How To Buy The Best Washing Machine Australia Has Available – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 2022

If you are seeking the best washing machine available in Australia, this guide will help you make an informed purchasing decision.

As a parent, I know just as much as you that you need a good washing machine that can handle the most disgusting messes.

If this is something you need help with, check out our review below.

How We Picked

When finding the best washing machine, we used the following characteristics to determine our favourite choice:

  • Ability to clean heavy-duty messes
  • Ability to clean delicates
  • Capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Energy star rating
  • Reliability
  • Cost-effectiveness

Our findings were based on customer reviews available in Australia. We look for patterns as we perform our research, drawing attention to their biggest drawbacks while also focusing on amazing benefits.

With this process, we can ensure that you will reach an informed decision. As someone who has been in a house with a washer flood, I don’t want you to have the same experience.

With this buyer’s guide below, you can avoid any potential of flooding your basement with a combination of clothing stink and detergent.

So let’s get into it and start talking about what makes the best washing machines in Australia worth buying.

Top 8 Washing Machines 2022

Below are our votes for the top eight washing machines in Australia.

  • The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX
  • The Best For A Family On A Budget: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW
  • The Best Energy-Efficient Washer: The Miele W1 WCR870
  • The Best Washer For Big Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1
  • The Best Washer For Delicate Loads: The Speed Queen AWNA62
  • An Incredibly Versatile Washer: LG WD1275TC5W
  • One Of The Most Reliable Washers: Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer
  • Great Value For Your Washing Needs: The Euromaid WM7PRO

In this washing machine review, we will detail why each of these is great for your family.

1: The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX

1: The Best Overall: The Samsung AddWash WW85K6410QX
  • 8.5 kg capacity great for four-person households
  • 4-star energy rating and 4.5-star water rating
  • Two-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Incredibly easy to use
  • It has an “add to wash” door on the front

A Front Door To Add Mid-Wash

Front-load washing machines are clearly the most popular option available today. The Samsung AddWash takes that innovation to the next level with a convenience we didn’t know we needed: a front-loaded “add to wash” door.

Previously, only top-loaded washes were good for adding in the middle of the wash. Samsung is one of the only companies who has addressed this issue in a cost-effective package with the AddWash WW85K6410QX

Energy-Efficient And Chocked Full Of Features

The additional door by itself makes it a strong contender for the best washing machine in Australia. But when combined with all of the other amazing features, it dominates the competition.

If you want something that works as a solid energy and water-efficiency king with a child lock and several programmable settings, you have an incredibly powerful washing tool.

Short Wash Times

With all of these features, we also found ourselves spending less time with this washer. That comes from the fairly short wash times, which is somewhat surprising with a front loader washer.

All of this comes with a pretty reasonable price. It’s also just as solid at handling washing delicate items, making it incredibly versatile.

Cost-Effectiveness For A Medium-Sized Family

Samsung is the clear winner when it comes to producing one of the best washing machines available. If you are looking for something cost-effective for a medium-sized family with the best available features,

The Samsung AddWash washing machine is an awesome addition to your household.

2: The Best Budget Pick: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW

2: The Best Budget Pick: The Haier 7kg HWF75AW
  • The most inexpensive front loader washing machine on this list
  • Incredibly quiet for families who have smaller households
  • Incredibly short wash time of under an hour
  • Great for removing sweat from your kid’s socks
  • Best for a four- to three-family household

For A Family On A Tight Budget

Despite some critical reviews online, the overall experience with the Haier 7kg HWF75AW solid one. Another winner among the front loaders, this one beats the field by being a cheap washing machine that isn’t total garbage.

Whenever you spend less than $600 on a washing machine, you are almost always expecting something to go wrong. Haier reminds us that this is not always the case.

Doesn’t Sacrifice Quality

As someone who doesn’t like the time it takes to wash clothing, Haier has overcome this issue by having your wash times last less than an hour.

While part of this is contributed to by it being a best front-loaded washer, the addition is a real difference-maker for people who like to save time.

Given that I have a family and son to take care of, the time savings means I can waste less of my day waiting for the washer to get done.

