are seeking a washer that will save you long-term money, AEG is a great option. Just expect to pay for that luxury upfront. 


Based on our findings, the best overall washing machine on this list is the AEG L8WEC166R. This product is a washer dryer combo, which makes it unique when compared to other comparisons.

Rarely do we find that washer dryer combos are worth being on the top of this list. AEG’s emphasis on the quality of features and technology is evident through this offering.

For those who are looking for a premium washer, AEG has a good variety available. As you may expect, our favourite washing machine may not be our favourite appliance.

Depending on where your priorities lay, you may find yourself preferring another sort of washing machine.

Whatever you choose, we hope this guide helps you make that determination.

Thank you for reading.