About Us


We are Cleanery.co.

And we want to help you pick your new washing machine. 

As an Australian-based company that performs reviews on washing machines and dryers, we want to provide you with the ultimate guide. As a company new to the game, we understand we’ve got a lot to prove.

That’s why we think it is our duty to provide an unbiased focus on reviewing washing machines. We let you know the pros and cons of buying the best Washing Machines Australia has available. Here’s how we do it:

Our Review Process

Our review process includes a focus on what makes the best washing machines. We typically base our reviews on the following areas:

  • Washing effectiveness.
  • Energy and water savings potential. (Based on WELS and Energy Star guidelines)
  • Available features 
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Ability to handle particular family sizes
  • Portability 
  • Ease of use

Our focus is based on the understanding that your preferences may change based on your priorities. Our reviews have a “best overall” selection. However, your focus may be on a budget, your family size, or something a bit more robust. 

We understand that the best washer for your neighbour may not be the best washer for you. That’s why we focus on a benefits-driven package to ensure that you understand who this washer benefits the most. 

For example, a couple living on floor three of an apartment probably won’t need a 16kg twin tub washer. They probably want something closer to a 6kg washer with just enough features to handle their woollens. On all of our guides, we have something that likely works for you. 

So, What Now? 

So if you would, we would like you to check out one of our reviews to see what appeals to you. We’ve hit a wide variety of brands and have covered a wide range of different washers for different people. 

Whether you want Whirlpool, Fisher & Paykel, ALDI, or Samsung, we’ve taken a look at the best washers from almost all available brands in Australia. 

With your presence, we can continue doing what we like to do best: providing unbiased reviews on the best washing machines, you can find in Australia.