Overcomes Limited Features With Wash Quality

Most washing machine reviews won’t even mention this model because it doesn’t have the same bells and whistles as others. But they forget the most important aspect of your washing machine: the ability to wash clothing.

So if you are a family who is on a budget wanting a washer that doesn’t take away from the quality, this Haier washing machine is your best bet. Just don’t spend all of the money you save in one place.

3: The Best Energy Efficient Washer: The Miele W1 WCR870

3: The Best Energy Efficient Washer: The Miele W1 WCR870
  • Rust-resistant coating for long-lastingness
  • 5-star rating on energy and water
  • 9kg capacity for large families
  • Touchscreen features allow for more advanced control
  • Expensive compared to other models

The Next Generation Of Washers

If you are like me, you are excited about the next generation of technological advancement. That being said, you probably didn’t expect that advancement to come through washing machines, but here we are.

The Miele W1 WCR870 is the premier option when it comes to washing machines. All of this comes in one of the most energy and water-efficient packages we’ve ever seen.

A Huge And Fast Washer

Miele shows us what other washing machines should aspire to. Its 9kg capacity makes it great for all washing projects. It is incredibly efficient and has a decent runtime of about one hour, which makes it number two for speed washing on this list.

Advanced Tech And Washer Wi Fi

There’s also an LED light on the drum to tell you when the clothes are done. It also tells you exactly what the energy and water usage is per wash because it is built for those who care about conservation.

It also has WiFi functionality, allowing you to control wash settings from your phone. Unfortunately, you still have to get up and load the washer.

A Large Upfront Investment

The only real drawback on this one is the price, as it typically goes for more than $3 thousand. But with a rust-resistant coating, this washing machine is an investment into your future.

Expect this machine to last you upwards to 20 years.

4: The Best Washer For Large Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1

4: The Best Washer For Large Families: Fisher & Paykel WashSmart WA1068G1
  • This top load washer is great for mid-wash loading
  • 10 kg cleaning capacity for the biggest families
  • It has a low agitator, which makes it great for handling delicates
  • Includes auto-balancing so it won’t get too noisy
  • Top loader washing machines are not as energy efficient

When it comes to history, Fisher & Paykel are kings. Many people have owned these sorts of washers for 10+ years, some of them even still work.

This Fisher & Paykel model continues its tradition of excellence by offering something that can support a six-person household. With 10kg under its belt, the WashSmart WA1068G1 is a monster that can hold any size load you can muster.

That means no more borrowing your mom’s washer to handle huge blankets. Instead, your mom might be asking you the opposite, as you probably owe her.

Regardless of who owes what, the cleaning power behind this is a sight to behold. As a result of numbered placing, Fisher & Paykel has made the best top load appliance of 2022.

It’s great for heavy-duty projects, but the low agitator means you can wash gym equipment in one load and expect the same result with delicates later.

It also wins on the ease of use front, as this washer is incredibly simple to understand. With all of the controls you need is located on the top-front section, all you need to do is take a quick look to understand how it works.

While it may not have Wi-Fi connectivity, this machine is amazing exactly where it needs to be.

5: The Best Washer For Delicate Items: The Speed Queen AWNA62

5: The Best Washer For Delicate Items: The Speed Queen AWNA62
  • Amazingly wonderful for delicate items
  • A return to nostalgia with a simple-to-understand dial
  • It has an awesome brand name that is known around the world
  • It focuses on quality and simplicity
  • It has a classic agitator that doesn’t shred your clothing

While the Speed Queen seems like a line that would be more appropriate in a song about a woman in a fast car, the speed queen focuses on granting you a quality wash in a capacity that can fit up to five family members.

So while we selected it as a way to get your delicates washed effectively, this second-generational model is an improvement on previous models in every way.

It does have a high-efficiency setting that is also good for light soilings. But it excels at providing a clean experience for a wide variety of items with a nominal amount of detergent.

It is easy to see why it has been destroying the competition in some other washer reviews. Still, its limited energy efficiency is what kills it for us.

While we wouldn’t call that a deal-breaker ( we still think it’s one of the best washers you can get ), it does prevent this one from being the best washer machine Australia has available.

It’s also pretty awesome for any household size, meaning that the kids can wash their disgusting clothes in the same place that others many wash their delicate items.

6: One Of The Most Versatile Washers: LG WD1275TC5W

6: One Of The Most Versatile Washers: LG WD1275TC5W
  • One of the quietest washers on this list
  • LG has a responsive customer service group
  • It has a good variety of washing features; it can even wash wool
  • It does not use a lot of detergent
  • Reasonably priced

When it comes to looking for the most versatile washers, you are looking for two things: temperature adjustment and spin cycle adjustments.

The LG WD1275TC5W manages to combine the two into a very workable system. While I am likely to associated LG with tech innovations, my favourite feature behind this one is the ability to load detergent and fabric softener upfront, which makes it pretty easy to use.

It also has solid value coming from it being very water and energy-efficient. While it isn’t quite to the same level as the Miele we reviewed earlier,

LG makes for a solid all-around product. It also includes auto-balancing and a mid-wash addition feature that allows you to stop the cycle at any time to add more clothing.

The add wash feature is fairly rare when it comes to front-loading washers, but it doesn’t have a drawer like the Samsung. With six adjustable temperature settings and spin speeds.

It comes in at being one of the most versatile washers when it comes to heat and speed. While there are some cases where you feel like you have to buy a separate washer for every type of fabric,

LG has released a product to ensure you don’t have to do that. Overall, LG offers a happy middle ground that people will appreciate.

7: An Amazing Reliable Washer: The Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer

7: An Amazing Reliable Washer: The Bosch Series 8 Front Loaded Washer
  • Awesome at using a limited amount of water
  • It has a fast spin cycle
  • It was made in Germany, stating an emphasis on quality parts
  • Comparable price to 5kg models
  • The menu takes some getting used to

Bosch is a company known for making some of the highest quality appliances available. As a result, they know how to make a washing machine that will last you for many years beyond the warranty.

Bosch knows what it takes to make a functional and modern product. My biggest gripe with this one can be summarized by looking at the controls.

While you do have a large screen for easy reading, everything you could need is on one dial. As someone who is used to having multiple dials on a washer to control things, this took some getting used to.

Expect to use your owner’s manual as you get used to this machine. That being said, you could argue that this is more approachable to people who aren’t good at washing their own clothing.

All of the wash cycles are hidden behind different kinds of clothing, such as shirts, sportswear, and cotton. You also have settings for wool and prewash, which takes the guesswork out of what setting you need to put your stuff at.

At first glance, you may feel like avoiding this machine. However, the second glance reveals some simplistic power behind this Bosch product.

The brand, by itself, is a good indicator of a high-quality product sold at a reasonable price.

8: A Great Value Washing Machine: The Euromaid WM7PRO

8: A Great Value Washing Machine: The Euromaid WM7PRO
  • A great value at just under $800
  • Solid water and energy ratings
  • Has an Eco wash setting to save even more water
  • It has a child-proof door lock
  • A 7kg capacity makes it perfect for a family of four

Euromaid has always been an “up and down” creator of washing machines. While I’ve never really had any complaints about their machines.

I wouldn’t say I’ve ever scrambled to get one. However, the Euromaid WM7PRO may just be my reason for changing that habit. The price point is typical for some premium washers at the 5kg level. But at 7kg, this one manages to outperform them while saving water and energy.

All of this comes to us in a pretty solid cleaning experience that follows the Bosch styling of putting different styles of wash and clothing on a single dial.

The upfront timer also means you can easily peek your head in mid-wash. Although it doesn’t have Wi Fi connectivity like the Miele we featured earlier, it manages to make up for that feature by being much cheaper.

As a result, this washer has a wide variety of amazing features while also maintaining a good amount of cost-effectiveness. If you don’t feel like you want the extra 2kg of space, you can save some money by sticking with the WM5.

As time goes by, we will see how Euromaid continues to push its economic washer design.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Quality Washing Machine? – FAQs

When looking at these washing machines reviews, it can be pretty daunting to pick the best washing machine.

But if you want to know the best way to pick the most amazing washing machine, I’ve got a little tip to help you make that decision:

What may be a good washing machine for one family may not be a good washing machine for your family.

Just like your mom trying to pass down a 30-year-old crockpot as a “family heirloom,” you have to explain to her that what may be good for her won’t be good for you.

Paying an extra $200 for a wool washing feature makes sense if you have an entire closet of wool socks, but that won’t do any favours to your polyester collection.

To address this problem, we have some tips that you can use to ensure that your washing machine purchase won’t result in disappointment.

The Best Brands And What They Are Known For

I can tell you all day that Bosch is one of the best-known brands of appliance makers in Australia. That doesn’t help you at all until you know what that brand is known for.

As a result, we are going to dig into the best-known washing machine brands and how they differ.

  • Samsung: The ultimate winner based on our top washers list is best known for founding cutting edge technology and quality. As a result, you can expect their products to be a bit pricier.
  • LG: LG is a company known for more than just washers. But the washers that they do produce tend to be more approachable for your middle-class families.
  • Haier: The series we featured on this list is a cost winner, something that Haier excels at when it comes to producing awesome washers.
  • Miele: One of the few washing machine companies that have embraced smart features, Miele is known to combine convenience, features, and luxury into an amazing package.
  • Fisher & Paykel: A company best known for long lastingness. While they lack the sleekness of your Samsung or LG models (depending on preference), these are the kind of washers that will last up to 20 years.
  • Speed Queen: As one of the lesser-known brands available, speed queen is a relative newcomer that has a habit of showing up the old dogs.
  • Bosch: Bosch is one of the old dogs, but they manage to keep things innovative with a new line of washers targetted toward simplicity.

Top Loaders vs Front Loaders: Which Should I Choose?

Front-loaded washing machines are built to be more energy- and water-efficient. As a result, they tend to add an extra 15 minutes to your cycle time, which makes them better for families who have more time on their hands.

That being said, some front-loaded washers still manage to get their loads done in under an hour.

Top-loaders are typically better for tough stains, as the agitator inside is known to “rough up” your clothes a bit to get good cleaning results.

As a result, they tend to be a bit lousier for delicates and bigger sheets, as they can get wrapped up and torn apart with the agitator.

What Are Impellers?

Impellers are a disc at the bottom of your top-loaded washer that is meant to replace the agitator, taking away the potential of tangled sheets.

They also provide more room for your washer, allowing you to have a heavier load. The resulting convenience can increase the cost of your washer while also keeping your energy and water-usage effectiveness low.

Fast Wash – Do I Need It?

Fast wash is what keeps many of the washers on this list running below the one hour mark. They are available with all types of washers and tend to save time, but increase costs.

This feature is better for clothing with minimal staining. If you have a child who likes to get dirty, you may not need this feature.

Energy Star Ratings

The Australian Government regulates washing machines by providing them with a quality rating from one to six. This also applies to water conservation.

As the stars get closer to six, you start to see more water effectiveness. These are great for people who want to save a couple of bucks at electricity and those who are concerned with unnecessary water consumption.

If you want to contribute to the environment, get as close to six stars as you can.

What Capacity Should I Look For?

Different capacities are meant for different sized families. Below are our suggestions for what capacity your family needs:

  • 5kg washers are best for groups of two or three
  • 6kg to 8 kg are best for families of three to five
  • 8kg+ are best for families of six or larger

If you are like my family, we are all big people, so adjust these up a bit depending on if you consider your family to be “big and tall.”

Final Thoughts

Based on our findings, the best overall washing machine is the Samsung Addwash WW85K6410QX. It has the most available flexibility while not being too over the top on cost.

It also has access to many advanced features, but it isn’t quite as fancy as the Miele washer with Wi-Fi.

Our favourite washer may not be your favourite washer, so be sure to choose something that fits your family.

All of the washers we mentioned are meant to tackle a variety of needs. Wherever your priorities are, this list will have you covered.